Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023 is Bigger than you might think Use Healing Methods

The totally key question is: how will you work with it?

Read this post, then decide where you need to work – on what area of your life? What area of your life is crying out to you for you to heal it. How will you heal it.

I suggest approaches to working with this eclipse at the end of this post.

And then: DO THE WORK!

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This blog post gives loads of key information, and also covers ways in which we can get ready and work with it on the day and following, so as to bring to fruition the considerable gifts of personal transformation and growth that it holds – especially when you know the detail.

So read on below to see the very thorough analysis of the detail of the energies, and different ways of working with it.

What is the Energy of an Eclipse?

The first thing to be aware of is that Eclipse energies are like earthquake energies.

With an earthquake, pressure build up in the strata of the earth’s crust, until the tension can be held no more – and it breaks:


Shaking the landscape and causing tsunamis if it under the ocean.

Stress should not be held forever.

Stress breaks!

 Stress can be held no longer.

We ourselves can need earthquake-like eclipses to grow!

Well, an Eclipse can ALSO do that for our life, and for our awareness, and for our sense of Self and for our behaviour patterns and for our beliefs

– so it is very, very good to know the details of an Eclipse

– And it is very good to identify what way of working with the Eclipse is good and is necessary for you.

And remember, at an Eclipse time:



If your life has STAGNANT AREAS, an Eclipse can give you an almighty push to get out of the bog and stand in the Light of the Sun.

Your unconscious patterns can be brought into Greater Clarity – a divinely inspired chance to SORT THEM OUT, now!

An Eclipse’s energies are analysed in terms of the following factors:

Which Sign it is in


Which Nakshatra it is in


What House in your birth chart does the eclipse occupy?


Which Other Planets in the heavens form aspects to the eclipse (i.e. in the chart of the eclipse)?


Does a planet in the chart of the Eclipse occupy one of the three Gandanta Zones?


Does the Eclipse conjunct (or aspect) one of the planets in your birth chart?


How close are you to the trajectory of the Moon’s shadow where it traverses the Earth?

OK, so in terms of the above eight points, this Solar New Moon Eclipse with Sun conjunct Moon has the following details:


It is at 26 Vedic Virgo (21 deg Western Libra). Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Virgo is all about health and right-living. It’s nature is too critical and analytic and perfectionist.

Sun in Virgo is analytic, hard-working and can become the victim in relationship or in work situations.

Moon in Virgo is healing and empathetic, discriminating and (too) analytic and overly-critical and can become the martyr.

Positively: this Eclipse can bring you HEALING BREAKTHROUGH. Identify now if you need a healing-type breakthrough in some issue or area of your life or some characteristic of your personality. Do the needed work to make that identification, and to achieve the breakthrough!



This Eclipse is in Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars. The core nature of Chitra is creativity. And Chitra’s symbol is the Pearl.

When we look at an oyster shell it looks dull. But when it opens a PEARL is revealed within.

And remember, that pearl is produced by a grain of sand getting into the oyster: it is often our blemishes and hurts that can produce our brilliance when we heal them!!!

(And Chitras have Mars type tempers!)


What House does this Eclipse occupy in your Birth Chart?

That will identify the life area affected by this eclipse for you:

So if this Eclipse is in your 3rd House, it might very well be issues of your COURAGE that will surface, and that you need to bring Revolution to!!!

Here’s the fuller list:

1st – (Sun) shows the head – ego – ones self , body , general prosperity, health and well being, basic self expression, physical constitution, personality. It is the Ascendant or Lagna. The ruling planet of your first House is called the Lagnesh.

2nd – (Jupiter, mercury) gathering / holding resources, livelihood, speech, childhood and youth issues, financial success (or not) through career / labor. Show our tastes, food, art / poetry / capacity to communicate, how we operate and express. Right eye. Eyesight generally.

