Spring Newsletter from Maggie Pashley

What’s springing to life?

I love this time of year… the lighterlambs in spring days, new growth, beautiful spring flowers and trees with buds and blossoms. So much can change from day to day. And where I live there are always lots of spring lambs gambling around the field, springing into the air, full of life and just because they can.

So what wants to blossom in my life? I have some workshops coming up – Access Bars, an Access Body Class with two amazing body processes, a Metamorphic Technique workshop, a great offer on Access Energetic Facelifts® and a Bars share.

Access Bars® Class

Wednesday 20th April in Silsden

Do you feel there should be more to life but don’t know how to get there? Access Bars is a great way of removing the obstacles to being you, so healing, clarity and inner direction can happen naturally. A Bars session is deeply relaxing and simply involves relaxing while the giver touches 32 points on your head, relating to issues such as money, creativity, body, sexuality, healing to name just a few. It is an invitation to let go of stuck fixed positions we hold which limit us. In this day you’ll get to give and receive two sessions, receive a manual, clear charts and a certificate. You’ll go away with a skill you can use for the rest of your life on friends, family, clients and of course yourself.
Teaching the Bars is a real joy for me as I see people fo out a much lighter freer place than when they arrived just a few hours earlier.

To find out more: please visit: http://changeforlife.co.uk/access-bars/ where you’ll also find testimonials and a video by a neuroscientist talking about the benefits of doing the Bars.

Access Bars® with children

I was inspired to come across this blog article on using the Bars with children struggling in school.

Access Energetic Facelift® offer – almost half price!

I’m pleased to offer this amazing rejuvenating treatment for only £35 instead of the normal price of £60 (4 sessions for £200) to the next ten people.This wonderful deeply relaxing Access Body Process® offers a safe, gentle way of looking younger and rejuvenating the whole body not just the face. This is much more than a cosmetic procedure as it begins to clear underlying judgments about aging and about your body. It is so deeply nurturing. After the 90 minute session you look great and your feel great. And all of this without any invasive or painful procedures or  toxic chemicals.

View the before and after pictures of my client who felt amazing afterwards, couldn’t believe the difference in her eyes and felt like her eyes were so much more open, as if she had 3D vision. Before then below that ‘after’!

Access Body Processes® Day

Saturday 7th May in SilsdenDo you fight, judge or deny your body? Do you overwork it, push it, pull it, overwork it? Does it feel pain, stiffness or numbness? Could this be the time to begin to be kind and nurture your body with 2 amazing Access Consciousness Body Processes® ? (you can choose to do one or both of these).

Access Consciousness Body Processes are a very dynamic, gentle, non-invasive way of inviting profound change into your body and into your life. Your body is a source of awareness and as you befriend your body you create more choices and possibilities for you and your life.

In this day I’m offering two Body Processes and you can choose to do just one or both. There are no prerequisites for the class and the processes are easy to learn. You will get a sheet explaining the process, a certificate of attendance and be able to work with it afterwards on yourself, friends, family and clients.

Morning Session – 9.30 -1pm MTVSS
This is one of the most popular of the Access Body Processes as it is so versatile. It can be used to boost the immune system, address all sorts of imbalances within the body, clear energy blockages, pain, stiffness and improve endurance and performance during exercise. It can be used by massage practitioners, bodyworkers and any other hands-on practitioners to enhance results and to actually help the practitioner work with greater ease on their own body. This has been used for all sort of conditions including MS and cancer.

Afternoon Session 2pm- 5pm Restoration of Communion with the Earth
This beautiful process helps us to be more fully present in our bodies and more connected to nature and our environment. It can help us receive and be nurtured by the energy surrounding us. It also helps us be more aware of how we can be a contribution to the Earth. This is a wonderful process for helping rebalance the ways in which many of us live in these times, surrounded by machinery, technology, and artificial environments and reconnect us with nature and our Earth.

Cost of one process: £55
Cost of both processes: £100

There is no effort or skill needed in giving or receiving these processes, just openness to give it a go!

Metamorphic Technique workshops are back!

Friday 3rd June 6-9pm and Saturday 10-5pm

I’m teaching my first Metamorphic Technique workshop after a bit of a gap. This time I’m trying a different format – Friday evening and Saturday rather than Saturday and Sunday so you still get some weekend to do other things.

The Metamorphic Technique is one of the easiest and simplest ways of connecting to your own inner guidance and truth. Rather than talk, analyse or figure out a way forward, Metamorphic Technique simply involves a gentle touch on the hands, feet and head and an open, unconditional space to invite you to know what you innately know – how to be you.

And if that sounds simplistic, vague or Pollyannarish it did to me too but there was also a resonance that drew me to it and a recognition that something profound was happening after each session that made me train to be a MT practitioner and then a Teacher. I gained greater clarity, had the confidence to make major decisions from a place of inner knowingness and open up to the flow of my life.

In this two day (Fri evening 6-9pm and Saturday 10am-5pm) you will learn how to give MT sessions by giving and receiving twice, you’ll learn the underlying principles of the technique, the importance of detachment and probably uncover a lot about yourself in the process. You’ll get a certificate of attendance and can use this towards becoming a member of the Metamorphic Association should you choose. You’ll be able to use this technique with friends and family, swap sessions with other practitioners and choose to go on to become a practitioner.

Metamorphic Technique can be given to anybody from a new-born baby to somebody at the end of their life. The only requirement is that it is their choice, and yours. It has been used a lot with children, with people going through transitions and looking for direction, with pregnant women,many of whom have reported having easier births. It can help us find our own direction, trust it and have the courage to live it.

Cost: £120

For more information and to book visit: www.metamorphicwings.com or contact Maggie on 07939118136

And fInally I’m holding a Bars Share on Tuesday 26 April at my home in Silsden – 6-9pm. Cost: £10

Time to have your Bars run? Come along to my Access Bars share and bliss out. Open to everybody who has done the Access Bars Class with anybody at any time, whether you can remember the points or not!!

We’ll begin by checking in with each other, doing a spot of verbal processing if appropriate but largely focus on just letting the Bars do their magic.