Spiritual Intrusion Healing in Shamanism

tarot dragonfaeI offer three levels of Certificated Shamanic Healing Distance Learning Courses.
Level 1 offers teaching of four shamanic healing methods.
Level 2 offers teaching of three more methods plus a piece of healing work with a client or volunteer. Level 3 is all about shamanic healing.
You can see details of these courses at the foot of the shamanic healing page on my website: www.earthstarweb.com.
Here’s a little about Spiritual Intrusion Healing. Spiritual intrusion can take the form of a localized pain, illness or condition, or a pervasive unwellness, and can be thought of as negative spiritual energy lodged in our body-energy systems. It often shows up diagnostically in our astrology birth chart. We are prone if we are sensitive and psychic and open, or if we are burned out and depleted. The condition can be self-generated: we keep launching and reinforcing a negative energy attack on ourself. Or spiritual intrusion can also be caused by negative energy thought forms being sent at us by someone else: implanted negative words for example. Spirit possession comes into this: it is also a form of spiritual intrusion. The healing of this is often called Shamanic Extraction. But there is also a most powerful form of healing using the rites, lineages and power animals of Munay Ki that can dramatically clear spiritual intrusions: it is called ‘Illumination’ : perceiving, sucking out and then spiritually replacing the poison held in a chakra. In this work, the spiritual intrusion is removed. The client can be given spiritual, journeying or ceremonial work afterwards to maintain the new wholeness and sustain psychic shielding.