Soul Astrology for you! Western and Vedic Astrology combined : What or Who are you expressing in the World?

good fortune 4Are you expressing your soul – or are you expressing an Illusion about yourself?

Soul Astrology for you!  This is Western and Vedic Astrology combined

It is Psychodynamic Astrology plus the use of the powerful Vedic ‘Arudha padas’.

This post tells you about the difference between what Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology can reveal about the crucial question, namely:
Are you living in accord with the desire of our soul?
Or are you are living in accord with some very different way of projecting yourself into the world?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

You can have an Astrology Reading from me or study one of my Astrology Courses, where the answers to this question can be included.

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So, on the key question we are looking at today of: what are we expressing as we project ourselves into the world? Well, the point is that our habitual expression of ourself in the world can actually be very different from how we would be if we were actually expressing our essence and the desire of our soul.

The two forms of expression can be very different. And the problem is that this can lead to all sorts of distortions, misunderstandings, lost opportunities, drain or illusions.

In Vedic Astrology, this question is tackled by examining ‘Arudha padas’. This is a most powerful and valuable part of the wonderful intuitive branch of ‘Jaimini Astrology‘ within Vedic Astrology.

But in Western astrology, however, this question is tackled by use of psychodynamic astrology and also by Nodal or Soul Astrology.

Let me now explore briefly with you how I can help you by using and combining these two models:

First of all, you need to know that Vedic Astrology has a system of ‘Arudha Padas’. This system shows what we are manifesting in the world, and this reflection can actually even be completely different from, and even at odds with, the ‘real thing’, with our true abilities, with our soul essence. What we project can actually be a distortion of this.

So, in Vedic Astrology, each of your 12 Houses has an ‘Arudha’ or ‘reflection’. So to give you an idea of how the system works, let me tell you that my Ascendant or Rising Sign (i.e. my Lagna or 1st House) in Vedic Astrology is in the Vedic sign of Cancer.

This means that I will naturally tend to relate to the world in a very caring and sensitive way, naturally help people (even if they haven’t asked for help), focus on feelings, be intuitive, be loyal to mate, but maybe cling to hurts etc. Cancer is ruled by The Moon, and my Moon is in the deeply sensitive Vedic sign of Pisces.

However, my Arudha Lagna is a totally different kettle of fish: My Arudha Lagna as the description of how I project in the world is conjunct the fiery planet Mars in 5th House Scorpio in my Vedic birth chart.

My Mars is ‘Raja Yoga’ in Scorpio, so this means Mars is very powerful in my chart, in my life. It’s investigative, it’s warrior spirit, it’s intense, it’s deeply intuitive, and it wants it now! That’s how Vedic Astrology says I will actually project into the world. It’s obviously so very different from my Rising Sign (called my Lagna).

You can take the exercise a fascinating and deeply intuitive whole stage further by looking at aspects to your Arudha Lagna. In addition, for example, there’s the wonderful net of meanings mapped by Vedic Astrology’s Argala system for just one example, and I have three planets in the sign before my Arudha Lagna. This is ‘negative argala’. And one of these three planets is a ‘weak Sun’. How can a weak sun learn to control and direct a ‘Raja Yoga’ Mars in Scorpio???

So, pause for a moment to reflect how I can in fact be completely mistaken by people, how I can completely confuse myself, how I can treat people in two very different ways.

Other people can see my Mars in Scorpio: my intense presentation and just not realise that there is the sensitive person behind the mask. In Astrology groups when the game ‘guess what sign the other people are’ is played, I found I’m most usually taken to be a Scorpio. Indeed, I, myself, can blaze obsessively into tasks and so cause stress for my sensitive Moon and undermine the caring ideals of my Cancer Ascendant.

It is so very, very useful to be given this perception.

But the crucial and essential next task for each of us is to use the perception to heal our patterns and come into our true empowerment. All my courses and reading are geared to healing and empowerment perception and techniques.

Remember, not understanding our Arudha can even lead us to pour our energies and direct our strategies into completely barren or ill-advised pursuits.

In fact, each House in your Vedic birth chart has its Arudha, so this perception is so worthwhile to receive either through a Reading or in a course.

In Western Astrology, when it is done well, the equivalent framework is called psychosynthesis. Modern Western Astrology is actually mainly geared to analysis of our ‘egoic psychology’, and this is so worthwhile to understand.

When you receive a reading or study a course from me, you have the opportunity to identify your ‘sub-personalities’ and this is used in psychosynthesis to gain overall understanding and knowledge of our Self.

Psychodynamic Astrology has a predictive dimension so that means we can receive indication of what part of our overall personality is receiving special highlight during what part of our life. Sub-personalities can be worked with and understood using ‘psychosynthesis roleplay’ and ‘inner child work’ and such like.

There is a whole ‘soul dimension’ based on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the Western Astrology birth chart (founded by Martin Schulman) and thus a statement can be derived in Western Astrology of how our egoic psychological self is the result of past life energies.

Again there’s a whole invaluable predictive unfoldement dimension to this Western Nodal Astrology too: it’s called The Nodal Age point and it charts the ‘whisper of our soul to us’ from the astral at any given period.

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