3rd – (Mars, mercury) curiosity, power, brother, friends, motivation, interest basic life energy, impulses and intention that drives us. Will ambition, passion, zeal, rashness impulsiveness main interests, sport, hobbies

4th – (Moon) emotion, happiness, property, mind, upbringing, education, refinement, masses, popularity, land acquisition, vehicles, what is internal, capacity to Relax, it’s afflictions are hard to overcome, most sensitive

5th – (Jupiter) creative intelligence, education, speculation, romance, children, past life credit, games, spiritual practices. Creativity in general – giving birth to our ideas – children show our primal creative urge

6th – (Mars, Saturn) enemies, debts, health and disease, work and service, foreigners, pets, enemies, effort, resistance to illness, immune system. Our capacity to do hard labor – overcome physical obstacles / enemies.

7th – (Venus, Jupiter) Long term romantic relationships, general relations with others, business associates. Being opposite the ascendant, it shows that to which we are most drawn and most challenged to learn.

8th – (Saturn) sex, death, the occult, dark / hidden side of life, longevity, research, destruction / regeneration of any sort. Through the 8th house we confront our mortality. It can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives.

9th – (Jupiter) religious, philosophical or ethical principles, grace, dharma (life purpose). Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so. The luckiest house.

10th – (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) public status, material achievement, skill, success, career, our affect on the world. Politics. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance.

11th – (Jupiter) aspirations and goals, financial and material gains, friendship, impulse, abundance and excess. Ability to project our intelligence on the world. Where we expand. Planets here show their expansive nature.

12th – (Saturn , Ketu) subconscious, hidden nature, loss, liberation, decrease, wastage of energy. Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment. Left eye.

(It can also be good, as a secondary preparatory measure, to count the House this Eclipse falls in from your natal Moon, as well as from your natal Ascendant (Lagna).


Aspects to This Eclipse from the other planets in the Heavens: This issue is HUGE: My Goodness!!!!!!

Here’s the list:



Uranus in Aries inconjuncts (150 deg) this Eclipse (orb 1 deg). This is an energy of REVOLUTION. Don’t mess with this imperative. Do the work!

Uranus is at 28 Vedic Aries.

This Uranus energy is explosive. Use it for the good in the work you do.


Yod Finger of God Aspect:

 This Eclipse is the apex of a Yod chart aspect chape – A Finger of God:

Uranus and Neptune are both in Inconjunct aspect to the Eclipse stellium of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu (South node).

The Eclipse stellium is the Apex of the Finger of God.

Yod energy is all about tension build up until you can no longer follow the pathway you are on. And why? Because you find the pathway no longer exists. It splits – and you have to chooses LEFT or RIGHT. And the choice you make often feels FATED.

The energy at the base of the Finger of God Yod, Uranus sextile Neptune = the elimination of waking consciousness, the development and growth of subconscious powers, inner vision, inner illumination,

 enlightenment, inspiration, idealism, interest in spiritual subjects, religious issues, mysticism, or

 art, peculiar psychic states. Inspiration. Spiritual cognition and understanding. Long journeys.


Chiron is opposition this Eclipse New Moon:

Orb 3 deg

This does bring an energy of a wound to this Eclipse, but with the additional feature that we can heal our wound. Death and transformation. The Chiron Journey.

Chiron opposition Sun: You Sun is weakened. You feel you have to prove yourself to others.

Your Fathering may have amounted to a wound.

You are born with the existential challenge to heal your wound.

Chiron opposition Moon: Deep woundedness to how you express your feelings. There’s the risk you might project your feelings onto others.

Your Mothering may have amounted to a wound.

You are born with the existential challenge to heal your wound.

Chiron opposition Mercury:
Your wound includes the way you think, and the way you learn language. You could be too critical. The issue of the need to be fair to others gives you pain and makes you feel you could be unfair. You are caught in the dilemma of needing to totally see both sides.  

I have known people with the Chiron-Mercury wound even become a TEFL Teacher (a teacher of English as a Foreign Language) for example when Chiron opposes their natal Chiron.

Chiron opposition Ketu South Node:

Chiron orb 3 deg, Ketu orb 4 deg.

The orb of Ketu South node is immense. Ketu cuts, even catastrophically, and is the carrier of our karmas from our past lives and our ancestry. But Ketu cuts with the Divine Purpose that we see beyond this world and deepen our spiritual connection.

