Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter December 2019

This December 2019 newsletter comes at a time of crossroads huge energies.
Yes they are there, but they actually give us the chance to fashion really positive outcome.
There are so many planets in Vedic Sagittarius (Western Capricorn)
As always, we need to open to the healing and transformation possibilities that are needed.
May you reap the great gift that this pile-up offers you!

Astrology December 2019:

Here’s the summary of the topics covered.
So, have a look through this summary.
Then see the YouTube Video for this December Newsletter that is shown below that.
And please note that actually, below the video there’s then fuller detail that you can read and look into in a bit more depth, on each of the points listed in the summary, and each of these more in depth sections of this newsletter shows a link to a standalone fuller-detail separate blog post (each with its own separate video), which gives you the chance to study any of these topics in fuller detail.
Here’s the summary of Topics:

Saturn, Ketu and Pluto: Change of emphasis between the two super-powerful transiting conjunctions. The Saturn-Ketu (South Node) conjunction is followed by the huge Saturn Pluto conjunction. Hear about the ways to understand the deep meaning and how to grasp the positive opportunity of these transits taking place in Vedic Scorpio/western Capricorn, this year.

Jupiter and Venus: Renew your connection to the Greater Benefic and the Lesser Benefic: Jupiter and Venus transit at this time aligned to Galactic Centre at the start of Vedic Sagittarius, in Mula Nakshatra.

The Eclipse December 26th, 2019 is huge. It too is at the start of Vedic Sagittarius, it’s in Mula Nakshatra!!! See the charts below. Read all about it. Get an Astrology Reading from me about what it can mean for the best in your chart.

Uranus the revolution bringer must never be ignored. He now transits at 8 Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra, 2 western Taurus.

Neptune turns Direct: We must assess our dreams and visions, and follow those: the ones that are valid, that is!!

Chiron emits his steady healer energy. He is square the eclipse – see if he brings a particular healing to your life now.

Sade Sate is a hugely important turning point in your life to be aware of: The deep Vedic understanding of Saturn’s transit over your natal Moon. Saturn now transits PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in Vedic Sagittarius. Check out if Sade Sate affects you, or if your Moon is a bit further on in the zodiac and so it is Saturn’s next focus. Get a Reading from me.

Saturn conjunct Venus in the heavens is exact on 11th December at 25 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra (19 western Capricorn). Read about what it means to have Saturn conjunct Venus in your birth chart.

Sun conjunct Ketu – Sun and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) are transiting in exact conjunction on 30th December. We’ll begin to feel this energy from 16th December when Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius and the Sun goes on to close exactly on Ketu which is transiting at 14 Vedic Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Ketu is a heavily problematic destiny to have in your birth chart.

AND: SEE THE CHARTS: See the western and Vedic charts and ephemeris at the end of this newsletter. AND – Here’s news from my other areas of spiritual work:

A wonderful new Druid Group has started serving the beautiful, ancient NW of Ireland.

See the beautiful Norse Gods and Goddesses Art of Frida Widlund now for sale on my rune-path website.

Read about the wonderful developments in my Sacred West of Ireland Tours – An exalted venture!

Hear about our totally wonderful Geomantic Retreat being prepared for next May June here in the ancient sites around Sligo.

And meet Lia Cruse: new Tutor on my Runes and Ogham, Norse and Irish Gods Courses.

Now we turn to the fuller detail on the main items for our Newsletter:

The Saturn Ketu transit gives way to Saturn Pluto Transit:

 This is a ‘get out of jail card’, if you know how to handle it. Sort out your life so you can carry your own Holy Grail Forward, now.
Look inward to understand all the contradictions – wonderful or otherwise. Do a Journey to the Abyss to clear yourself of your shadow, and arise lightened to connect to the Divine Inspiration:

First, there was the Saturn Ketu transit in Vedic Sagittarius came first of the two. It’s been with us all year. It has been a really life-changing transit where the experience of long tension leads ideally to a wonderful spiritual strategy forward, and may involve going through fear, and may prompt us to strengthen ourselves, embody ourselves more strongly and heal. And by the way, the tension period is not yet over!

