Signs Interpretation

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the nature of each sign in the Vedic  birth chart.

I offer this so that you can understand the effect of Sign on a planet placed there, or on a planet transiting there:

Aries (Male, ruled by Mars – HEAD – Moveable Fire)

Key: Developing inner courage and strength, not just bold and brash actions. Use their sharp minds to pursue spiritual truth.

Taurus (Female, ruled by Venus – FACE/NECK – Fixed Earth)
Key: Transform the desire and attachment to comfort and pleasure into a desire for higher wisdom and devotion.

Gemini (Male ruled by Mercury – LOWER NECK/SHOULDERS/ HANDS – Dual Air)
Key: When they seek inner knowledge, not outward sensation, they can be very spiritual.

Cancer (Female ruled by Moon – CHEST – Moveable Water)
Key: Channel the Moon’s intuitive power to cultivate surrender rather than lead to deeper attachment.

Leo – (Male Ruled by Sun – SOLAR PLEXUS – Fixed Fire)
Key: To allow the soul’s warming light to shine, illuminating and uplifting others, rather than overpowering and thus, burning them.

Virgo – (Female Ruled by Mercury – BOWELS – Dual Earth)
Key: To realize that developing tolerance for their imperfections and the imperfections of others is true purification.

Libra – (Male Ruled by Venus – LOWER ABDOMEN – Moveable Air)
Key: To realize the love of beauty includes the love of truth. This will lead to their transcendence.

Scorpio – (Female Ruled by Mars – Genitals – Fixed Water)
Key: If they learn to control their obsessions, profound spiritual insights rarely attained by others are possible.

Sagittarius – (Male Ruled by Jupiter – Hips – Dual Fire)
Key: Must learn to use their magnanimous spirit to uplift the soul, not just have a good time or seek popularity.

Capricorn – (Female Ruled by Saturn – Knees – Moveable Earth)
Key: Need to learn more self surrender, to take themselves, the world and their place in the world less seriously.

Aquarius – (Male ruled by Saturn – Lower Legs – Fixed Air)
Key: To see their self – negation and humility as an empowering key to higher awareness, not as a sentence to a life of servitude.


Pisces – (Female Ruled by Jupiter – Feet – Dual Water)
Key: Can experience the joy of the soul if they can control their imaginations and develop discrimination.