Soul Level Healing, Talks & Journeys with Maggie Pashley

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Soul Level Healing, Talks and Journeys this Autumn,
with Maggie Pashley

It’s interesting as we approach Halloween / Samhain and people talk about the veils between worlds being thin that this newsletter is talking about two new kinds of soul level healing that I’m offering.

What’s New?

I’ve just done two new trainings which both offer soul level healing Future Life Progression and Soul Realignment.

Future Life Progression – time travelling into the past or the future

As a hypnotherapist, I must admit that I had a bit of resistance to doing Past Life Regression as I felt people could often come with preconceived ideas of how they wanted to experience themselves in past lives, or maybe it was also my own resistance. However having just witnessed for myself the power of exploring past and future lives, I’m pleased to say all that has changed and I have been simply loving this work and amazed at the insights and healing that has been offered to my clients in their current life. Healing and insights that are practical, liberating and empowering!

What I also love is that we can get those insights and healing in an easy, comfortable way. We can certainly feel compassion for a past life self undergoing difficulty but we don’t experience any discomfort, pain or trauma. And I can certainly testify to that having experienced a past life to address fear of heights. I saw myself being whipped to near death and thrown off a cliff while still alive and it was a comfortable and very uplifting experience. Yes, really!! My past life self was a free thinker and was being punished and killed for his beliefs. His message to me was to make full use of the relative safety of present times and to express myself freely, not to be afraid of either heights or self-expression! What a gift!

I’ve taken people into Past Lives to understand or heal an area of their life – such as relationships, issues with money, a particular fear as well as to connect with a fascination for a particular skill such as music, art, writing and to bring back knowledge or expertise that can be helpful.

Equally, we can travel to a future moment in this life or even to a future lifetime. So why do that? Well most of us have experienced moments of hindsight where we say to ourselves ‘if only I’d know that, I would have done that differently/sooner/later/not at all’.

Looking at a moment in your future can give you a future hindsight so that you can become more aware of the consequences of your choices and can help you make better decisions, can make you aware of actions that will lead to your best future. We always ask that you only see that which you can change. People can ask to see a Future Self in five or ten years time to look at how their life will be if they continue with their current lifestyle. They can get advice from their future self, and take those tips and advice and create an alternate best life for themselves if necessary. When we connect to the energy of that best future life it can bring it to us more quickly and easily as we are learning to resonate with that energy. It will feel more natural  to make choices more in alignment with that future best life.

We can also visit future lifetimes. And why would we want to do this? Well our future lifetime self is generally much more evolved than our current self and can offer great advice and inspiration as well as making us aware of future trends, of actions that can support our future and that of our future communities.

What is involved in a session?

First of all we have a chat about what it is that you would like more clarity, information, or healing on and what kind of session you are interested in e.g. Past Life, Future Life etc. Be aware that sometimes your unconscious may decide you need to go back to heal something before you go forward.

Then I use hypnosis to relax you and take you on a journey into your chosen time-frame. I am there to accompany and support you and ask you questions which help you connect more fully and bring back the information you require. At the end of session you will come back easily to your present life and we will discuss what you learnt from the session and what energy you can take forward into this life.

Face-to-face sessions in Co Sligo, either in Dromore West or at Sligo Wellness in Sligo Town.
Distance on-line sessions are available worldwide (you just need a quiet, private place and a reasonable internet connection)

The cost of a Future Life Progression session is €130 and I am offering readers of this newsletter a special offer of €100 until the end of November 2018. For more information please go to There is a special offer.

Using Hypnosis to Access your Past Lives

Watch this Video where Maggie talks about using Hypnosis Face to Face or worldwide to access your past lives:

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment helps you to understand who you are as soul, the specific energies that you are designed to work with and are your gifts. Working with these energies will naturally help you feel more empowered, more successful and help you direct your focus in a way that works for you. It also pinpoints those past choices you have made, many in past lifetimes, that are still running and pulling you out of alignment, draining your energy and dissipating your power.

The process involves you first of all giving you some very basic information about yourself – date and place of birth, full birth name and I then research in your Akashic records and feedback that information to you in a phone or on-line session as well as doing clearing on your behalf.  The information is very practical and empowering. You are also provided with simple homework for you to do for 21 days after the session and gives you action points that you can choose to bring you into greater alignment with your soul and a more fulfilled life.

My clients have all reported feeling more focussed, energised and more empowered following their sessions. Having done my own Soul Realignment I can also say I have a much better understanding and appreciation of what works for me and what doesn’t )and a greater inclination to choose the former!!) along with more energy and direction.

You can find out more at
Samhain Holistic Fair in Ballymote, Co Sligo, 12-6pm, Sunday 18th November

Michael and I will both be at this fair in Co Sligo. I’ll be giving mini-treatments in Access Bars, Emotion Code/Body Code, EFT, Reflexology, Reiki/Seichem Healing, and Metamorphic Touch and doing a talk on Access Bars. Michael will be doing a talk on the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and another one on Western and Vedic Astrology. So if you know somebody in this area, do suggest they come along
Queen Medb Conference at Rathcroghan Visitor Centre – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November 2018

I’m doing the following mini workshops at Sunday 25th November 2018 at 12.45-1.30
Rune Journeying for Personal Growth and Transformation with Maggie Pashley
The Runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples.The twenty four Runes can be used as a journey of self-empowerment, each rune developing a different aspect of our self. Maggie will give a brief introduction to the Runes and then lead you on a shamanic drum journey to have your own experience of the first rune – Fehu, the rune of value and wealth and finish with rune stance and rune chant.

Maggie is a therapist living and working in Co Sligo
She and her husband Michael Conneely teach a distance learning rune course: