Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter September 2019

Welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Magazine for September 2019, brought to you by Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley, based in the beautiful West of Ireland and offering Readings, Healings and Teaching worldwide.

See the charts and monthly ephemeris at the foot of this post.
Michael Conneely talks to you about the major astrological influences and some ways of healing them, using his hallmark approach developed over 24 years of Readings drawing upon both Vedic Astrology (where he teaches many courses) as well as psychodynamic and evolutionary Western Astrology.
Maggie Pashley shares on the Healing technique of Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Children and Teenagers. This can be done face to face, or working worldwide using zoom.

May we all be open to the energy shifts and the inspiration. May we all be open to healing and magical change, even being prepared to leap into the new and unknown.

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Maggie Pashley first: on the Healing technique of Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Children and Teenagers, then the Astrology of September 2019:


September 2019 Key Summary:

The main energy is the Saturn Ketu conjunction transiting all this year in Vedic Sagittarius. Its high intensity demand is for you to smash blocks and alter patters in the life area that is the Vedic sign of Sagittarius in your Vedic birth chart. Saturn’s movement is so slow as he turns direct. You cannot ignore the Grindstone!
There was a Vedic Leo Sun King Lion King emphasis with many planets in Leo last month. In September 2019 many planets are in Virgo, a completely different energy of detail focus, discrimination and right living.
Pay special attention to the energy flowing into your life from Chiron the wounded Healer and the outer planets: Uranus the revolution bringer, Neptune the visionary dreamer and Pluto Lord of death and rebirth.

Develop good perception as to the nature of the different energies in the heavens affecting you and your life. Develop healing, empowerment and inspiration to use these energies. Raise your consciousness.
Read about our different healing modalities available worldwide, and our special visionary artistic healing events in the beautiful landscape of Sligo in the lovely, ancient, mystic West of Ireland.


Chiron is transiting at 5 deg Western Aries, Tropical Zodiac, that’s 11 Vedic Pisces, Sidereal Zodiac. I’m very interested in this. This is because Chiron is transiting quincunx my natal Mars, and I have definitely felt recent healing around my Mars: A theme and energy of ‘solid strength’ has come in. My natal Mars is conjunct Chiron.

I find I’m sharing how the energies are affecting me, personally, this month, a bit, in this newsletter – and this is to share how energies are authentically felt, and how we may all seek healing and spiritual growth because of these gifts of energy (however hard and even awful they feel).
I hope that this approach may interest you, and spur you on to check out the energy that each planet is now bringing to your life, and embrace the good inspiration, healing and empowerment

Never forget to check out where transiting Chiron may be affecting your natal planets. Have an astrology reading with me that will of course include Chiron in your birth chart and your predictive astrology.

Remember, the Western Tropical Zodiac is a representation of our psychological self and its unfoldment (this is because it’s based on the position of the Sun on the day of the Spring equinox), whereas the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac is a statement of our incarnational life purpose and our destiny and our destiny unfoldment, and it’s anchored to the stars.
On the theme of activation of Healing, I’ve just been co-leading a weekend Retreat on Healing Wounds to our Mothering, and to Wounds we may have past on in our mothering/fathering of our children. So Healing is a big energy from Chiron for me now.

And remember, it’s not rational or formulaic. The methods used in the retreat, working with three other Healers from the wonderful Healing community that has grown up here in Sligo in the West of Ireland, were: Healing blocks to Receiving with my wife Maggie Pashley, artwork with Tracey Jean Yappa, lots of dance and family constellation work from the clairvoyant Claire Louise Knifton, and vision work offered by myself: contact with deity, in this case in the form of Danu, the Mother Goddess of the ancient Irish, experienced in a Megalithic Tomb at Carrowkeel.

And now we are planning a Beltain event for May 2020 also here in the West of Ireland, involving clearing blocks to Love, and similar healing and vision, art, dance and other healing methods. Watch this space! To express an interest, contact Claire Louise Knifton Psychic and Clairvoyant Healings at Tel: 087 784 7149,

The Saturn-Ketu Conjunction: The big news is the SUPREMELY IMPORTANT Saturn-Ketu conjunction is transiting ever so tightly conjoined. It’s retrograding at 20 Vedic Sagittarius, that’s 14 western Capricorn. This is a terribly tense invasive transiting conjunction, as I’ve discussed in previous issues of this magazine, but ‘for our own good’.

Saturn is our blocks when we’re handling his energy negatively.

Ketu (South Node) tears at our blocks but for the purpose of our spiritual liberation, and he gets angry when we resist.

Check out the house in your Vedic birth chart that is Vedic Sagittarius to see what area of your life this vast tension-packed transiting conjunction is operating on.

