Tense but Illuminating, Healing and Centering Full Moon March 2022

Feeling tense or fearful? Feeling got too much on? Feeling so many loose ends have to be tied up?

Read about, center and connect deeply to the energy of this March 18th Full Moon.

This Blog and two-part video offers in part 1 a deep and vibrant awareness of the nature of the energy of this Full Moon followed by part 2 a guideline meditation outline for you to connect with and benefit from its healing inspirational energy

The essence of this Full Moon is about opening to your insight, so as to heal and indeed create a more friendly life:
See the Pt 1 video HERE
See the Pt 2 video HERE

And as a first step, as a start key to understanding, just see the amazing chart shape: the chart aspect shape in the western astrology chart of the Pisces Full Moon of March 18th: The Kite. I always combine the vastness of Vedic Astrology with psychodynamic Western astrology in my Readings and courses, and western astrology chart aspect shapes are an extensive key to deep understanding of our psychological self and its unfolding.




















So, just pause a moment at the time of this Full Moon, and in the run-on days, and be more and more open to the illumination and the insight delivering to you potential for practical benefits on your life that I describe below.

This Full Moon offers you these insights and energies, in this very tense time, a time that is also a very important ‘hinge of change’.

So, understand what the change being offered to you personally now is – the change which is being demanded of you now, indeed – and read on the astrology analysis, below and watch the suggestion for vision work on, around and following this Full Moon in the part 2 video.

So, let’s look first of all at the Western chart for this Full Moon, and then look at the vastness of the teaching from the Vedic chart for this Full Moon.

As I said, dominating the western chart of this Full Moon is the vast ‘kite’ chart aspect shape, where the Sun is at the apex of the Kite and the Moon is at the base of the Kite.

Note most importantly that Sun is conjunct Neptune in this Full Moon chart: Sun is at 27 Pisces in the western tropical zodiac (Neptune at 23 Pisces) That’s 3 Pisces in the Vedic Sidereal zodiac.

And Moon is of course opposite the Sun at 27 Virgo. That’s 3 Virgo in the Vedic Sidereal zodiac.

You can see the western and Vedic charts in the Blog for this Full Moon.

Now, it’s important to realize that the Kite chart aspect shape denotes a huge talent, which is to be harvested in a focused hard-working way (or, absolutely do note:  it will produce a ruined crop).

The Kite chart aspect shape gives you the energy to be directed and strategized.

Sun/Neptune opposition Sun is the spine of the kite, with the other planets in the kite figure being balanced around the spine. These are:
Angry Mars conjunct Venus to one side.

Revolutionary Uranus to the other side.

Venus is certainly tense and under attack til the end of April and has been since the end of January, but please hear that positive good revolution for Venus can arise out of all this, if we can recognize what’s going on, and use it to improve our loving relationships.

So, what we have to understand is the key truth that that from the apex of the kite energy shape, the Pisces angel is whispering into your ear, gently giving illumination to your practical, healing earth Virgo side: ‘you can do it!’

So, from the apex of the kite energy shape, realize that the Pisces/Sun/Neptune lighthouse is shining on the Virgo crop-fields of your life, so that you can make ready for and deliver your harvest, heal and be whole – and in a friendly way, as we shall see from the Nakshatra analysis further on.

At its highest realization, the Pisces/Sun/Neptune lighthouse is giving us centred focus and vision and healing, sorting out that in our life that is healing, earthy, practical and real. But it is important to recognize that the lighthouse shines out of a fraught storm: the nature of the nakshatra the Sun is in, and the Fixed Star it conjuncts: the dreadful energy of Scheat.

And before we go on to look at the vastness of Vedic Astrology’s analysis of the energy of this Full Moon, know that you will absolutely need to be open: open to this illumination being directed to you from out the storm for the benefit of your practical life. You will need to be open to your intuitive promptings and your dreams at this time.










I say this because we also have to be aware that very tense divisive energies are around at the time of this Full Moon.

