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Standing On the Edge – A blog about spiritual challenges: Why Me?
Here is a video and Blog Post from Dr. Liz, worldwide Healer at Starwheel Astrology, about how to manage the violent energies of 2020 and outgrow Fearfulness.

These are really crazy times.  People have asked me, ‘what did I do to deserve having to live in these times when the world is going crazy and the environment is at risk?

There’s an easy answer:  YOU PICKED IT.  For the past few decades a great number of advanced souls have incarnated with the specific goal of helping the world to move into the next level of consciousness, which is Unity Consciousness.  The new world is going to be one of amazing joy and peacefulness, one in which fear is left behind as we outgrow fearfulness.

But the old consciousness is fighting back with all its might.  It doesn’t want to die.  And the way it resists is to spread fear and misinformation.  Make no mistake, fear is an energetic VIRUS.  It is as contagious as Ebola, and about as dangerous.  This is why you should limit how many scary news videos you watch.  Your poor unconscious does not discriminate between what it sees on the screen and what is actually happening to you.  By watching the alarming videos, and reading alarming tweets, you are playing directly into the hands of those who want you helpless and scared.  Those forces work against the rise of our new consciousness.  And those forces are opposed to happiness and especially to laughter.

But you have the power to choose how much negativity you allow into your life.  So make conscious choices about what you read, who you follow online, and protect yourself from overdoses of negativity and fear.  The world is actually getting better, not worse.  Next time we’ll address the question of why we are having so much random violence nowadays.  The answer may surprise you.   In the meantime, follow the old precept  “Keep calm and carry on.”

Until next time, Dr. Liz

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