Have a Soul Retrieval Shamanic healing session

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Have a Soul Retrieval healing session with me, Michael Conneely

Do the crucial work of contacting the part of yourself that got split off earlier in your life.

Is part of you split off and crying out to be heard?
If you have a split off part of yourself and if you do nothing about it, you cannot be the ‘true you’.
You will be living an act or a lie.
You won’t be able to seize your rightful power.
Worse than this, the suffering split off part which is invisible to us, which we pretend is not there, will be directing what happens in our life in an angry or vengeful or destructive or weakening way.
Always the split off part of us cries out to be heard and be seen.
But the split of part of us needs our help if it is ever to succeed in becoming heard and seen and standing tall in the light in a dignified, noble or wholesome way!

Why are parts of us split off and put into outer darkness and left denied and left unheard and left unseen?
This happens because we experienced something happening to us which was shameful or deeply wounding.
It also happens because the shining part of ourself was not allowed by our family.

In a worldwide session held over zoom or skype, we journey to meet the split off part.
With the help of our caring shamanic healer, we befriend the split off part, we listen to the split off part, we work to re-integrate the split off part into the fullness of our self, and he split off part is brought into the light.

Soul retrieval sessions are so healing and empowering. You can receive Soul Retrieval Healing Sessions in two possible ways:
outsideCome to receive a Soul Retrieval healing in our dedicated Healing Centre in Foxford, in County Mayo in the West of Ireland.

OR: Receive a Soul Retrieval in your own home by connecting with me, Michael Conneely, worldwide to receive a session via Skype or Zoom.

During a series of Soul Retrieval sessions with me you can cross-link into Inner Child and Family Constellation work.

To enquire about receiving a Soul Retrieval Session from me, please email me: michaelconneely@gmail.com
I will reply to you and we will work out a healing arrangement suitable to your needs.

To see more about my Shamanic Healer work, please go to my website: www.earthstarweb.com/shamanic-healer.html