Chiron is of course conjunct the North Node Rahu as well. This brings a driven energy to heal our past negative karmas and manifest our positive karmas, and above all to tap into and realize our potential in  this life.

This Chiron opposition Ketu energy affects Sun, Moon and Mercury as well, now.

Ketu’s typical energy is FEAR.

And the Divine purpose of the Fear is to impel us to take a different Direction.

And remember, that on October 30th, Ketu transits into Virgo

And bear in mind that the energy of Rahu and Ketu extends at least half a sign either side of the degree they occupy.

Bear in mind, also, that Rahu is in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta, and so there is an energy of impermanence and of the unsupportiveness of this world. Gandanta placement created turbulent events.

The three Gandanta Zones are the transition from Vedic water sign to Fire sign: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius. They are a most important and super valid concept, and finding that my Moon was in the Pisces Gandanta Zone at 29 deg 56 Vedic Pisces which fitted my mothering and life so totally was what converted me to add Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology, because Western Astrology knows nothing of this VASTLY important concept of the Gandanta.

Ketu is conjunct the powerful stars Spica and Arcturus:

Spica is of the nature of Venus and Mars and gives success and renown, and is the anchor point of the Vedic Sidereal zodiac.

Arcturus is of the nature of mars and Jupiter and gives renown, self-determination and prosperity.

There is A Fraught and Minefield Energy to this New Moon 4-Planet Conjunction:

This four planet conjunction is not an easy one for the energies of each planet:

For example by Rashi Avasthas analysis, moon greatly feed Sun, but Sun trashes the Moon.

And by Jagradaadi Avasthas, all the planets except for Mercury and Saturn in this chart are ‘sleepy’ or ‘sleeping’ (Svapna or Sushupti) – but Mercury and Saturn are Jagrat = wide aware and ready to embody their nature and radiate their energies.

Saturn is Retrograde and stationing to turn Direct on 4th November:

We absolutely have to realize Saturn is demanding that we each of us tie up looses ends and complete unfinished business, and make great effort to align ourself to our incarnational life purpose now.

Saturn opposition Venus-Lilith:

Also note that part of the energy of this day is that Saturn is opposition the Venus-Lilith conjunction.

It’s in Leo/Magha Nakshatra.

Pluto is square the Nodal Axis Now:

This brings us the potential to come into our true power – especially if Pluto aspects one of your planets.

Pluto is at 3 deg Vedic Capricorn, and Pluto is virtually stationary – thus carves his power deeply – because Pluto only turned Direct on October 11th.


Does the Eclipse conjunct (or aspect) one of the planets in your birth chart?

This is a key question. It makes this eclipse so powerful and important for you to work with.

Chandra, The Moon

Also called Soma, Chandra represents Prakriti, the divine female energy that nourishes the world. On a human level, the Moon represents mind, imagination and memory, daily communication, emotions, the past – unconscious intellect.

Surya, The Sun

Also known as Ravi and Savitar, the Sun is consciousness. It signifies the Father. It is self, ego, soul, jiva-atman. It is good health, power and ambition, self-reliance, independence, and status in the world. The Sun represents purusha: the male polarity of the life force. In Vedic astrology, the first House is actually a stronger indicator of the Ahankara (egoic self), than is the Sun.

Budha, Mercury

Mercury is speech, discriminating conscious intellect, education, teachers, writing, ideas, trade: buying and selling, short journeys, nervous system and nervous disorders. Mercury signifies quick comprehension, facility and plasticity of expression, correlation and interchange of ideas. His energy is mental, nervous and articulate. He also indicates the state of childhood, troubles in home life or difficulties at school. He represents commerce and the articles of trade: he thus opens communication between people, though if afflicted he will exploit people, and he can indicate our trade or profession. He likes standards and prices and scales of measurement and organization.

Strong Mercury is The Trickster. Weak Mercury rationalizes, lies and is fickle, and may be a thief and has a childish view of the world – he can produce hallucinations and a neurotic schizoid vie of life. Mercury’s character is chameleon-like and androgynous. It takes on the energy of the planets around it.

