Spring Equinox and Earth Spirituality Courses

Michael ConneelyIn this Spring Equinox newsletter, I want to share with you the power of the Spring Equinox Festival. You can set an intention of day by day checking out: ‘am I aligning with the day by day growing power of the Sun between now and the Summer Solstice?’ It’s a good and healing and empowering thing to do. I look out at the Sun rising above the mountain every morning and connect with the beauties of the earth sky and sea around here. And the point is, the ancient Irish were sharing in the growing power of the Sun from the Spring Equinox five thousand years ago too. And in my newsletters and blogs, I seek to offer the astrology insight that will help us negotiate the sometimes easy sometimes tortuous or held back energies over that time scale, and also, I teach contact with the ancient Irish festivals and their wonderful empowering Gods.

To start off our personal and Druid Forest School journey to rise with the growing power of the Sun from Spring Equinox onwards.

Then, Maggie and I celebrated Spring Equinox with a Group visiting the three great related temple/burial mounds of the ancient Irish:

Knowth which is aligned to both Equinoxes
New Grange which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at the Winter Solstice Sunrise
Dowth which is aligned to the birth of the new Sun at Solstice Sunset.

You can clearly see from the photo of the doorway alignment in the ancient Irish monument, how they worshipped Equinox morning ray of sunlight. You can see how the monument doorway aligns to the Sun of Equinox, how the Sun of that moment shines through the doorway and how the Sun rises to pierce and banish the darkness of winter. The Phallic stone was aligned to cast its shadow into the Western passage during Equinox

This principle of alignment to the energy of the Sun was very important to the lives and consciousness these ancient Irish people, and it was a matter for worship and celebration, a moment and an energy deep within the sacred consciousness of the ancient Irish Druids – and much more ancient inhabitants of this land too.

You, yourself, can now align to the ever-growing light and power of the Sun. That is the key theme of Spring Equinox.

You can establish a benchmark intention of your expression of your self expanding and getting more comfortable and central as the Sun himself grows day by every day up to Summer Solstice.

You can check out if you are keeping to your intention. You can check out if you are keeping on course.

See the brief video clip from part of the Druid Forest School Spring Equinox ritual I offered:

At Knowth, we had the most wonderful guide called Marion who really made the connection to the ancient Irish spiritual beliefs live and shine.

At Dowth, the group tuned into the earth energies and felt that the energies the ancient worshippers at Dowth had placed in the mound for the benefit of all people were energies of encouragement, optimism and strength:

Spring Equinox was 20th March at 10.20 am here in Ireland. Spring Equinox is the moment when the length of the growing days exactly equals the length of the shortening nights. On the day of Spring Equinox, the Sun enters the ‘action-man’ western sign of Aries in the tropical Zodiac and from this moment on, the days get longer, the Sun gets higher in the heavens and he gets more and more powerful. The Sun grows in power, day after day, until the Summer Solstice on 21st June 2017 at 04.15 am. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit TimeandDate.com.

The chart for this Spring Equinox 2017 is dominated by the expansionary and explosive ‘Jupiter opposition Uranus’, and note that this opposition is T-square Pluto. And I will seek to benefit from this expansionary energy for my own good and to share my teaching with others.

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