Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 The biggest eclipse

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 The biggest eclipse cycle of the 21st Century begins

This Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 is at 26 Vedic Gemini using the Sidereal Vedic Zodiac. It’s in Punarvasu Nakshatra (ruled by Jupiter).
In western astrology, it is at 20 deg Cancer using the Tropical zodiac.
Exceptionally this year, this is a three eclipse cycle, the second Eclipse being 27th July, and the third being 11th August.
And note that the second eclipse on 27th July is the longest eclipse of the 21st Century, and together the three of them will keep Eclipse energies running in our minds and in our lives for a record length of time. It’s a longer window of eclipse energy than usual! How do eclipses affect the planets in your chart ?

Here are the Charts:

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 vedic chart

Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 vedic chart 2





This Eclipse is Opposition Pluto – Really Big Note: Note that that the Sun/Moon of this eclipse are exactly opposition Pluto. So, check if this Eclipse and ‘death and rebirth’ intense power of planet Pluto affect your natal chart or natal planets or a sensitive house. If so, there will be big effects. With Pluto in such exact opposition to this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018, we are offered profound transformation: challenging or harmonious; if the Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 chart strongly interacts with our own individual birth chart.

And here is my video:

Mercury Issues: Because this eclipse is in Vedic Gemini, communication skills and information issues in your life could experience breakthrough, and you could cooperate with that trend if you feel it coming your way. Gemini, and also Punarvasu Nakshatra (Vedic Lunar Sign) where this Eclipse occurs, need to be understood. There is a danger of asking questions rather than wanting answers. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is fickle and androgynous and changeable. There’s versatile adaptable glissando. Mercury’s over-questioning can trash needed action and direction. Mercury is illogic as well as logic. Our personal standing and power an energy can be squandered if we use its energy for Mercury-style ‘politically correct’ futile FaceBook posts on social and political issues that are really unacknowledged working out of our personal issues, that more properly should be a focus for real healing and empowerment work, or for focus on shocking scandals or conspiracy theories that don’t really lie at the heart of our life issues! This is damaging to you because, magically, its drain to parade and posture and identify with factions, rather than empower. Mercury can really harm our Mars for example.

In fact, crucially, we have to learn to draw on the two hemispheres of our brain.

I’ll include a couple of personal notes, so you can see how to build analysis of how an eclipse effects your chart and your life: the Ascendant of this eclipse conjuncts my natal Uranus, and this will enhance the inspirational revolutionary current that has been running in my life and work.
And, secondly on a personal note, Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis, and I feel a destined revolution running in my work and life, my astrology readings, the expansion of my various courses. Uranus‘ higher meaning is inspirational revolution.

So, note that with Eclipses, and this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018, there will be positive results if we are on-course for our true life path, or the eclipse consequences will be negative if our life is off-course for its spiritual meaning. Eclipses deeply polarize and internalise our life issues, and we must face our personal and collective shadows around these issues. If you cling to your false securities and stuck patterns, or resist the call of your evolution now, then these eclipses will leave you at best a robot pursuing a mechanical rump of a non-real life, or your life circumstances will quite possibly disintegrate because you are not living in accord with your truth.

So, July 2018 is definitely a month to stand firm in the midst of what might feel like quite a storm, not give way to fear, not go limp, but be truly open to change. Cope with self-doubt and with felt loss of direction. Please see my separate Blog and Video of my Astrology and Healing Magazine for July 2018, and the separate Blogs and videos for the two other Eclipses of this present eclipse cycle: The Solar Eclipse of July 13th and the Solar Eclipse of August 11th. An Eclipse may propel you to a needed new direction.

Please do remember, that Astrology is here to give us good quality perception of the energies and possibilities coming our way. It must never be formula or slack ‘impulse of the moment’ channelling. For our own good, our guiding astrological declaration needs to be intelligent, inspired and developmental. We are not here to experience these powerful July 2018 astrology energies passively or fatedly. Guided by good astrological declaration, we are here to ask these sort of questions:
How can I heal?
How can I empower myself?
How can I use these events to burn negative karmas?
How can I use these energies, including the terrible ones, to powerfully and beautifully manifest that very special spark of incarnational destiny that drove my soul to incarnate to achieve here in this particular lifetime?

Note that this report, like all my astrology readings and courses combines psychodynamic Western astrology (using the Tropical Zodiac) with the Vedic Astrology which is essentially based on our incarnational Life Purpose, and will only give accurate results if you use the Sidereal Zodiac (with Lahiri Ayanamsha for the degrees of difference from western Tropical zodiac). I combine the nine planets of ancient Vedic Astrology with the newer discoveries whose energies have entered western consciousness over the last two and a half centuries: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, plus, most necessarily: the Wounded Healer: Chiron.

This is a Solar Eclipse. Note that Solar Eclipses and this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018 tend to be more ‘factual’ and bring bright new beginnings, whereas Lunar Eclipses tend to be more emotional and bring about the death of something with the possibility for rebirth.

N.B. You really do need to check how the chart for this eclipse interacts with your natal chart. This way, you can understand and prepare for these Eclipse energies that will be entering your consciousness and entering your life. We have to try to deal with Eclipses negative consciousness and life effects, and we have to work out their positive divine meaning and embrace that.

Please note that the Dates and Times for this report are set to Ireland. Check with  for your local variations.

How to interpret this Eclipse:

Eclipses undam dammed up energy. They are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis. They can bring this sort of energy to the area of life covered by the house(s) they fall in in your birth chart. And note that it’s even stronger in your mind and your consciousness and the areas of your life if a planet in your birth chart is directly affected by an eclipse, especially a conjunction, opposition or square aspect. It is very important to check out beforehand where any eclipse falls in relation to your own birth chart.

In the write-up of these three eclipses of the powerful July / August 2018 Eclipse cycle, I am jotting down the eclipse effects in relation to my own birth chart, so that you can see the sort of analysis you need to study and develop awareness and understand how these eclipses will affect you and your life. The Ascendant of this eclipse actually conjuncts my natal Uranus, and this will enhance the inspirational revolutionary current that has been running in my life and work. And by fascinating ‘coincidence’, Uranus of this eclipse is conjunct my nodal axis. So, it’s ‘double whammy’, and I do feel a destined revolution running in my work and life, my astrology readings, the expansion of my various courses.

How to analyse an Eclipse’s effect in your life: 

To analyse an Eclipse’s effect on you and your life, first check out your feeling about it, what are your intuitions? You could draw a Tarot Card. Then build on that, to note especially where the Moon of the eclipse falls in your birth chart. After that, note also the Nodal Axis of the eclipse chart, the eclipse Ascendant, and then key planets of the eclipse. And for the full analysis, you can get an astrology reading from me if you want very dedicated and caring expert definition and advice:

We feel eclipse energies as they are building. We feel them at the time of the Eclipse. And they last for longer. The effects of lunar eclipse are pretty immediate. The effects of solar eclipse, and this Solar Eclipse 13th July 2018, take longer. Note that eclipse’s effects are even stronger when another planet later on transits across the degree area of the earlier eclipse. Eclipses can leave a patch of stagnant energy in the heavens. This will be triggered if another planet subsequently transits through this patch.

Maybe the Eclipse will smash structures in your life that have outlived their usefulness for your destiny. Or maybe the Eclipse will smash situations that are wrong for you true life path – painful though this may be both to experience and to understand. And note that maybe these eclipses will offer you opportunities for shared purpose with your loved ones to find their higher spiritual purpose.

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