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Swati Nakshatra is the 15th Nakshatra in the wonderful, powerful and surely declarative 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of vedic astrology: The Nakshatras.

Swati Nakshatra spans: 6°40′ to 20°00′ of the Vedic sign of Libra in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac.
Swati is Ruled by Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, but because the constellation falls wholly within Vedic Libra, Venus is also an important energy for Swatis.
Swati is a constellation focused on the blessing (or the curse) of balance: being balanced, yet becoming one’s self. Not easy combination. So, Individuality and True Self are the incarnational goals of Swati.

The shadow side of this Nakshatra is the self-centeredness they can go in for. They are thus both healing and destructive.
Rahu-Venus is a highly indulgent combination! Can like the finer things in life, comfort and luxury.
If you have Sun in Swati, this denotes a big problem for your life. Sun is deeply debilitated in Swati (Sun’s greatest Debilitation degree is: 10 deg Libra), so Sun in Swati denotes difficulties from the father. There is also lack of confidence and codependency, but also nervous reaction and driven independence against that!
Saturn reaches his highest exaltation in Swati. This thus creates a propensity for sowing seeds for the future and long term planning, even though Swati is balanced up with qualities opposed to that. And Saturn can bring much-needed discipline, persistence, strategy and structure to Swati Nakshatra.

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The Ruling Deity for Swati is: Vayu, The Wind God, also God of the crucial breath of life, prana (Vayu is also the father is the courageous, virtuous, devoted and dutiful Hanuman, also the father of Agni = Fire), but also blowing this way and that! So Swati people can be agitated and destructive. Essentially, air bridges matter and spirit. They are ‘ideas people’: drawn to develop ideas which they can turn into material wealth.

The Symbol for Swati Nakshatra is: the Sword which they cut with both positively and negatively.

The Yoni or power animal for Swati is: the Male Buffalo – an unstoppable hefty but nervy hard-working force of willpower and anger – yes this is Swati energy!

Swati’s Motivation is: Artha (wealth and worldly comfort) – they are motivated to create these qualities.

Swati’s Guna Triplicity: Tamas, Tamas and Sattva

And Swati’s Ayurvedic Dosha is: Kapha

Body Part: Chest (can have breathing issues)

Gana: Divine (Deva – angelic, loving and accommodating)

The Principal Star of Swati constellation is: Arcturus

Swati often ends up living away from birth place, especially with Ascendant (Lagna) in Swati.

Swati Nakshatra Keywords:

They are much more Vata, nervy and sensitive, adventurous and ready to be spooked than people realise, and they are prone to over-running and panic and are restless, dextrous and roaming, so when they reach panic state the full ‘buffalo’ power animal panic and rush is seen. Traditional phrases apply such as the ‘good goer’ and the independent ‘self-blower’ who paradoxically is also delicate and tender. Symbolically, they are ‘a young shoot blown by the wind’ or a ‘new bud bending in the wind’.  Sometimes the Swati wind blows up to Tornado (at which times: run for cover). But there is also a ‘wait and watch’, and awareness that sometimes things need to fall into place (the Saturn influence) and a nervous ‘balancing up’ side to them.

Swati is the central Nakshatra balance with thirteen other nakshatras either side. This means that like Chitra, balance is a central life issue, and, of course, balance can be the curse of balancing up rather than speaking from heart-knowing, and balance can mean terrible loss of self. Thus, they can be arguing procrastinators, even though on the other hand (balance) they can be very open to the New. They are noted for being diplomatic (sometimes irritatingly so) and compromising (a double-edged virtue!) but can be sweet-speaking and compassionate.

They are seen as late bloomers, with the second half of their life more successful than the first.

They are eager to learn, restless, sensitive (fragile), doing business. but they are dedicated to their independence.

Musical, artistic, creative, intuitive and psychic, Swati is related to Saraswati and music and conducive for all sorts of learning whether material, philosophical or Spiritual and their rulership by Rahu makes them ready and eager to learn. The Rahu-Venus combined influence often brings an odd or unorthodox tinge to the artistic taste.

Compassionate, honest, intellectual courteous, Swatis are sympathetic, humane and very flexible (to the point of being accused of ‘low moral’). They have good business and financial skills and are good communicators. They are good ‘persuaders’ and are good at doing deals. They are good learners, knowledgeable, curious and flexible, vulnerable with survival instincts. they are changeable, restless and fickle. Over-indulgence can mar their lives. They can be wealthy. They seldom lose their temper and are fond of company. their mind orientates to division, cutting, flow, movement, swift attitude, an eye on the future,

Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Swati allows for scattering like the wind. Its heavenly basis emanates for moving in various directions, which results in change of form, through which there is transformation. With Sun so deeply debilitated they are always looking for recognition. There’s a light, airy promiscuous, roaming-free, detached, observant quality which can manifest as bringing in change. Swatis are excellent for scheduling their communication. They are good at learning things, and have good memory and retentive ability.

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