Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for March 2020

Welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for March 2020
The ‘featured image’ at the head of this Blog post is by Lia Cruse, our talented teacher of the Runes and the Ogham, the ancient alphabets of the Norse and Irish

Please do note that although there are exceptional maelstrom and cutting energies, there are also exceptional healing and inspiration energies in March 2020.

The energies gathering in March 2020 are exceptionally huge, in fact, they are rare. They are record.

In terms of their location in the Heavens, they totally affect the early part of Vedic Capricorn and also UttarAshadha Nakshatra.

But they are so big they affect each of us in a major way.

At the end of this Blog, there is the Ephemeris for March 2020 in both Vedic Sidereal Zodiac and also Western Tropical Zodiac.

N.B. These energies are such a turning point, that I have divided this March Astrology and Healing Newsletter into five sections. These are listed below, and then there’s my video for this Intro to my March 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter:

Part 1 of this March Newsletter focuses on the huge planetary maelstrom of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, all together in the Vedic sign of Capricorn.  The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment in Vedic Capricorn actually only occurred in 1284. This cements the shift away from the dominant  Jupiter energies of 2019 early 2020. Saturn now takes over! And, with Pluto, it’s hugely, vastly transformational.
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Part 2 of this March Newsletter focuses on: The need to Understand the Damaging Love Energies of March 2020 and the Venus Uranus turning point in March 2020. Venus starts March 2020 at 2 deg Vedic Aries. Venus was Exalted when transiting the preceding sign, Vedic Pisces, but now Venus is in a hostile energy sign until the end of the month. Be prepared for the big change in Venus’ manifestation in our lives. Bring awareness and healing and cooperate with Uranus’ call for revolution. Now!
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Part 3 of this March Newsletter focuses on: Mars Ketu and Kal Sarpa Yoga set the Violent energy tone for March 2020. This Mars – Ketu conjunction and the Kal Sarpa Yoga are huge energies. They are life-changing. They can be materially destructive. They are deeply inspirational.
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Part 4 of this March Newsletter focuses on the big even destined energy for Healing and also Inspiration that is coming to us now including from the energy of the New Moons in both February and March 2020: Chiron is square the Nodal axis in March 2020 Healing Potential New Moon. This is an important time to pause and look within and note what is getting healed in your life now. I say this because there are big Healing dimensions to the New Moons for February and March, and because Chiron is square the Nodal Axis now. The New Moon of 24th March 2020, that this New Moon exactly conjucnts Chiron and that Chiron is square the Nodal Axis (as it is all through the month of March 2020). And so, this means that this time does hold a very deep Healing energy potential for us. Note very importantly that the New Moon of February 2020 was also Healing. the New Moon on 23.2.2020. This was in Shatabishak Nakshatra. The energy of the New Moon is one of listening, of noting what intuitions come to you, and then acting on them as the lunation unfolds. So, the keynote now is about healing. We need to be open to changes in the way we are managing our life and our strategy forward that will increase our Healing.
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Part 5 of this March Newsletter focuses even more on focuses on the big even destined energy for Healing and also Inspiration that is coming to us now, focussing on the: Super Creative March 2020 Full Moon with Sun conjunct Neptune. the Sun of this Full Moon of March 9th, 2020 is very closely conjunct Neptune. Neptune is at 24 Vedic Aquarius. Sun of this Full Moon is at 25 Vedic Aquarius. Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. PurvaBhadra is ruled by Jupiter. Its power animal is the male lion. Its qualities are Fierce and Male. Its Guna Triplicity is: Sattva, Sattva and Rajas. The Devata of PurvaBhadra is expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth. PurvaBhadra is associated with the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya – and these two dragons are the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. They are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through destructive storm.
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Having split off these vast themes for March 2020 into five separate blog-parts so as to justice to your need to have understanding of these five huge topics, this introduction part 1 covers the rest of the important points for March 2020:
Mercury Retrograde
Sun enters Vedic Pisces on March 14th
The Spring Equinox/Vernal Equinox.

Mercury is retrograde from 17th February to 10th March. Mercury turned retrograde at 18 deg Vedic Aquarius, and he turns direct again at 4 deg Vedic Aquarius, in Dhanishta Nakshatra. Rahu is considered a coruler of Aquarius with Saturn as ruler. And at this time Rahu occupies a Mercury-ruled sign, so this could create quite driven communication. Mercury Retrograde is always a time to watch and be careful for mails and IT problems, but it also a time to become aware of the pattern of our speech/communication, heal and bad scripts, and seek to speak in such a way that is true to our real Voice.

Chart for Mercury Turns Direct 10.3.2020: Vedic then Western:






























Sun enters Vedic Pisces on March 14th, staying in Pisces until April 14th.  Because Jupiter rules Vedic Pisces, Sun’s dignity immediately jumps to ‘Great Friend’ standing. The pure energy of Sun in Pisces is supportive and comforting. He aids others and is respectful and peaceful. But we have to watch the downside potential of drain and loss, weakness and submissiveness, lack of confidence and failure to accomplish.

The Vernal Equinox is on March 20th at 03.50 hrs, here in the West of Ireland. The forces of Light are now equally balanced with the forces of Darkness. The power of the Sun is rising. It will reach its height at the Summer Solstice. We actually belong to the Druid Group in the North West of Ireland that is run by local artist Tracey Jean Yappa. It is so good to mark the change of the Seasons, and attune to their deep energetic, spiritual and transformational meaning. At this time connect to and celebrate the rising current of the Life Force. It’s a time of joy and celebration in anticipation of the height of Summer that is to come. We now focus on our goals and expectations and rising energies as the power of the Sun becomes greater and greater. We harmonise with the great turning Wheel of the Seasons, and our beautiful over-arching setting here of Land, Sea and Sky.

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Ephemeris March 2020 Vedic

Ephemeris March 2020 Western