Shamanic Healer Course

This is an invitation to enroll on one of my wonderful and very well established worldwide Courses that train you to become a powerful Shamanic Healer.

I work with my partner, Healer Maggie Pashley. We are based in our Healing Centre in Foxford in Co Mayo in the far West of Ireland and both do Healings and Courses worldwide.

My Certificated Distance Learning Courses in Shamanic Healing are in TWO levels as follows:

Level 1: My Certificated Level 1 Shamanic Healing Course

The four modules of my Level 1 Course are:

Shamanic Journeying
Power Animal Retrieval
Soul Retrieval (Inner child work and Family Constellation work can be included here if appropriate)
Spiritual Intrusions Healing.

For each Module, you receive an audio recording download with information and a guided meditation for your personal healing and development. You complete at least two pieces of work for each module. A reading list is provided and there is all necessary opportunity for question and discussion with myself. After working with the audio recording for each module, you then correspond with myself, discussing how you got on, and also how your spiritual life path is unfolding. I then reply to you. This correspondence is completely personal and individual to you.

The Certificated Level 1 course is not a practitioner certification. Healing in this module is healing of yourself. But successful completion of the Level 1 Course can be followed by my Level 2 Practitioner courses which involves applying healing and developmental techniques to another person. (In each case with appropriate correspondence with myself in respect of each module).

​Level 2: My Certificated Intermediate Level Course

In this course, you learn the following additional three shamanic techniques and you complete one piece of supported work with a client:

Heart-centred deposition, where our lives are overshadowed or energetically blocked.
Soul renewal by working with Fort Holders.
Life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling, whether from this life or ancestral.

You complete at least two journeys for each method yourself, but this Level 2 course now introduces Practitioner work. You choose from the seven shamanic healer modalities you have studied so far, to do two pieces of healing work with one client (with correspondence and support from myself).

There’s every needed support and discussion. The course is Certificated.

​During the course, you can include healing/empowering art work, embodiment work, energy work and link to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Here’s a testimonial to Maggie’s journeying within the shamanic healer courses:

‘I would also like to thank Maggie for her guidance. She makes one feel very comfortable whilst journeying, she’s defiantly a natural guide.’ Dr AJ

We also offer beautiful, healing and empowering Shamanic Healer Retreats in our Healing Centre and linked airbnb in Foxford in County Mayo: breathtaking beauty and ancient Sacred Sites in the utterly lovely West of Ireland. 

Your Teacher:

My name is Michael Conneely. I am a dedicated, caring and supportive teacher. I am the author of six visionary books, and I have an Oxford University MA and five university degrees in total. From 1998, I completed a five-year ethnographic Field Study: a university-based social-anthropological study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, the method of which was to live in the institutions under study in the areas of Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and Utopian Community – mainly based at Glastonbury. I have taught shamanic healing for nineteen years, having initially trained with John and Caitlin Matthews. I can recommend this worldwide distance learning introductory course in shamanic healing as a beautiful, very well-planned and wonderfully healing experience.

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