Spiritual bypassing

love reaching outSuspect you are caught up in a self congratulatory group that is not the real thing? Suspect that you are being controlled by someone on a pedestal? Are you being fooled by ‘spiritual bypassing’?

Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and full true developmental needs.

So often these days it is the individual on a pedestal with sycophantic followers ‘liking’ his/her Face Book postings compulsively.

So often it is the ‘realised individual’ who lives inside a façade of the false smile and control, and who denies the truth of what is really going on in their life and what they are really feeling and really doing to themselves and others.

So often it is the person who is hurt and who has set up in a fortress of veneer and self-congratulatory spiritual practice, often dressed in white or robes.

So often it’s the individual taking refuge in formulaic spiritual practices which go little further than focussing the mind for the moment and repressing healing issues that need to worked through and transcended, or are actually the enemy of producing enlightened awareness. These are procedures rather than practices to develop truer connection to Reality and the true self.

So often it’s the hype of the spiritual centres.  So often it is the parent who neglects her children for the spiritual group or path. So often it is actually the enemy of true loving connection in relationship.

By contrast, for a life-changing truly caring connected path to enlightened awareness, I would like to recommend Helen Hamilton’s Self Realisation meditation and her twelve-week course which runs Saturday, 4 October – Saturday, 20 December

If you want to see the genuine path, see: http://www.templeoflight.co.uk/self-realisation-course.html