Special Offer for Christmas 2015 and New Year: Top Quality Astrology Readings

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely


Special Offer for Christmas 2015 and New Year

(valid until 31st January 2016)

Get an Insightful, content rich Astrology reading for your loved-one as a Christmas Gift, or as a start to the New Year. 

Increase your knowledge of you, or another, and discover your life’s purpose.

Speak to the Astrologer who creates the reading in detail. Additional divinatory tools available if you wish.

Buy an Astrology reading, any sort, and receive a 10% discount.

Reports come with three of the four readings options:
Birth chart report, Prediction 2016, Relationship Report, Child Astrology Report. Options for linked Healing
Click below to see the quality of these sample reports:
Natal Vedic Report 1
Natal Western Report 2
Predictive Vedic Report 3
Predictive Western Report 4

Buy two astrology readings (for you and a child perhaps or you and your partner) and receive a 15% discount.

I look forward to giving you and your loved ones this very special help and support, for more details and to enroll go to my astrology readings website: www.starwheelastrology.com

Have a happy Christmas and New Year, Michael