Some Discussion points on following the Druid Path today

Druid Forest School of Corra and Llugh Banner 1Here are some thoughts about issues we encounter in following the Druid Path today. These are from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA, and are well worth sharing about:

1. How can the Druid heritage act as a gateway to our achieving connection to the energies of the Divine, to our own enlightenment?

When I began studying the Ogham Course and learning about Druidism, I found the idea of invoking illusionary gods/goddesses odd.  I’m beginning to see value in this practice.  Society creates a kind of bondage where we become  birds in a cage.  Our wings are clipped, our feet are tied, our imagination confined to societal values.  We view our world through “bars of rage.”  Some escape through alcohol, drugs and other mind-numbing activities, others “sing” through tortured bars creating art or music with a fearful trill and others simply go mad from imprisonment.  We could be free but we choose bondage, it’s what we’re taught,  it’s all we know.   The ones who are truly free are those who rise above culture and tradition and live without imposing man-made values on Nature, respectfully living as One.  The innovation of gods/goddesses may give us new strength and courage to rise out of bondage as we reconnect with the Divine we once knew before society “civilized” us and stripped it away.

2. Is there the risk that people can be drawn to Druidry when they are very wounded, because the earth spirituality path and the wonderful Gods and Goddess of ancient Ireland and Britain can offer so much in beauty, empowerment and healing, but until we are more healed, we may be too unconscious of how much we are pushing our woundedness out onto others?
I suppose there are many reasons people are drawn to Druidry.   We’re all wounded in some manner and connecting with Gaia in a conscious way is healing.   I believe the Druid Forest School adds a huge benefit by requiring students to journey through personal weakness to understand their sacred calling.  I’ve found the Druid Forest School provides a safe and supportive environment to receive enlightenment on the Druid path. 

3.  What principles do we need to apply in our attempt to draw inspiration and power through the resurrection of druid heritage?

The principle of equality and mutual respect must be drawn upon for any enlightened path.  We are One with all life and must rise to the challenge of living in peace with ALL living things.

4. Does hierarchy encourage each of us to achieve our own special spark of power and beauty?

Hierarchy creates authority which discourages questioning and arrests new consciousness.   It confines us in a metaphoric cage.   A natural leader will rise in any group but it’s important to honor that role as “teacher” and not authoritarian.

5. What do we have to strip out in order to be able to draw on the Druid inspiration?

Strip away vestiges of a hierarchal society and the belief one sex, one individual or one species holds value over another.  Respect and equality will encourage us to live as One with Gaia.

6. What can we draw on as a valuable and visionary earth spirituality source of inspiration and practice?

We can draw on the beauty of the seasons for inspiration as we study and celebrate the mystery, power and wisdom of their gifts.

7. What are we to make of the mass of litter left by Druids and others following pagan paths at this year’s sacred celebration of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

The pagans who liter do not follow the path of their ancestors in respecting the Earth as a living Being.   I’m lead to wonder why the participants were drawn to the celebration.   Perhaps for many it simply provides a reason to gather and “party.”  Unawake people celebrate in destructive ways.  We witness this multiple times throughout the year with fireworks celebrations that turn the Earth into a war zone, frightening animals, polluting the air and leaving destruction in its path.

We are glad to hear your viepoints so all our learning may grow, thank you
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