Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter Summary June 2021

There are difficult astrological energies in the month of June 2021, and our Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for this month gives a very clear list and suggests different ways of managing the month. The header image for this post is flowerbeds Maggie created this year to the back of our house. I offer you these to cheer you up!
June will be tough, it could push you to your limits, so we each have to manage our lives carefully if we are not to be overwhelmed. We each have to face the danger of the driven, fraught, even fearful energies – indeed, to achieve Awakening, and also burning of Karmas.
In general, especially with Saturn Retrograde, there’s a call to simplify your life in June and to consolidate.
But, conversely, to honour other energies such as Uranus, you might have to ‘ride two horses’ and at the same time bring in some needed revolutionary difference to your life. And to honour Pluto you might be compelled to come more into your power.
At this time, we each have to be open to divine purpose and inspiration and big transformation, and be prepared to respond to insights and to cultivate vision openings and be prepared to rapidly change plans.
Value your family, especially, in June, with Mars transiting Cancer and receiving aspects from Saturn and Pluto.
Find your right sense of your Self at these times. Find and value your right community at these times. Value the Earth.

The various newsletters and blogs do mention different approaches to healing that different people have found helpful, and these include vision work with the divine nature of the planets concerned and also the healing dance work of Claire Louise Knifton, internationally on line and also face-to-face here in the West of Ireland. Pay less attention to the stuff out there. ‘Count your Blessings’.

Here’s very brief summary of the astrological energies we cover for this month:
Eclipse 10th June:
The 2nd Eclipse of the year is on 10th June 2021, a New Moon eclipse at 25 degrees of Vedic Taurus. (19 Western Tropical zodiac Gemini).
Eclipses are about the undamming of fraught dammed up energies.
This eclipse is exactly conjunct retrograde Mercury!
It’s square Neptune!
So, this could have all the usual Mercury Retrograde challenges, but also it could feel very confusing at this time, but watch out for needed good visions to come to the rescue out of the confusion. Life can be like that.
Keep life very simple and get enough rest. This one has violent energies:
Uranus is square Saturn
Chiron is square Venus.
Neptune is square Sun, Moon and Mercury!!!
Ketu is conjunct Antares = belligerent and pugnacious, risk of war. Anger. And explosion when the Mars-Saturn opposition is taken into account with Uranus T-square that opposition!!! War.
Rahu aspecting Saturn = Fear, insecurity and driven energies. Overload.

Full Moon 24.6.21:
The Moon is at 9 Vedic Sagittarius;  Sun is at 9 Gemini
Pluto is opposition Venus
Mars (In Cancer, Pushyami Nakshatra) is opposition Saturn (Sravana Nakshatra, Capricorn
Uranus is T-square Saturn opposition Mars!
Ketu and Ascendant are in Anuradha Nakshatra in Vedic Scorpio.
There’s Retrograde effect from four planets:
Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all Retrograde.
Neptune is stationing, and therefore super super powerful in his effects, preparing to turn retrograde in two days on June 26th.

Sun starts June at 17 deg Vedic Taurus conjunct Rahu.
Sun enters Gemini on 15th June to end the month of June at 15 deg Gemini.
Sun is conjunct Mercury Retrograde on June 7th.
Sun is square Neptune for many days, centering on 14th June. The downside of this is that we could be fooled by a Pied Piper. We will need to check out what is real. But positively, this will be very visionary and inspirational.

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, at 04.31 hrs here in Ireland.
Saturn is opposition Mars in Cancer.

Mercury Retrogrades from May 30th to June 22nd.  There will be all the usual postage and IT challenges. Mercury Retrograde squares Neptune June 5th!

Venus energies in May and June are interesting, very unusual and very important to grasp. Around the time of June 12th, Venus is the apex planet of a Yod, with the base of the Yod being Ketu sextile Saturn, with Ketu and Saturn both in inconjunct aspects to Venus. And do note that Venus is square Chiron in the heavens at this time!!!

Mars enters Vedic Cancer from 2nd June.
Mars is debilitated in Cancer, and expresses his energy in a more muddled and hurt, angry, frustrated, emotional way.
The Saturn opposition to Mars will make the frustration and anger much worse.
The fact that Uranus squares both Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer will be revolutionary and with risk of war and explosive events.
Pluto is opposition Mars on June 5th!!!

