Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter February 2021

Welcome to our February 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Magazine

February 2021 is a month of strange, fluctuating and extreme energies.

There are exceptional big conflicting energies for us to be aware of, to perceive, to understand – and to spiritually manage in our lives.

If we can perceive and understand and manifest these energies in a spiritual way, we will experience many successes and spiritual growth.

To see the planet positions and the dates of lunations, etc., see my February 2021 charts summary website page

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The key energy-points in February 2021 are the Vedic signs of Capricorn and Aries, with Libra also being majorly affected by opposition from the Aries energy point, and to an extent Cancer.

Firstly, there’s the rare and massive Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Vedic Capricorn. And exceptionally, this is joined by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon as well!

Secondly, there’s angry revolutionary Mars conjunct Uranus in Vedic Aries. And this is an angry energy which is very different from stoical conventional Capricorn – and the two conjunctions are square each other!

Thirdly, Mars moves into Vedic Taurus on 22nd February into increasingly exact very angry conjunction with Rahu. And this conjunction casts a trine energy on the very different Capricorn mega-stellium.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, and Mars conjunct Rahu which follows, are energies of anger, polarization and fighting, tense and explosive. When Saturn is experienced negatively, there will be repression – and rebellion against that. Pluto negatively activates the Shadow and darkness and dark use of Power.

Fourthly, the Nodes of the Moon are major energies in February 2021, with Rahu transiting Vedic Taurus and Ketu transiting Vedic Scorpio.

Fifthly, and very importantly, Neptune in Aquarius is square the Nodal Axis, bringing us a major challenge of what is real and what is illusion? It offers us intuition and vision, but we really will be left with the question: what can I trust? People may turn out to be not what we had assumed them to be. Situations could be revealed to be very untrustworthy. We then have a major spiritual challenge as to whether it will be beneficial for us to manage them nevertheless, or whether we should sever, and if so at what loss?

But as I said, a Divine Purpose within all this is that we each embrace the light and grow in our spiritual awareness of our own egoic personalities, and of the positive and negative scripts in our societies.

We each have to decide what is the purpose of this continuing exceptional experience following on from the excesses and pandemic of 2020. Where will it launch us to? Where do we want it to launch us to? In what areas of our life?

We each will have to find the right spiritual practice for us. I have been doing two pieces of vision work a week, and have been so strengthened and assisted at this time of great change. I am so calmed and committed to writing my current novel The Morrigan and the Dagda, and one set of the vision work has gone to creating the material for each chapter as I write my novel. The other set of weekly vision work has been about earth energies and the great magical currents that flow through our land and our bodies and our consciousness. What has so helped me is to embody fully for each of these visions. There’s such healing in embodiment. And another factor that has made me feel so good is to do these visions outside on the land. My wife, Healer Maggie Pashley has been focusing on great developments in hypnotherapy healing.
So, what spiritual practice or creative work or learning or healing is right for you to bring you to the fullness of your destiny and life purpose at this most difficult time?

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