Sun conjunct Ketu what does this do to your life?

What does it mean to have Sun in your birth chart conjunct Ketu, (this is: Sun conjunct the South Node of the Moon)?

This is a key question for all time. So crucial. But I am asking it now because Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius in this month of December 2019, and on 30th December, Sun will have moved to exact conjunction with Ketu, the South node of the Moon at 14 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and Sun and Ketu will be in powerful conjunction orb of each other for many days either side of this date. So, a lot of humans will be born with a Sun conjunct Ketu destiny in the second half of December 2019 and the first half of January 2020. But as I said, this article is ALSO of supreme value to read for anyone who has (like me) Sun conjunct Ketu in their birth chart.

So, what DOES Ketu do to the Sun?

Well, basically the Sun in our birth chart is the indicator for Father, and also the Sun is our Divine Self. The Sun is our totally needed ‘King of our Kingdom’. The Sun is the divine charioteer: who drives the chariot of our Self forward.

We need to have a Sun that is strong enough. The Divine Nature of the Sun is to shine his blessings on all, to be just and generous, to defend the boundaries of our kingdom, and to sacrifice himself positively for the good of the kingdom.

Ketu on the other hand, dematerialises anything he touches – violently, and for past life reasons: but the deep purpose in this is in finding the spiritual enlightenment that the difficult experience offers. If you can survive it this time!

Sun’ energy is primarily one of Father issues, and also personal standing and ethical strength: standing in your power.

So, Ketu dematerialises Sun in this person’s life. Most particularly, this is the person who will be lacking in confidence, not straightforward or even shifty, lacking in endurance and lacking in the ability to sustain needed direction.

Vedic astrology shows accurately that the Nodes of the Moon are one of the most significant indications of our incarnational life purpose and destiny in this lifetime.

We come in from past life issues where Ketu is in our birth chart.

And we are thrown across our Chart towards the qualities of where Rahu is in our birth chart – but due to the dark obsessional nature of Rahu, we do have to purify his energy if we are to arrive at our destination.

So, to start from a position of Sun conjunct Ketu is a very weakening start in life.

So, to share my personal example. I have Ketu conjunct Sun in Vedic Libra (the sign where the Sun is most deeply Fallen). My father left my mother when she was pregnant. I was put in one of the dreadful Bon Seccours Convent Orphanages at age six weeks. I only met my father once when I was 43.

But there is a twist to this tale. My wife Maggie Pashley and I take a stand at Healer Fairs run in Sligo in the beautiful West of Ireland, run by the powerful psychic Healer Claire Louise Knifton who also works locally. At one Fair recently, I noticed the Medium across the room from us, Anne Marie Carlin, kept looking at me across the room, over and over again. When the time came for Anne Marie Carlin to give her demonstration to the assembled crowd later that day in the afternoon, she immediately turned towards me and said: ‘I’m drawn to work with you.’ Then she asked: was your Father in the army? I sort of gasped, and answered: ‘Yes, he was a freedom fighter in General Sikorski’s Polish Army of Resistance when with no declaration of war, Hitler invaded the Danzig Corridor where my father was living at age 14. From the fields on the Baltic shore, he saw the Germans shooting those with Jewish blood in the village, and he knew he had that from his mother’s side. So, he and a mate fled along the road to Danzig with Nazi war planes strafing the refugees and at Danzig he joined General Sikorski. He got taken to Norway, and thence to Britain, and in Britain he met my mother, after the War had ended.’ The crowd gasped at the accuracy of what Medium Anne Marie Carlin had ‘seen’. And then she said: ‘He’s dead now, but he wants me to tell you that he salutes you. He salutes you for surviving all the horrible difficulties in your life’.

Actually, I had difficulty taking this in fully at the time. To be praised, and to accept praise, and to value themselves can be difficult of Sun-Ketu people. But as the days have gone on since, it has given me more and more substance to be told that my soldier Father saluted me. It has brought strength and healing.

And I would share with you, that if you have Sun conjunct Ketu in your birth chart, you may need to do healing work. I had off-the-planet wonderful healing from a Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Osteopath locally called Rory Tope – basically the work gets your cranio-sacral fluid running again from base to crow, and wonderful physical, spiritual and inspirational things come from that and fuller personal stature. There’s a totally wonderful Healers Community focused on Clare Louise Knifton’s Fairs here in Sligo. Claire does wonderful Ancestral Healing work. She also does healing Dance, Transcendance Dance, and therapeutic dance can do wonders for getting that needed thing done for Sun-Ketu people: getting them fully into their body rather than being split off from that.

Things to look out for if you have Sun conjunct Ketu is whether there is a powerful past life karma obstructing your growth and soul growth in this life, being unable to see the truth of your life and its situations, being unable to easily heal and grow. Sun conjunct Ketu people are very prone to being attacked, they are very prone to nasty or evil other undermining their reputation. There’s identity crisis and non-recognition. And even if people do recognise or praise you, you may not receive that and it’s just ‘water off a duck’s back’. There can be problems with giving yourself value, and totally under-valuing your achievements.

Alternatively, some with Sun conjunct Ketu over-react the other way and self-aggrandize.

Obviously, this Sun conjunct Keu is a recipe for getting a lot wrong in life, so you need to come to be able to forgive yourself, and forgive others. Above all there’s the need to come into your own standing, power and authority. You will have to fashion a whole new framework for understanding life. You will have to come to embody the Father role. You may have to do Soul Retrieval and physical forms of Healing Sound Healing is so good for putting ourself in our body and aligned to the Divine energy.

There is a great need to develop the Solar part of the nature, and probably you will be working to develop your solar self over many lifetimes.

There can be great dilemmas over clarity or confusion.
Obviously, you have to take into account the Sign I the Vedic birth chart that Sun/Ketu falls in. Libra will create even worse lack of confidence. Leo might self-aggrandize.

On the positive side, Sun conjunct Ketu does give the potential for great sensitivity which the individual can develop to be psychic and having deep penetrating insight. This is the positive gift that can be developed out of the many hardships. And you have to learn to trust and value your inspirations (which the society may have prevented you from doing when you were younger).

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