Then there’s the Saturn Pluto Transit: But now the Saturn Ketu conjunction is separating as Saturn transits forward and Ketu continues retrograde transit. And what is replacing it as the dominant transit now is the newly closing Saturn – Pluto conjunction.

And how is the Saturn Pluto conjunction best to be understood?

Well, I think Saturn at his best is like a container, a structure, a strategy. Saturn demands patience duty and hard work.

In other words, I see Saturn at his best now being a container that we carry forward as we correct the out of kilter situation that has been causing us so much tension all this year.

In fact, I ask you to embrace the carrying forward of a Holy Grail in your life. Carry it forward with strategy and direction. And know that it contains: Pluto – transformation, vast transformation, probably involving a death and rebirth experience being necessary.

So, we must now each carry forward with strategy and direction our own Holy Grail of transformation.
See my related Blog post:

I see Pluto as involving a journey to the underworld at times in our life. So, this time may well necessitate a journey for you to descend into the abyss to face Pluto as Keeper of the Abyss there, so as to leave in his custody there our wounds, pains, blocks, secrets, guilts, etc. we do this so that we can arise lightened out of the abyss, so that we can arise to meet Pluto not as Keeper of the abyss but as Kether the Crown Chakra, now cleared and opened to the divine light because of our underworlds descent.

In Babylonian mythology, the is the journey to the underworld of Inanna/Ishtar. In Greek mythology it is the Pluto Persephone energy.

Enrol for our powerful, healing astrology-related visionary Journey to meet Pluto and heal and empower: Guided Journey to The Abyss:

There’s the need for each of us now, at these times, to go through the zero point and face the shadow, and emerge healed. This is the call to leave our 3D responses and patterns behind, and embrace a more enlightened consciousness.

We need to face the fear.

We need to see the self that Fear creates, as our shadow self.

We then need to become strong in the face of it, because that is what it offers: a chance for healing and growth.

To the extent that we are the bird who has lived in a cage all his life, we may shrink back from FREEDOM!

Go to our Journey to the Abyss page on Starwheel Astrology, and pay to enroll for your own personal healing and empowering journey:

You get your personal recorded audio, afterwards, for you to work again on this journey.

See the stand alone Blog on this big transition from Saturn Ketu Transit to Saturn Pluto Transit:

Jupiter and Venus are
transiting Vedic Sagittarius and across Galactic Centre: 

Jupiter transits Vedic Sagittarius from 5.11.2019 to 30th March 2020:

Venus transits Vedic Sagittarius from 21.11.2019 to 14th December 2019.

And part of this time they transit across the Galactic Centre. The fiercely energetic energies emitted by Galactic Centre infuse Jupiter and Venus’ energies, around the beginning of December.

Galactic Centre is in the area centering around 3 Vedic Sagittarius (that’s 27 Western Sagittarius)It’s in Mula Nakshatra, ruled by Nritti the Goddess of Death and Destruction. And the energy source also encompasses and infuses the space several degrees either side of the Scorpio-Sagittarius transition point at 0 degrees Sagittarius.

Galactic Centre is the heart of the Milky Way – it’s an immense ‘black hole’, emitting huge, powerful cosmic energies.

Galactic Centre is Vishnu Nabhi, the Navel of Lord Vishnu. It is anciently seen as the Font of Light for the galaxy.

Jupiter and Venus have been transiting there (they were exact at 3 Sagittarius on 23rd November).

Jupiter is still aligned with Galactic Centre at the start of December. He’s at 5 deg Vedic Sagittarius on Dec 1st, in Mula Nakshatra.

This is where Jupiter and Venus are now receiving transformation, renewal and empowerment, increasing their blessing and inspiration.

And this can really transform us if we make the effort to be aware and respond. (remember we have to make the effort to be on the ball and embrace inspiration and opportunity. Remember, negatively, Venus and Jupiter together can be a rather lazy energy.

