Structures are under Attack now Revolution and Tension

Structures are under attack, now.

This is both on the personal level of our individual life and also on the level of our societies too.

Will the Light prevail, or will the Darkness prevail?

Some structures were always negative, and need to go.

Some structures have outlived their purpose, and need to go.

But other useful and needed structures may come under the attack, now. Wrongful attack, now. Due to societal instabilities. particularly in the US.

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The component astrological energies are: Uranus square Saturn, Pluto conjunct Saturn and Rahu North Node aspecting Saturn.

let’s look at the Astrology of this:

Uranus square Saturn:

Saturn represents structures. Saturn is under attack from Uranus, now, which is transiting in square aspect to Saturn from the sign of Aries.

Uranus transits August at 20 degrees Aries.

Saturn starts August at 16 degrees Aries. Saturn is retrograde now.

Uranus turns retrograde on 20th August. Uranus and Saturn are both together again on 23rd December at 16 degrees Aries-Capricorn.

This will be major revolutionary tension, and it occurs at the same time as Pluto is conjunct Venus at 1 Capricorn, with Saturn too in Capricorn, and also receiving the aspect from Rahu.
Remember, when Uranus was last in Aries, this saw the rise of Adolph Hitler and his bringing in of World War 2. Some 75 million people died in World War II, including many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease, and starvation. So, this Uranus transit of Vedic Aries is not to be underestimated.
Both our personal structures and the structures of our society are all being impacted by the call for change and revolution now – for good or ill.

And Saturn is super-strong now in the sign of Capricorn, the sign he rules. We will not budge easily from our structures.

For example, our life is full of structures that have been put in place by our childhood upbringing, our religious upbringing, our societal conditioning – our habits and our conditioning.
Some of these structures we are conscious of, others we are unconscious of.
And some structures are part of our destiny and fate, as so well-described, if handled well, by both Western psychodynamic astrology and especially Vedic Astrology.
For example, take the 27 Nakshatras, the lunar signs. These are a magnificent declaration of our ‘destined’ emotionally based consciousness, both negative and positive in this life. They are a magnificent basis for us beginning to develop spiritual awareness around this: develop awareness of the egoic persona that is us. And then seek to spiritually transform our scripts and structures, and minimize the negative parts.

And remember, a lot of our structures and programming are actually in our ‘shadow’, or in our unconscious self.
We are each personally just not consciously aware of so many of our key implicit structures and scripts. And so this means that we go on through our life with our root characteristics and our ambitions, drives or fears, not knowing fully or consciously that they are driving us. Until we spiritually transform!

The Pluto Return of the USA:

But the same is true on the level of our societies. This particularly applies to the USA now at this time of the Pluto Return of the USA.

Will the Dark or the Light pervade? Which will pervade as this Pluto Return grows to its first exact peak around May 2023?

You see, it’s not just Uranus pitting itself against our Saturn structures!

Pluto conjunct Saturn:

 Pluto is conjunct Saturn now, in that they both are in Vedic Capricorn, with Pluto at the first degree of Capricorn and Saturn at 16 deg.

The two were exactly conjunct 9.1.2020 at 28 deg Sagittarius.

Saturn is Retrograde now. Saturn turned Retrograde on 22nd May at 19 Capricorn, turning direct on 11th October at 12 Capricorn. Saturn ends 2021 at 17 deg Capricorn, entering Aquarius on 17.1.2023.

This is a real War of the Titans.

Pluto is all about Power, including hidden and buried power, rightful power and wrongful power; and Saturn is all about structures, blocks and limits and karmas.

Pluto is pitting himself against Saturn, and the battle won’t end until personal and social structures change to accommodate the uprising of people’s power. Or until the structures successfully oppress the uprising! And of course, some of the uprising may be an inappropriate demand.

Interestingly, and relevantly, and to show us how structures can be forced to change, the Catholic Church was made the official religion of the Roman Empire on 27.2.390, when Pluto was conjunct Saturn as he is now. And the English Historian, Gibbon, analysed this as a major reason for the Fall of the Roman Empire, which essentially ended with the Huns, the Visigoths and the Vandals inflicting the Sack of Rome in 410.


Structures that have been erected as the route to success in our life areas and in the areas of societal management are being smashed by Uranus in Aries.

We essentially do need to smash structures that curb our authenticity.
So, Pluto is smashing Saturn blocks, so that people may find their authenticity. We also need to smash our blocks to finding the light.
But Pluto, Uranus and Rahu smashing Saturn restrictions, is also giving the opportunity for dark powers to take over as Pluto hits Saturn, at this is a time of great redefinition on the individual level and on the social level.
Remember, not only Pluto attacks Saturn now: Uranus is casting a square aspect to Saturn to force revolution and the storming of the Bastille, personally and at the social level, and Rahu is creating an aspect Saturn that builds great fear and tension.

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