Steven Sadlier’s Kundalini Meditation course 2014

Steven Sadlier photo 2I sincerely recommend you enrol on Steven Sadlier’s Kundalini Meditation course.

It is genuinely, genuinely life-changing – and there’s a new course starting up soon.

Steven provides distance energy transmissions and meditation courses online to develop Samadhi, super-consciousness and enlightenment.
For thirty years he has trained with many enlightened teachers, including  Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi and Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi, or Swamiji. Steven is unique in that he has “Westernized” the teachings, at Swamiji’s  request, and uses technology to reach tens of thousands of students in over 120 countries.
With Steven, we connect with the life force or spirit within us that is us. We connect directly to the Source of Life itself within us. We live in spiritual awareness and higher consciousness.

Through Shaktipat from Steven, we naturally gain greater clarity, inspiration, love and peace beyond words. We connect to the bliss called Samadhi. We connect to our True Self.