Shamanic Healer Course : Learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Shamanic Healer Course : Learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings

Would you like to learn how to give Spiritual Intrusion Healings – on yourself and for others

If you would then please enrol on my worldwide Shamanic Healer course.

Has someone ‘put a hook in you?’ Do you need Spiritual Intrusion Healing? Do you wish to learn to heal others whose life is blighted in this way?

Learn how to heal Spiritual Intrusions – as well as a number of other shamanic healer modalities.

Spiritual Intrusions Healing mends a situation where someone has put an energetic hook into another.

It empowers the targeted person to deal with a situation where someone has put a syphon tube into their energy field sucking away their true energy.

It heals an individual who has been corded: where another person has roped them into their power, just as a puppeteer pulls the strings of a puppet.

Some people live for decades as the puppet of one of their parents, or as the diminished slave of another person. But you can learn to heal them!

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To give an idea of the healings we develop, here are extracts of accounts of parts of six different shamanic spiritual intrusion healings – all given by my very able and very differently-skilled worldwide students:

  1. good fortune 3‘I took the client through his account of his problem: this was endlessly dwelling on the unfair diminishment inflicted on him by his mother. I energetically scanned his body and found the hook. I cut the tie and removed the hook. I encouraged him to talk to the 9yr old and 14yr old versions of himself who then popped up wanting to be heard. He ended by raising both arms and cheering at his victory, like a cheer-leader. I reminded him that whenever his mind started obsessing again he could envision certain wonderful empowering pictures we identified together.’
  2. ‘I encouraged the client to see The Morrigan, the battle goddess of the ancient Irish kneeling beside him as he lay on the couch for his healing journey. We built up connection to The Morrigan so that the client could see and receive Her energy, her viewpoint – and so that he could call Her in on future occasions when his mind started running over the damage done to him.’
  3. ‘One client was shown a thick spiked cord implanted in her by her father. I cut the cord. Mentally she ‘showered herself’ of the film of contamination that she realised was on her. I took her back to a happy scene of herself as a little girl with her dog.’
  4. ‘Another client was energetically perceived to have her head enclosed in a black hood from her former husband: a black hood reaching down to her neck – like a bird of prey that can’t see. A cord of saboteur energy from him to her was identified. The cord was cut the hood removed. She experienced liberty as I took it off.’
  5. ‘At the beginning I diagnosed where there were blocks in the client’s body. The power animal the spirit animal elk came to assist me in this journey. The client felt as if the lower half of his body was pressed down as if a huge heavy stone was put on him and he felt pain in both legs beneath his knees. He could not easily move forward in life. He described visions: two small children sitting with backs towards him, dressed in dark clothes. We worked with and healed how he had been blocked by the situation of the unfortunate death of his father when he was young and having to care for two even younger siblings.’
  6. ‘I took the client on a healing journey to cut the cords with her (sometimes) controlling/manipulative mother. We worked with the problem that had been created for her: Inability to speak the truth/to express her opinion openly without being criticized or misunderstood. I cut the energetic cords from mother with scissors. I healed her 3rd chakra energy centre to be more confident, stronger, to be able to withstand energetic attack of other people who want to dominate her or oppress her opinions or actions. I covered the throat chakra with blue light to empower her ability to speak the truth –crystals (blue, turquoise) were given to visualise to energetically cure the throat chakra. I gave a recommendation for her to wear them.There are actually seven different shamanic healer modalities taught on my course. Have a look at the details and enrol:

I do look forward to working with you,

Michael Conneely

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