Learn Soul Retrieval : Shamanic Healer Worldwide Course

Learn Soul Retrieval : Shamanic Healer Worldwide Course

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Soul Retrieval is the 3rd Module of my Level 1 Course.
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shaman-journeySoul Retrieval is where we do the crucial work of contacting some part of ourself that got split off earlier in our life.

This can be because we experienced something happening to us which was shameful or deeply wounding or quite simply because the shining part of ourself was not allowed by our family. We journey to meet the split off part. We befriend the split off part and we re-integrate the split off part into the fullness of our self.

If you have a split off part of yourself and do nothing about it, you cannot be the true you, you will be living an act or a lie, you won’t be able to seize your rightful power. Worse than this, the suffering split off part which is invisible to us, which we pretend is not there, will be directing what happens in our life in an angry or vengeful or destructive or weakening way. It cries out to be heard and be seen, but it needs our help if it is ever to succeed in doing this in a dignified, noble or wholesome way!

I always find soul retrieval sessions so healing and empowering. You are sent two audios: a presentation telling you what Soul Retrieval is about, and then a journey audio so that you can do the beautiful and healing work of your own soul retrieval.

Importantly: In this course you can cross-link into Inner Child and Family Constellation work.

This work can be taken further in my Level 2 Course which includes Soul Retrieval working with Fort Holders, and also included practitioner work where you heal someone else in consultation and support with myself.

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The other course modules include (in two levels):

Learning within the Course is both by Healing yourself and also by healing another person in consultation with myself. I teach with reference to your natal and predictive astrology in both western astrology and Vedic astrology.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,

Michael Conneely