Summer Solstice Celebration and Course – with the Irish Druid Path

For me, Summer Solstice celebration is delight in the light and heat of the Sun, and learning the lessons of that energy in our life.
We give thanks for the Sun.

Summer Solstice celebration is bonfire and shared eating round the fire. There’s leaping over the fire, especially by couples seeking the blessing and energy of fire.  Dance can embody the Fire element.
It is a time for pleasure in the foliage of nature and the growing harvest which will yet be ready to reap.
We give thanks for the herbs that are burgeoning, and for their medicinal powers.
This climax of the light is the turning of the tide, the energy of the Sun sows the very seeds of the dark times to come as from this day, the days get shorter and the nights get longer, until the Winter Solstice on January 21st.
This can feel a vibrant time when the veils between the worlds are thin, as at Beltain and Samhane, to which two festivals Midsummer is equidistant. Spirits and energies of place can usefully be attuned to. The time can be used for divination.

The child of promise that was born at the Winter Solstice with the new tiny Sun has grown to be the Mabon (Child of Promise) and is now the radiant solar young male at the height of his beauty.
At such a time, it is good to make commitment that we will act as guardians of the land and its sacredness.



Enroll on my Druid Forest School Festivals course. Not only do we share in the preparation of your Celebration for each of the Festivals of the ancient Irish Druids, you also give me you astrological natal data, and I share weith you guidance from your Western Astrology and also your Vedic Astrology about your life path and birth chart, but also your current predictive astrology – and especially how your astrology acts as a guide to the special issues, lessons and gifts of each festival.

For example, the Summer Solstice is obviously about the Sun in his glory at his height. We all need a strong Sun to be able to manifest our special skills and tasks in this life time and so as to be able to asset our personal sovereignty and defend it. Some of us are born with very weak Suns, often a destiny of having experienced weak fathering and therefore of not being able to assert ourselves in the necessary way. Astrology can give expert guidance on this – and also how to heal and empower. And of course some of us are born with Suns that are over-strong and burn, like the Eye of Balor, and astrology can clearly identify this destiny – and again such perception can be good basis for healing and empowerment.

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