In my case, it’s my 6th House of health, and I’ve had a health crisis brought on by working too hard last year and ignoring warning signs. But now I am being re-born due to the healing from a wonderful biodynamic osteopath and a nutritionist, here in Sligo in the West of Ireland.
Do check out from the tensions you are feeling this year, where you are being called to sort out your life: what area. Don’t block this.
Saturn turns Retrograde on September 19th, and I can feel so very much how he has been calling us to account during his retrograde, making us dot the I’s and cross the t’s, and tie up all the loose ends on all the expansionary things we may have been doing, and on all our day to day things. It’s a big time for the bureaucrats to tighten their hold on us! But form 19th September, the Saturn hold on us is getting less severe.

Saturn has been within one degree of 19 Vedic Sagittarius from 12 August to 23 October 2019, now turning very slowly Direct: this has huge impact on all of us, especially for those with planets near that point in Vedic Sagittarius, and for those with planet in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, where this Saturn standstill is occurring.

We may get to feel very delayed and frustrated. The frustration could increase and even boil over as Mars and Sun aspect the Grindstone: Saturn.

Kal Sarpa Yoga is the preposterous divisive energy when all the Vedic plants are to one side of the Nodal axis. It’s in the heavens this month. And just because the Moon may move to the other side of the nodal axis part of a month, this makes the divisive confrontative energy no less. This is because this will be a case of a Kemadruma or unsupported Moon which is not easy for the stability of the mind. Just because a planet might be a bit to the other side of the Nodal axis, Kal Sarpa Yoga still exists, with all its preposterousness: Don’t be formulaic about definitions of Kal Sarpa Yoga, because that would be inauthentic. And note of course, that like all spiritual challenges, the perception that one has Kal Sarpa Yoga in one’s birth chart can mean that if you are a spiritually committed person, then you can overcome the challenges and spiritually grow to the benefit of yourself and others.

Uranus is transiting at 12 Vedic Aries (6 Western Taurus). This is conjunct my Rahu (North Node) Rahu is the destiny we are thrown towards in this life according to the incarnational life purpose offered by the Nodes of the moon in Vedic Astrology.

And my Rahu is in the 10th House of career, so Uranus is definitely bringing revolution to my work.

In terms of the Nakshatras, the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, my natal Rau is in Ashwini, the Healers’ Nakshatra, quite a driven, impatient energy.

And it’s in the 4th of the four Padas (or quarters) that every Nakshatra is divided up into. Ashwini’s 4th pada is ‘Cancer’ energy, so the career that is right for me in this lifetime is so clearly defined by the wonderful potential of the vastness of Vedic Astrology is clearly shown to include caring and healing. Contact me for a reading if you want to find out what my special combination of Vedic and Western astrology says about your career, your destiny, or any other facet of your life: //

In my psychodynamic western astrology, I can assure you of the accuracy and power of the two Age Points of psychodynamic astrology.
There are two Age Points. They circumnavigate the rim of the chart.

The Nodal Age Point moves clockwise and starts at the natal North node.

The Individuation Age Point (depicting psychological unfoldment focus) starts of at the Ascendant.

In my case now: my Nodal Age point, that depicts the whisper of your soul to you from the astral are closing on my Rahu North Node, echoing and reinforcing this Uranus to Rahu transit now.

The Individuation Age Point is just approaching my Ascendant. Useful guidance for this for people approaching age 72 yrs., is that the couple of run up years (as the Age Point completes its progression through the 12th House), are retreative and may have illness, the divine purpose of which is to put you back on proper life course, getting you to be re-born when the Individuation AP crosses your birth Ascendant. (The software is the wonderful megastar).

Pluto is at 26 Vedic Sagittarius, that’s 20 Western Capricorn. And Pluto is now transiting square My Moon and square my Sun (I was born under a Full Moon eclipse). If you are experiencing a Pluto transit to one of your natal planets, look out for the huge transformation impetus. But also be prepared for the journey down into the Abyss so that you can shed your wounds and guilts etc. and thus so that you can arise lightened to experience Pluto not just as the Keeper of the Abyss, but when lightened, you can experience him as Kether the Crown Chakra: more fully open to the Divine energy now that your cleared by your journey into the Abyss. This is the same principle as the ancient Babylonians’ knew: Ishtar’s Descent into the Underworld. I do this journey on-line using zoom, and people find it very effective. Contact me if you want this healing journey. I charge 45 Euros.

