Tantra and Mary Magdalene Diamond heart alignment – with Priestess Moryanna

lynda pic divine lovePriestess Moryanna (Lynda Haigh) is giving the Mary Magdalene light love attunement and Angelic reiki:

‘I will work to allow the opening of our “diamond heart”.


This will allow the “dreams of our heart” to start manifesting much faster.

I have been working with the diamond heart for some time, this came to me a couple of years ago.

This will be accompanied of course by my crystal singing bowls and the session will include FUN and a small gift ♥
This is the fourth Goddess meeting – we will be learning more about sacred sexuality and continuing our exploration with kundalini breathing.
See the Priestess website: www.moryanna.com
Earth trance dance.
It’s at EARTH Center
209-211 Wakefield Road, BD111EB City of Bradford
Saturday, July 26 at 3:30pm – 5:30pm