Shamanic Healer Retreat West Ireland

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Shamanic Healer Retreat in our Healing Centre and airbnb
in County Mayo in the far West of Ireland.

You can study these shamanic healer methods as worldwide online course, or you can come to our holiday retreat centre facing the western sea of Ireland surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, beaches, lakes, woods and the oldest sacred sites of the ancient Irish.

You book your stay through our airbnb website for County Mayo. You spend your days in beautiful County Mayo landscape, towns and sacred sites, sampling the local music art and culture – and you book a number of shamanic Healer sessions that you can have as a part of your day.

We can accommodate the single spiritual seeker or a group of up to eight persons.
Our two two-bed air bnb units can accommodate up to four persons, and we can link you to overflow accommodation in the village for groups of over four persons, who may be interested in having some fabulous retreat sessions with us during your Holiday in Foxford

Please View this Shamanic Healer Retreat Video we have created:-

You can choose from such shamanic healing modalities as Shamanic Journeying, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, including inner child and Family Constellation work, Spiritual Intrusions Healing, Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked, Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders and Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.
Please note that these are not Shamanic Healings, rather than shamanic Healer Trainings. Shamanic Healings should be arranged separately.
Get in touch to arrange your stay.
If you are interested in obtaining such healings via remote sessions and through Skype or Zoom then they are also available, please visit our Earth Spirituality Shop here.
You book the accommodation through the airbnb website. And you use the buttons for the Retreat sessions, in this case Shamanic Healer sessions.
The charges for the Healer Retreat sessions, which are only available if you are staying with us in Foxford, are (GB£): One person £45, Two people £25 each, Three people or more £20 each. And you can contact us to book Sacred tours of Ireland

We look forward to working with you.
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