Shamanic Healer Sessions – discount sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

Learn to be a Shamanic Healer

Receive a shamanic healing

You can receive one of my Shamanic Healing Sessions either Face to Face at our Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the West of Ireland, OR by having a contact session with me worldwide by Zoom or Skype.

There are sessions worldwide and sessions for our Guests are at special Discount Rate:

Enter the powerful world of depth healing, visions, shamanic journeying and power animals. Shed unhelpful old scripts. Embrace the true self you were born to be. I am your guide to your hero’s journey. And empower yourself to help and heal others.

Contact your greater self, your vision and your connection to the Earth. Learn shamanic healing. Read my expert chapters on the strengths and issues of working as a Shamanic Healer in my book: The Backpacker’s Guide to the New Spirituality 2014. 

You can have a session at our Foxford Healing Centre with its linked airbnb using any of the modules of my Shamanic Healer Course:

Shamanic Journeying
Power Animal Retrieval
Soul Retrieval
Inner child work and Family Constellation work
Spiritual Intrusions Healing
Heart-centred deposition where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked
Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders.
Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

Come to our Healing Centre and linked airbnb in Foxford Co Mayo for a relaxing holiday amid the utterly beautiful beaches, mountains and forests of Mayo in the West of Ireland and treat yourself to discount Healing Sessions and readings  – all at discount prices specially offered for our airbnb guests.

The towns around are homely, and the music and culture is special beyond imagining.

Your Hosts are Maggie Pashley who has worked for over twenty years as a gifted intuitive healer skilled in many healings methods, and also Michael Conneely who has worked for over twenty years too, as a worldwide astrologer, Druid path teacher and shamanic healer. You are guaranteed a kind and warm welcome.
There’s so much to do. Mayo is the adventure capital of Ireland.

Book your Guest Session at our Foxford AirBnB website Retreats Page:

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