Sweet Freedom Unhooking from the Sugar Habit

Do you have cravings for sweet things such as cookies, chocolate and ice-cream? Do you describe yourself as having a sweet-tooth, a sugar addict or worse?

Eating refined sugar not only can negatively impact your health and well-being but it can erode your self-confidence, undermine attempts to eat a wholesome diet, upset your hormones and more.

Hypnotherapy can be such a great way of overcoming negative habitual behaviour as it allows you to access that part of your mind that creates and controls all your habits. More importantly it can enable you to pick new positive choices that work for you.

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While I normally work with clients one-to-one either in person in Co Sligo where I live or on-line, I have had so many people presenting with this issue that I have decided to do an on-line group hypnosis session for you via zoom at 7-8.15pm on Wednesday 18th August LONDON/DUBLIN time. The cost is just €27.

This is the link to book your seat on the call. You will be automatically sent the zoom link on payment..


I will be recording the session too so if you can’t make that time let me know and I’ll send you the recording.

In this group hypnosis session, I will work with you to curb those sugar cravings and help you feel more confident.

Please ensure that you are in a safe, comfortable space – obviously not driving or operating machinery – and where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the call.

Disclaimer: please do not attend if you are suffering from extreme anxiety, psychosis or other mental health conditions.