Shared Purpose: Receive a Relationship Astrology Reading from Michael Conneely: Western and Vedic Relationship Astrology Combined

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Michael Conneely

My Relationship Astrology can give such good guidance.

I am making a small series of posts to show what you are offered.

This first post in the series shows how Vedic Astrology can pick up whether or not there is ‘shared purpose’ between the couple. A most important question!

You can order reports and the reading of your chosen length from my starwheel astrology website:

This is truly expert relationship astrology combining both my western psychodynamic astrology skills and my highly-trained Vedic relationship astrology.

Such a reading can clearly highlight issues in your relationship that could endanger it.

These can be shared with your partner and worked with, increasing greatly the chances that your relationship can become so much happier and richer.

Here is the Vedic Relationship Astrology Chart for a particular couple:

Relationship Astrology Chart
Vedic Relationship Astrology Chart


And here is the Results Table that goes with the Vedic Relationship Astrology chart:

Vedic Relationship Astrology Table
Vedic Relationship Astrology Table

You can clearly see that this couple will naturally have No Shared Purpose.  See the fourth result from the bottom of the Table:

When this result is obtained, the couple will be wise to make sure that their reasons for being together are solid reasons. If their reasons for being together are superficial, then they may well find themselves one day wondering why they are together.

Working with me, the couple defined the goals they had been running their lives by (whether acknowledged or unacknowledged). The big discrepancies were identified, and the couple adjusted to a new life pattern which gave much contentment and harmony.

So, get in touch with me for a relationships reading. I prepare full charts/reports in both western and Vedic Astrology. I offer sound guidance and caring assessments.

My readings are worldwide and are recorded for your benefit. You can get in touch with me solo or as a couple.

You have every opportunity for emailed discussion/questions afterwards, and if necessary further sessions.