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Astrology and Healing with Michael Conneely can Help You

I seem to have been doing a lot of Astrology Readings for people who feel they need to change the pathway they are on, but they feel very unsure which pathway to select to go forward on.

We all of us have ‘default programs’ of always walking across the field ahead of us on one pathway. And that pathway can be a path of fear or weakness or one that was imposed upon us that is totally wrong for us.

And because of our inbred scripts from past life or upbringing or society, we walk the pathway that is wrong for us over and over again.

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It’s the product of our karmas.

It’s the product of our imposed behavioral patterns.

It’s the product of our unconscious buried material that is buried in our shadow.

And as we walk that same wrong pathway over and over again over the years, that pathway gets more and more entrenched, bigger and bigger, and we just can’t imagine another pathway over the field ahead that would be right for us.

My Astrology can be a real help identifying the scripts we were born to work with. I always combine the wonders of psychodynamic Western Astrology with the vast statement as to our destiny and personality in this life given by Vedic Astrology.

Where else would you find Lilith and Chiron fully carried over into the wonderful analysis framework of Vedic Astrology?

And this statement of our life scripts and personality is of course offered for us to gain better spiritual awareness and heal our negative patterns and embrace positive healing empowering pathways to walk forward.

And I always crossover from Astrology into different approaches of healing to deal with that which is so wonderfully well described by my combination of Western and Vedic Astrology.

And the point is we continue to walk that wrong pathway as a reaction to past-imposed feelings and programming.

We feel we cannot find a new path. We feel there isn’t one!!!

Examples of Astrological pointers to the fact that we will walk a wrong pathway are so useful to hear. They are a step to healing and walking the needed RIGHT PATH.

So for example, if we have a weak Sun, we are likely to be fearful. And Vedic Astrology is so well equipped to show this up and explain it to us.

A person who is too strong and bullying and over-bearing, or who carries great pent-up frustration cemented in by childhood experiences and of course as a result of demonstrable astrological destiny is also walking the wrong path and we pray that they will find the moment for their needed right path forward too.

Eclipses can actually be handled in a way that will break your prison cage and undam your dammed up sense of self and your energy – if you can come to see their gift.

If we have Ketu South Node conjunct Sun, we are so likely to be weak and have our world periodically demolished – whereas we could avert that and take the right step forward instead.

It is so useful to hear if we are in the very difficult period defined by Vedic Astrology as Sade Sate: the seven and a half year very difficult period when Saturn transits through the sign before the sign occupies in our birth chart, through the sign of the Moon in our birth chart and then the sign after the Moon in our birth chart.

To the extent that we are on the wrong path and embracing the wrong personality and behavioral scripts and not doing needed work to raise to the light our buried unconscious material: negative AND positive, Saturn’s energy will make us suffer.

Our world may fall apart. But my Astrology can help you see that this suffering is actually caused by us. Our failure in understanding and our lack of willingness to grow and change means that we suffer. The suffering is there to alert us to the need to change and grow. Saturn is actually our Friend and Guide if only we can see that.

Get a reading from me to understand Ketu South Node and Saturn in your chart, in your life, in your transits. Their energy can feel like horror, but find out how their energy is actually your friend.

I am finding in the Readings and Healing that I am doing that the present transit of Ketu through the sign of Vedic Libra is making many people feel very lost, making them feel they must change the way they manifest in the world, making they must find the new pathway through the field ahead.

I did a Healing Journey online linked to Astrology Reading this morning, indeed on the day of the Eclipse of 5th May 2023, where someone saw that they were walking and re-walking a path of weakness and fear across the field ahead of them. I got them to experience the horrible nature of this. Indeed they had had a horrible dream that morning that was actually a pointer to so much stronger and freer awareness.

I then got them to try and re-direct and choose and forge a very different pathway forward across the field ahead, and asked them what they saw, what they experienced.

The person started on their new first time pathway, and suddenly said with surprise and awe and exclamation that they saw a beautiful mountain ahead, and then that they saw flowers in the grass around them.

We shared on the issue of altering the way we hold our body plus the way we breathe when Fear or Routine strikes and then the person was asked to identify how they might be on this new pathway of flowers and mountain peaks, and what did they see themselves doing, indeed with reference to the pointers offered in the preceding Astrology Reading.

The person then saw very precise different ways of handling certain issues, and of doing their work.

The person then brought this new awareness into their heart and walked on enthusiastically and freer forward: the path of flowers towards the Mountain, not the habitual Fear Path.

The person said, ‘My body feels so Different’.

When we receive this sort of top-quality Astrology Awareness plus healing, we can find our right new way to walk forward with Integrity and Strength and Joy.

The Spiritual Warrior.

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Wishing you all Healing, Blessings and Happiness,

Michael Conneely