Check out what inspiration has been coming through to you since the 5th November when Jupiter first entered Vedic Sagittarius, and since 21st November when Venus entered Vedic Sagittarius.

Heed the Wisdom of your Inner Voice.

Don’t disregard your guidance!

The inspiration coming your way may be metaphysical, occult or practical.

Do look out for it.

See my separate Blog for a lot more guidance on this subject:

The Solar Eclipse of 26th December 2019

Eclipses are un-damming energy – for good or ill. It’s a good idea to remember this eclipse is happening and keep your life simple at this time – a few days before and afterwards.
Look at the chart for this huge eclipse (it’s in the separate standalong Blog: see link below.

Put your birth chart in the middle of it.

Get an Astrology Reading from me:

Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius on 16th December, and this solar eclipse is at 9 deg Vedic Sagittarius (That’s 4 deg western Capricorn). It’s in Mula Nakshatra.
Sagittarius has a staggering 7 planets transiting it at this time, so in addition to the Eclipse Sun and The Moon, the planets Jupiter and Mercury are also conjunct and caught up in it, with Saturn, Ketu and Pluto also affected.

It’s quite a chart!

It’s shown in western and Vedic astrology charts at the foot of this blog post.
In essence, with this Eclipse being conjucnt Jupiter, and also involving Ket, and being in a Ketu-rled Nakshatra – Mula, I believe the essence of this Wclipse is INSPIRATION. Be open to receive this inspiration

Embrace the highest potential.

And note that we will all have to respond to any failings in the area of life (House) that is Vedic Sagittarius, in our Vedic birth charts. Heal where needed.
Then make a Journey

Make the journey powerfully and with focus – based on the Inspiration that comes through to you at this time.

Do see more detail in my separate Blog post on this most influential powerful and important Eclipse:

Uranus the Revolution Bringer:

Uranus is transiting at nine to eight degrees Vedic Aries (3 to 2 deg western Taurus).

If transiting Uranus is aspecting a planet in your birth chart, do be wide and open to Uranus’ inspiration.

Do embrace the Revolution being forced upon you

Do check out the revolution effect of Uranus in the House /life area he is transiting in your birth chart.

I have had such inspiration from the Uranus transit in Vedic Aries (I have planets both in Vedic Aries and in Vedic Libra).

One item of Revolution was so different from the work I have been doing, I almost discounted it. Others tried to talk me out of it, or over-discuss it and lose the thrust. Stand up for your Uranus Revolution insight!
It was the Uranus Revolution energy that freed the French from their dreadful aristocrats in the French Revolution starting May 5th, 1789.

It was the Uranus Revolutionary insight that freed the United States from rule by the complacent self-satisfied British ruling classes on April 19th, 1775.

I feel Revolution was very needed in areas of my life from about last October 2018. I was stuck in some patterns that made me ill.

And Revolution is here for me:

As regards Chiron transit, first of all, I had Chiron transit square my natal Uranus exact 27th February 2019.

Then transiting Chiron was inconjunct Saturn 9th October 2019.

So, as Chiron heals Uranus and Saturn, and Uranus brings the revolution, at the same time, Saturn Grounds it. And that’s what is nearly completed and sorted out, now.

But then there’s the amazing double whammy of Uranus transiting my natal Rahu in my Aries 10th House of Career, at the same time period that transiting Rahu conjucnts my natal Uranus in 12th House of intuition and spirituality!!!
So, in summary: Uranus transited conjunct my Rahu natal North Node in Aries 10th House on 8th October 2019, plus the mirror image: Rahu transits conjunct my natal Uranus 12th House on 5.4.2020. Mirror image! Double whammy!
So: how is transiting Uranus now for you?

Have a Reading with me about your current and predictive astrology, and how it’s activating the scripts in your western and Vedic birth charts:

Neptune turns Direct:
Neptune turned direct on 27th November at 15 degrees Vedic Pisces. That’s 21 degrees Vedic Aquarius, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

Do check out where Neptune is transiting in your birth chart, and what planets transiting Neptune is aspecting.