Retrograde Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and of course the Nodes of the Moon Rahu and Ketu) are all Retrograde all the month of September. Saturn starts the month Retrograde, but turns direct on 19th September. From 19th September, Saturn therefore steadily widens his transiting conjunction with Ketu South Node who continues retrograde, but as Saturn is going forward, he is of course now moving to form a new most powerful conjunction: Saturn conjunct Pluto in Vedic Capricorn.
Pluto goes on station on October 4th.
Uranus just turned Retrograde on 12th August

Saturn conjunct Pluto: The higher manifestation of the Saturn Pluto conjunction will be that we create a container for huge transformation: a grail holding explosive light, and if we get it right, we will craft a strategy for transformation in whatever area of life is represented by the House that is Capricorn in our Vedic birth chart. Get a Reading from me.
The lower manifestation is the individual who creates a rigid control grid for life and also forces this on others.
Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn on 24th January 2019.
Pluto enters Vedic Capricorn on 25th February.

Neptune is at 23 to 22 Vedic Aquarius in September 2019, always retrograde. This is 20 western Capricorn. It is so important to understand your Neptune transits. They are swampingly powerful and horrendously two-edged for either vision or devastating state of illusion.

Jupiter has turned direct at the end of Vedic Scorpio after a long retrograde. He transits 21 to 24 Vedic Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra in September; that’s 15 to 18 western Sagittarius.

This new forward motion of Jupiter means that the Blessings and sense of purpose of Divine Jupiter are more to be felt – for a period.
Jupiter reaches 26 deg Vedic Scorpio on 14th October, and so starts to enter the insubstantial but potentially inspirational and spiritual Gandanta zone at the end of Scorpio/Jyestha Nakshatra. Gandanta zones are the transition points between Water and Fire Zones in Vedic Astrology. The closer a planet is to the zero transition point, the stronger the vastness of the Gandanta effect.

Vedic Sidereal sign of Virgo is very activated by Mars, Venus and Mercury transits in September 2019. Also, Sun moves into Vedic Virgo on 16th. Read on for the detial:  

Mars transits from 15 Leo to 3 Virgo in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac
that’s 8 to 27 Western Tropical Virgo.
There’s a Mars-Sun conjunction on September 1st
And there’s also Mars-Mercury conjunction, war and combustion on September 2nd to 4th.
When Mars moves into Vedic Virgo on September 124th, there’ll be a very different energy from the one we had from Mars in Leo!

Venus transits from 19 Leo to 25 Virgo, in Vedic Astrology. That’s 13 Virgo to 19 Libra Western. When Venus moves into Vedic Virgo on 9th September, Venus is debilitated: Venus can’t express love sexuality charm and beauty so easily and naturally in Vedic Virgo.
Venus and Mercury are at war and conjunct 12th to 15th September in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra.
N.B. Like Mercury, Venus has a pretty tough time in September, and this will affect our life areas of love and beauty and especially affect Libra and Taurus emphasis people.
Can’t wait for Venus to enter Libra! But in the meantime, we must take special care of our Venus issues whilst Venus transits Virgo, see all the details below. With so many planets in Vedic Virgo, Virgoan principles will fill our consciousness and out lives, such as right living and efficiency (I didn’t say nit picking and over-attention to detail, did I?).
To have Venus move from Venus in Leo and then Virgo, is actually not so easy for love. We may need to be watchful and heal our blocks to love.

Mercury transits from 12 Leo to 2 Libra in Vedic Astrology.
That’s 5 Virgo to 25 Libra Western.
When Mercury transits Vedic Virgo from September 12th to 29th, Mercury is exalted.
N.B. Mercury has a terrible time in September due to the combusts and conjunctions mentioned above, and this will affect us a bit like a Mercury Retrograde period, and it will be tough for Gemini and Virgo planet people.
Mercury enters Vedic Libra on 29th September, and remains in Vedic Libra until October 23rd.

 Nodes of the Moon: Rahu changes from Punarvasu Nakshatra to Ardra Nakshatra on 11th September. Ardra is ruled by Rahu, anyway. Ardra people may become very driven. There could be righteousness and tunnel vision.

Sun is in Vedic Leo from 1st to 16th September – a lordly energy.
Sun ends September at 13 Vedic Virgo.


New Moon: There was a New Moon on 30th August at 12 Vedic Leo in Magha Nakshatra.
6 western Virgo.
Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Vedic Leo for this New Moon. Wow! Feel the energy! And all receive a 9th House energy from Ketu in Vedic Sagittarius. Wow! Spiritual inspiration! The King. The Lion.
But the Lion energy very soon gives way to a Virgo emphasis, see above.

Full Moon: There’s a Full Moon on 14.9.2019 at 26 Vedic Aquarius, conjunct Neptune, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
Check out which House is Aquarius in your Vedic birth Chart to understand the impact of this potentially quite inspirational Full Moon.
21 western Pisces.

New Moon: There’s a New Moon on 28th September at 11 Vedic Virgo, in Hasta Nakshatra. 20 Western Libra.
5 western Libra.

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New Moon 30.8.19:

Now 01.09.2019:

Full Moon 14.9.2019:

Now, 30.9.19:

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