Jupiter is Retrograde from June 20th to October 18th.
Jupiter is not in strong dignity at this time but note that the time of the Jupiter Station around 20th June at 8 deg Aquarius, brings fortune and luck to you if you have a planet up to 3 deg orb either side of that degree, or if you have a planet in that degree range that Jupiter casts an aspect to: either in Leo (opposite) or in Gemini or Libra.
When Jupiter is Retrograde, we have to make a special effort to maintain our connection to blessing, insight and sense of purpose.
At the same time we will be called to examine our beliefs, and review whether some of the spiritual systems we have bought into are really correct for us still.
Recession: But note that when Jupiter returns to Vedic Capricorn from 14.9.21. to  when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius on 20.11.21, this should tip the world economies into Recession. When Jupiter transited Vedic Capricorn last, in 2008, 12 years ago, there was the collapse of the Celtic Tiger Bubble, and Recession worldwide. Jupiter so Fallen in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn brings recession.

Saturn spends June at 19 to 18 degrees Capricorn. Saturn Retrograde all the month of June, being Retrograde from May 23rd to October 17th.
Saturn transits from 19 to 18 deg Vedic Capricorn in June 2021
This will force us to consolidate and tie up loose ends and force us to be patient.

Saturn and Jupiter:
1. Saturn and Jupiter are both casting an aspect on Vedic Libra. This should be a time of fortune and consolidation for those with major planets in Vedic Libra.
Of course, Uranus is also casting an opposition aspect on Libra from 18 Aries, spawning revolutionary change there. Tension and friction: see below.


Uranus casting a square aspect to Saturn in Vedic Capricorn: People with planets in Vedic Aries and Capricorn will feel this most.
Uranus at 18 deg Aries, Saturn at 19 deg Capricorn.
Uranus is the energy of Revolution, and he is pitting himself against Saturn, which is the planet of restrictions, structures, blocks.
The tension, friction and irritation may feel awful.
But Uranus is the planet of revolutionary answers, so examine your consciousness, feelings and events carefully, and identify what difference you MUST bring in .
The last time Uranus was transiting here in Vedic Aries saw the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the bringing in of World War 2.
Uranus opposes Mars in the chart of President Biden, and at this time Uranus in the heavens is squaring Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer. A Grand Cross is therefore created focussed on President Biden’s Mars.

Neptune transits from 28 to 29 deg Vedic Aquarius in June 2021, turning Retrograde on 25th June at 29 Vedic Aquarius.
Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra in June.
that’s 22 to 23 degrees western Pisces.
This placement makes Neptune energies very visionary and inspirational (but avoid the negative, delusory side of Npetune).

Pluto is Retrograde at 2 deg Capricorn all month. That’s 26 deg western Capricorn. Pluto is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra in June.
Ever since Pluto’s entry into Vedic Capricorn on 31.12.2020, Pluto has been smashing against the structures and constraints of Saturn in our life and in our society.
And Pluto is opposition Mars on June 5th!!! (As Uranus is square Saturn!!!)
Pluto will be calling you to go into your power if this transit creates a Pluto aspect to one of your natal planets (Pluto is square my Sun!)
Pluto is closing to a conjunction with Pluto in the birth chart of the USA> The USA Pluto Return has its first exact April 2023. This will have an IMMENSE effect in terms of consciousness, civil behaviours and events.

Chiron is at 18 to 19 deg Vedic Pisces. Chiron is in Revati Nakshatra.
That’s 12 to 13 deg western Aries
People with planets in Virgo are having some wonderful healing breakthroughs.

Rahu North Node:
Rahu transits from 16 to 15 deg Taurus in June. This is Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra.
Rahu casts an aspect to Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. This is an energy of fear and great tension and an extremely driven nature – but confusion.

Ketu South Node:
Ketu transits from 16 to 15 degrees Taurus in June. This is Ketu transiting in Jyestha Nakshatra. Great spiritual awakening possibilities for Vedic Scorpio people.

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