Special Love Energy Venus Transits Pisces in February 2020

Venus transits Vedic Pisces from 2nd February to 28th February. Venus is exalted in Vedic Pisces.

This means that we are each offered a higher refined vibration of Love. Sincerely, make the effort to take the time to be open to this very special energy now. Clear any blocks to Love. Look into Heart Wall Clearing with Maggie Pashley if you feel this is relevant.

This allows us a chance to be good to others through kindness, to connect with sociability.

But be aware that there is a twist to this tale that must be taken into account. The twist is that Venus is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer. The other part of this twist is that this Venus-Chiron conjunction is square the Nodal Axis. Read my upcoming blog post about Venus Conjunct Chiron.

Venus, like all the planets, is a face of the Divine. Each planet is a God. The energy from divine Venus helps us meet darkness with kindness and love in our interactions with others. It radiates an energy of divine harmony.

It’s for these sort of energies that Venus is called a guru, or The Preceptor of Demons.

Check out if you are in a Venus Dasha: main period or sub period – if so this energy will strongly be offered to you, and great if you make the effort to open to it! The Dashas are unique to Vedic Astrology and they are more powerful than Transits, though we experience their power and influence in more of a background way.

Oh – and watch out for over-indulgence in sweet things!!!!

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