We can feel so apprehensive of the needed change we need to bring into our life now.

So often we can’t even see or know clearly what our needed change is. Apprehension, tenseness and fear. Fear of change that must happen:

This is, firstly, because Saturn rules virtually everything: all the planets are and have been in Saturn-ruled Vedic signs except for Uranus and the Nodes, and the Sun that has just moved out of Aquarius into Pisces. This Saturn dominant rule can make is so tense if we are off course for the practical manifestation of our unfolding life purpose here in this incarnation. Saturn demands! Saturn teaches. Saturn’s teachings can seem so hard!

And secondly, there’s great tension is because great change is afoot, now, as revealed by Vedic Astrology: Rahu the North Node of the Moon is conjunct the terrible fixed star Argol and Pluto and Rahu are in mutual aspectation. Darkness arises. Power arises to deal with it. All this builds to when the Nodes of the Moon change sign. On 12th April; Rahu enters Aries, Ketu enters Libra (earlier, in March, if you use True Node definition).

And thirdly, we are all caught up in the Mars-Venus war and irritation, that has been exceptionally long-running as Venus and Mars have transited so close together through Vedic Sagittarius, and now into Vedic Capricorn, and next into Aquarius which Venus enters on 31st March and Mars enters on 7th April, and these aggressions and fireworks between the two don’t really settle until Venus enters Vedic Pisces on 27th April.

And fourthly, Kal Sarpa Yoga still runs creating its preposterous and divisive energy with all planets to one side of the Nodal axis, and the Moon alone and unsupported to the other side of the Nodal Axis (A Kemadruma Moon). This really can bring out the ranters!

So, let’s now go on to look at the Vedic Astrology of this Full Moon, and the Vedic chart, too, is shown in the blog.

The Sun of the Full Moon of March 18th is in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra, at 3 deg Vedic Pisces.

So this energy is that of the Pisces – Virgo axis, all about Deep Waters balancing Mentalism, Intuition enthusing Healing.

UttaraBhadra likes to appear serene, but is also fierce and fickle, a warrior out to destroy. But its essence is snake-like and canny, with depth exploration of the mysteries. Its divine essence is the snake that dwells in the deep waters. It is ruled by Saturn. And it gets to the heart of the matter. It is about Endings. Its symbol is the rear legs of the funeral bed.

The Moon, opposite the Sun of course, is at 3 deg Vedic Virgo in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra, and its symbol is the rear legs of the bed of pleasure. Its energy at its best is Friendship. So the Moon receives the illumination of the Sun, but also its tumultuousness in UttaraBhadra opposite, conject the dreadful star Scheat.

Our call therefore at the time of this Full Moon is to find healing and friendship and groundedness to our proper bodily rhythms at this time of light shining out of stormy darkness.

Here is my suggestion outline for your Meditation to connect to the gift of this Full Moon: the part 2 video:

Here’s just some helpful suggestions and guidelines which can assist you do your journeys on the day of this Full Moon and the run up to the New Moon on April 1st – which itself will build to the Solar Eclipse of April 30th.

Of course, you need to personalize these to your approaches to vision work, and to your soul issues, health issue and psychology, and to the life path you tread.

So here’s some suggestions for your illuminating and healing vision work, now:

As always when we do vision work, step into the place of your centering, of your deeper awareness, your deep consciousness, your stillness, your connection to inner vision.

Check out at this time for Fear, the imposition of imprisoning limits, tension, overload, deaths and Endings.

Check out how you are feeling at this time.

Then reach out into your illumination, your inner knowing, your inner awareness, your truth, your place on your path, the call of your Fate and Destiny, your sense of the Hero you.

Then focus on: what change am I called to bring in amid these energies?

How should I seek to be?

what new pathway should I now tread?

What should I leave behind?

How should I walk my new pathway forward in the way that embodies my best and proper health?

How should I take care?

How should I keep open to mystical awareness and inspiration?

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