Sukra, Venus

Venus is sexuality, sensual enjoyment, desire and love. He is semen, art, beauty, taste, refinement, love and marriage, poetry and sense of harmony. Venus represents ‘small fortunes’, harmony, creativity, artists, glamour, the ovaries – and our capacity to love. Venus is beautiful, magnetic and attractive. Venus is the guide of demons and spiritual teacher. He is male, but his energy is feminine. He rules the reproductive system, love affairs, the spouse and marriage – and if afflicted by malefics can cause sexual disorders or diseases. Sukra enhances the House he is placed within. He is the spark of our aspiration for the good and Venus’ beauty can be a gateway to the divine realms; Ananda is the divine bliss of creation. Afflicted, he can be vain, superficial and affected, wanting the joy of possession and the adulation of others; can be seductive and even vampiric.

Mangala, Mars

Mangala is the will of the self, also the mental faculty which decides which action or thought to go for. Also known as Kartika (or Kartikeya) and Kuja or Skanda, Mars is a most strong malefic. He can be as strong as Saturn, but his effects are acute, whereas Saturn’s are long-lasting.

Mars is the flame contained in matter. He signifies independence, self-will and confidence, the needed strength to have interests and do things. Mars is boundless courage, energy, sexual potency, passion, and arrogant action, arms, muscles and physical prowess, competitiveness, accidents, war, disease, impulsive action, exploration, inquiry, sport, war, arguments, injuries, ambition, sex and blood. Mars is goal-orientated action. His nature is electrical, violent, insatiable and thirsty: the urge to penetrate and unite with – and by the transmutation of this, he is the energy for questing spiritual realization and the achievement of truth, giving self-discipline and asceticism. The position of Mars can indicate premature death in a chart, the loss of the husband, impotence in a man.

Brihaspati, Jupiter

Indicator of the expansive quality of consciousness, Jupiter is the Great Benefic, also called ‘Guru’. Jupiter is guru, divine grace, philosophic knowledge, happiness and joy, children, spirituality, luck, fortune, affluence and creativity, faith in life, long-distance travel, optimism, and speculation. Jupiter shows us the way to health and is the strong immune system.

Negatively placed in the chart, Brihaspati can be too materialistic, over-optimistic, over-expansive, exceeding resources, and too full of himself and self-indulgent. Jupiter represents ‘large fortunes’. He can indicate musical talent.

Sani, Saturn

Indicator of boundaries and of the illusion of boundaries between your self and God, Saturn is the Great Malefic.

Saturn victimizes the house it is placed in and the planets it aspects. Its power is to restrict and destroy.

If Saturn is well-paced, out of this can come wisdom, humility, dedication and leadership abilities. A powerful well-placed Saturn indicates long life.  Saturn signifies sorrow and discipline, poverty, old age and death, bad luck, misfortune, difficult karma and unfortunate destiny, bondage and servitude, obstinacy and selfishness; fear, insensitivity; also hard lessons, premature aging, depression, melancholy and self-pity, deprivation and want restriction, accidents,; even more negatively: the pursuit of gross pleasure, a life prey to miserliness or phobias, the feeling that we can never succeed, crime and perversity.

Positively, Saturn can bring wisdom from experience, detachment and renunciation, sincerity, non-attachment, manual work, real estate, agriculture, subordinates; Saturn is the guiding ancestor and the law-giver.

Saturn’s malefic effects are long-lasting, as opposed to those of Mars which are acute. Saturn is ‘reaping’; he was an agricultural deity.


Rahu is the North Node of the Moon. Astronomically, the Nodes are the intersection points in space of the apparent orbits of the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. They are the eclipse points. They are so powerful they can devour the Sun or the Moon at an eclipse.

Rahu is a powerful malefic. He can be the most powerful malefic in the chart. The Vedic astrology of the Nodes of the Moon is of vast value in understanding our life. It is far more developed and valuable than is the western understanding of the importance and meaning of the Nodes of the Moon.

Rahu is about material realms and about attachment, as well as about astral realms around us. It brings upheavals into life. It’s a mischievous (sometimes catastrophic) element in life, but serves its purpose in making person think more deeply about what the goal is—enlightenment—-and what it is important to remain attached to………


Ketu is the South node of the Moon – the descending Node: the indicator of final release and the enlightener of the intellect.