Be aware that Neptune’s positive gifts are sensitivity, intuition, vision, compassion: what visions/ideals may he have been sending you. These effects will have been being consolidated during Neptune’s retrograde. Now we move forward in our visionary connections and urges.

Another positive of Neptune moving forward is that we may suddenly see through people who have been fooling or using us, who are entryists or parasites.

The negative facets of Neptune’s energy that we need to be aware of are: drink, drugs, delusions, unreal fantasies, drain, and lack of confidence.


Chiron is transiting at 7 Vedic Pisces (2 western Aries) in December. So, if you have natal planets in the early part of Vedic Pisces or Virgo, you will be receiving a Chiron activation. Chiron is the Wounded Healer. He embodies our existential wound, in the healing of which, we can become the Healer of others.

I have seen such spectacular healings when there’s a Chiron activation.

Sade Sa
te Planning:

Those people with Moon in PurvaAshadha are in the centre of Sade Sate now.

What is Sade Sate?

Sade Sate is the difficult seven and a half year that Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, the sign occupied by the natal Moon and the sign after the sign of the natal Moon: two and a half years Saturn transit through each of these signs; seven and a half years transit in total.

The divine purpose of Sade Sate is to let us see ourselves as we are when ‘stripped of God’s grace’, and the divine intention of this is to spur us to smash our blocks to perception and embrace the path that is more truly in line with our incarnational life purpose as it can best unfold at this time in our life. There are very hard parts of Sade sate, and these alternate with ‘fools’ paradise’ times. Often there’s a death in the family or the circle. Often there’s a big move of house.

Though do note the mapping of your Sade Sate time scale is more accurately mapped both for date/time-scale and also type of experience, by studying Saturn’s transit through the sequence of your Nakshatras on either side of your natal Moon, rather than the three Vedic signs model. This is especially the case for those of us who have their natal Moon at the very beginning or the very end of one of the 12 Vedic Sidereal signs.

Saturn transited into the Nakshatra he currently occupies which is PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in Vedic Sagittarius on 2.3.2018.
And Saturn enters the next Nakshatra, UttaraAshadha, on 26.12.19.

And do contact me for a full reading about your life and how to handle your Sade Sate experience at:

This is especially a good idea for you now, if your natal Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius or if your Moon is in Vedic Capricorn (i.e. if your natal Moon is in: Mula, PurvaAshadha, UttaraAshadha, Sravana and Dhanistha Nakshatras.

See the Blog for more detail on this at:

Saturn conjunct Venus are transiting in the heavens is exact on 11th December at 25 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra (19 western Capricorn).
This conjunction in your birth chart creates really big scripts for love.
See my Blog post to read about what it means to have Saturn conjunct Venus in your birth chart:

Sun conjunct Ketu – Sun and Ketu, South Node, are transiting in exact conjunction on 30th December. We’ll begin to feel this energy from 16th December when Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius and closes on Ketu transiting at 14 Vedic Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Ketu is a heavy problematic destiny to have in your birth chart.
See my Blog post to read about what it means to have Sun conjunct Ketu in your birth chart.

Ketu conjunct Venus
See my Blog post to read about what it means to have Ketu conjunct Venus in your birth chart. It’s a karmic wound to love in yoru life that needs to be recognised, understood and given Healing:

And, now – Here’s news from my other areas of spiritual work, here in Ireland and worldwide on-line:

New Druid Group for NW Ireland:
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Sacred West of Ireland Tours – Read about the really wonderful developments in my Sacred West of Ireland Tours. Plan for your visit to Sacred Ireland now! I am amazed at the richness of experiences the people who came on my 2019 tours have had, whether it’s from the beautiful landscape, the rock energies, the landscape geomantic energies, the deeply ancient history, the poetry and culture of this area.

Geomantic Retreat: Wonderful news – Hear about our Geomantic Retreat being prepared for next May June here in the ancient sites around Sligo. N.B. Please subscribe to my new Ogham Gods and Runes blog site if you’d like to receive notification of the developing planning for this super-special event.

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