Six Planets in Vedic Capricorn February 2021 Must be Understood

There’s not only Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn in February 2021. See my separate post about that mega-power.

In fact, this month there’s actually a totally exceptional record number of planets in Capricorn alongside the great three: also Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon, as well there too, making a total of six planets – seven when the Moon is in Capricorn, as it is at the time of the February New Moon. See my 2021 2021 February website page for the February charts.

Please do note that the manifestation of several of these planets is distorted by the energy of Capricorn the sign they are transiting.

But also there’s distortion of their energy because they pit themselves against each other as well.

This gives us a great challenge at this time to perceive the Divine nature of each planet amid the twisted manifestation nature of each planet thta we will be receiving in February.

I do feel at this time that it is essential for us to achieve the key task in our life, namely of keeping connected to the Divine Nature of each planet as well, and manifesting the Divine Nature of each planet in our lives, now, and learning ways to do that.

Always, we must check out what House in our Vedic birth chart is Capricorn. See my handy guide to House meanings, a link to which is on my website page for every month.

Let’s look at these planets and let’s seek to understand how their energy will be distorted or filtered from the Divine Planet as the energy of each of these planets enters our life now in February 2021. And do see my handy Planet Energy Interpretation guide, a link to which is on every 2021 monthly website page.

Sun entered Capricorn on 14th January. He starts February at 18 deg Capricorn, and he enters Aquarius on 14th February. When Sun is in Capricorn, his standing is harmed by Saturn, the Ruler of the sign Capricorn.
Not only does Saturn harm the manifestation of the Sun, the Sun also harms the manifestation of the other planets that he transits across in this exceptional mega-pileup.
When a planet is too close to the Sun, its energy manifestation gets combusted, that is ruined, weakened and obscured by the malefic hot fiery nature of the Sun.
Though, as a special additional feature, if a planet is very close to the Sun it can actually do well because it’s in the state known as Cazimi, when the planet is exact within 40 minutes of the Sun.


After just managing to transit into Aquarius, Mercury is transiting Capricorn from 5th February onwards, retrograding until 21st February at 16 deg Capricorn.
So note that this means we have Mercury Retrograde this month:
Mercury turns Retrograde on 31st January at 2 deg Aquarius.
He retrogrades back into Capricorn on 5th February
He comes to his standstill and turns Direct on 21st February at 16 Capricorn
He re-enters Aquarius on 11th March.
Expect all the usual Mercury Retrograde problems.
Of course, people vary how prone they are to Mercury Retrograde problems.
With natal Mercury Retrograde and conjunct Ketu and acting as Lord of the 12th, please don’t upset me by asking how I find Mercury Retrograde!

Note that in 2021 Mercury’s retrograde cycles are:
January 31st to February 21st (Shadow period from January 15th to March 13th).
May 29th to June 22nd (Shadow period from May 14th to July 7th).
September 27th to October 23rd (Shadow period from September 6th to November 2nd).


Venus transits Capricorn until 21st February.
Venus will be conjunct too many planets for its well-being: see below.
Also Venus can do very well in Capricorn which is ruled by Venus’ friend, Saturn, but Saturn can also harm Venus (and vice versa).
It is important to relize that this transit of Venus through Capricorn will not be so easy for the manifestation and expression of love and beauty.
February 11th is the most difficult, when Venus will be simultaneously in planetary war with both Jupiter and Mercury together!
Obviously these Venus transits are very brief, but it’s worth noting their nature and exact date:
Venus is conjunct Pluto on January 28th. This can create power struggles and anger for Libra and Taurus people, especially.
Venus is conjunct Saturn on Feb. 6th:  This can create restriction in expressing love and sexuality, especially for libra or Taurus people. The energy seeks commitment, but can bring a low self-value which creates terrible relationship problems.
Venus is conjunct Jupiter on Feb. 11th. This is a feel-good warm expansive energy, but can be over-indulgent.
Venus is conjunct Mercury on Feb. 13th and this brief transit can be very good for writing or singing etc.
Venus receives a 5th House aspect from Rahu in Taurus centered on February 15th, which is a desirous sexual energy, and a strong activator for Venus.
Venus enters Aquarius on 21st February 2021.
On this date, Sun is at 8 Aquarius, so Venus is Combust.
Neptune is at 25 Aquarius.
See the chart on my February 2021 website page.


Jupiter is weak in his debilitation sign, Capricorn, from November 20 to April 5th 2021.
Jupiter transits from 16 to 22 deg Capricorn in February.
Jupiter is combust from January 14 to February 12th. False unreal optimism can result. This will affect Sagittarius and Pisces, and also Punarvasu Nakshatra, Vishakha and PurvaBhadra Nakshatras, which are ruled by Jupiter. See my Nakshatras prompt guide; there’s a link to it on every monthly website page.
Remember that Jupiter has poor dignity all this year. We need to make our own individual efforts to boost our connection to Jupiter and receive greater blessing and enlargement and sense of purpose.
Remember that Recession will start from the New year. Although the stock markets will be inflated at first, the underlying true current of Recession will manifest from Septemebr 14th.


Saturn transits from 11 to 14 deg Capricorn in February.
Saturn’s Combustion is from January 7th to February 9th.
N.B. Feeling depressed can definitely be a manifestation of Saturn’s Combustion – note these dates. Take steps to combat the effect.
And remember that Saturn is square Mars and this is a definite signature for growling anger and frustration.


Pluto transits at 1 deg Capricorn all February.
Pluto remains in Capricorn until 16th January 2040.
Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn until May 2022, and all the while Saturn transits the next sign, Aquarius, Pluto will be under Saturn’s influence because Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius.

The last time there was this configuration of a record number ( then, eight planets) in Capricorn, was around 5th February 1962. This was when JFK initiated the Cuba embargo which eventually culminated in the Cuba Missile Crisis of October 16th to 28th 1962.

And an especial note concerning Cancer sign people. With the opposing energies of Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto all in Capricorn, Cancer people will risk becoming lost in the turbulent emotions, and will probably have to try to take special steps to manage a difficult emotional time.

New Moon

The February New Moon occurs on 11th February at 29 Degrees Capricorn in Dhanistha Nakshatra.
Moon is conjunct Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto!
See the chart on my February 2021 website page.

Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs on February 27th at 14 degrees Leo in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
See the chart on my February 2021 website page.

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