Six Retrograde Planets in August 2021

Five planets are retrograde all month now: Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron, with Uranus turning Retrograde on 21st August, making it six.

In general, when a planet is Retrograde, the life area it expresses gets held back, and our consciousness turns inward for review and consolidation. This is a time to pull back.

It is a time to have clarity of mind.

It is a time to have clarity of perception as to the nature of the message the Retrograde planet is delivering to you and insisting upon.

It is not a good time to start new projects, though these may arise out of the reflection and consolidation that happened during the Retrograde period.

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Jupiter entered Aquarius on 6th April 2021.
Jupiter turned Retrograde on 20th June at 8 deg Aquarius.
Jupiter ends his Retrograde and turns direct on 18th October at 28 deg Capricorn.
Jupiter re-enters Aquarius on 20th November.
Jupiter ends 2021 at 6 deg Aquarius.
See: Jupiter Transit troubles from 2019 to 2021 but Spiritual Opportunities

Guidance: Make a very special attempt to keep Blessing and Sense of Purpose alive in your life at this time of Jupiter Retrograde in a Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius.

On 22nd May Saturn turned Retrograde at 19 Capricorn, turning direct on 11th October at 12 Capricorn.
Saturn ends 2021 at 17 deg Capricorn.

Cut down excess
Develop the right focus and strategy
Do the hard work
Deal with lack of confidence or depression

Uranus started 2020 at 8 Aries and started 2021 at 12 Aries (Ashwini).
Uranus goes Retrograde on 19th August at 20 deg Aries, to end 2021 still Retrograde at 16 Aries.

establish the nature of your needed Revolution and Revolutionary change, now.

Neptune started 2020 at 22 Aquarius (PurvaBhadra) and started 2021 at 24 Aquarius (PurvaBhadra)
Neptune turned Retrograde on 25th June at 29 Aquarius.
Neptune turns direct on 1st December, to end 2021 at 26 Aquarius.

Do work to establish your connection to your vision and intuition now.

Pluto started 2020 at 28 Sagittarius (UttaraAshadha) and starts 2021 at 0 deg 04 mins Capricorn (UttaraAshadha)
Pluto turned Retrograde on 27th April at 2 deg Capricorn.
Pluto turns direct at 0 deg 9 Capricorn on 6th October, to end 2021 at 1 deg 44 mins Capricorn.
Pluto is at 6 deg Capricorn I the birth chart for the USA. Transiting Pluto reaches this degree for the first time in May 2023. This is the Pluto Return of the USA.

consolidate your sense of your proper self power now, as a foundation for coming out with it more in the world from October onwards.
Do a journey into the Abyss to free yourself of your weights, guilts and secrets, and to discover your buried power.

Chiron starts 2020 at 8 Pisces and starts 2021 at 11 Pisces.
Chiron turns Retrograde on 15th July at 19 deg Vedic Pisces.
Chiron turns direct at 14 Vedic Pisces on 20th December, to end 2021 at 14 Pisces.

Develop healing focus and understanding of your existential wound as expressed by the position of Chiron in your birth chart. Get an astrology reading from me to assist this process.
Do healing work to heal and emerge strong from your wounds at this time. This involves acceptance and love, as well as change.
Vision work can accomplish the healing of damaged and damaging parts of our self.

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