Ketu is a powerful malefic. The forces of the Nodes are difficult to handle. Ketu is about separation and detachment, and emotionally you have to also experience ups and downs as you try to detach from what Rahu has made you glue yourself to… Ketu is also Martian in quality and hugely spiritual……especially as you separate from what you should not remain attached to.

Ketu is inward energy: spiritual desire, asceticism, moksha, isolation and doubt, asceticism and even renunciation – but his great concentration can lead to spiritual knowledge (though his wisdom can be marred by narrowness or self-righteousness). He can teach us through illusion in spirituality and chaos, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth – the shadow manifestations of which can be self-aggrandizement and megalomania.

Uranus represents the principle of revolutionary change. Spasmodic. Sudden.

Neptune represents spiritual vision or deceit, illusion, sensitivity.

Pluto is power, drastic seismic change, death and rebirth, deep perception, buried treasures and the mass of the people.

Chiron is our Existential Wound. Chiron signifies an area of woundedness and healing. It is the Wounded Healer paradigm: as we heal our existential wound we can become the healer of others.

Lilith is what was pushed down into our unconscious and our shadow. We need to retrieve that in a Healed way if we are to become the fullness of who we incarnated to be. Lilith especially includes our ‘Wild Side’. So often this was disallowed and pushed into our unconscious. We need to ethically raise our Wild Side and reintegrate Liit, if we are to become the needed fullness of who we are, and thus express ourself authentically.

See my Meet the Planets Videos and Blogs:go to for the links.


How close are you to the trajectory of the Moon’s shadow where it traverses the Earth?

An important point to note is that if you are on the path over the earth’s surface which is the shadow of the Moon from the trajectory fo the Eclipse, you will feel the impact of the Eclipse stronger, the closer you are to that shadow of the trajectory.

The October 14 eclipse will be visible in a path that starts over the North Pacific Ocean and then travels in a Southeast direction over parts of Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico.

8. Healing Work with This Eclipse:

It is so important in our life path and healing and in our coming into our proper power that we do Vision Work and Healing Work around the time of an Eclipse (and this goes for all Full Moons and New Moons, too).

Step 1:

Get a really good description of the actual astrology of the Eclipse.

Check how the chart of the Eclipse relates to your chart.

Be aware of your current transits, progressions and Dashas (Vedic Predictive periods).

Step 2:
Put aside time to become more fully aware of what your issues are at this time.

What do you feel needs to be healed now?

Step 3:

Do a piece of vision work to ‘see’ more clearly and fully:
The nature of those issues.

How you behave because fo them.

How you feel about them.

How do they fit in with the highest fullness of you (your incarnational life path, your Destiny, the unfoldment.

What are your key life issues now.

Step 4:

Envisioning work:

Go deeper into the issue(s) and decide what is the best method(s) of dealing with and Healing your Key Issues.

Seek to envision how the Healed You will be and look and behave and talk.

See: What changes of Life Path might be needed?

These going deeper methods might include some of the following:
Drawing – or seeing in your vision – a picture of the issue.

Drawing – or seeing in your vision – a picture of the You created by and Affected by the issue.

Decide which Visionary, spiritual and magical methods of healing you should use.

These can include one or more of the following approaches, and of course other approaches that you feel really suit you:

Step 5 Healing Approaches:

Doing vision work

Shamanic drumming

Envisioning the Divine Nature and working with the energy of the Key Planet.

Drawing and working with Tarot Cards


Dream Work

Creating a Binding Spell


Use of Runes

Work with a God or Goddess from tradition(s) that you know of for example:


Norse paganism

Greek paganism

Irish paganism


– And more

Step 6:

Repeat you’re your selected Healing Approaches ideally daily, for at lease the period up to the next Lunation:

Step 7:

Get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading, and for a small extra charge, I can do your healing and empowerment work with you – a very special offer!

I hope this Blog post has given you valuable information and has inspired you to work with the energies to heal and empower yourself,

All Blessings


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