Shaktipat Meditation – Free Introduction at Earth Centre Bradford 5th July or Receive it worldwide

Helen HamiltonThere’s a Free Introduction Shaktipat Meditation, by Helen Hamilton, on Saturday 5 July 10-11am

It is at the Earth Centre Bradford, but you can receive it, and the energy transmission, worldwide

The Free Session is to promote Helen’s up-coming next Self-Realisation Course, and just like the free session, you can also fully receive the teachings of this 12-week course and the full shaktipat kundalini energy transmission anywhere in the world.

Helen’s 12-week course will run 12 July – 4 October at 10am at Earth Centre, but wherever you are in the world, you can log in and listen to the teaching and receive the energy any time in the week following. There are students following Helen’s courses around the world. 

What is Shaktipat?

Shaktipat is the transmission of Kundalini energy, Spirit, Life Force or Love that can be felt by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You’re invited to come out and experience this beautiful meditation with an enlightened teacher, someone who has awakened and raised her own Kundalini and can help you to safely raise your own. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Self-Realisation by talking to people who have taken the course and having one-on-one time with an enlightened teacher and to spend time with people who are of a like mind.

What you can expect to experience with the Self Realisation Course:

*Greater clarity

*Greater Insight

*Greater peace,

*Greater happiness and prosperity…generally, a better life

By the End of the Course you will:

*Enter into a higher state of consciousness and feel more love, peace and joy

*Your Calibrated Level of Consciousness, as set by Dr. David R. Hawkins, will enter the 500’s

*learned to transcend old patterns, limiting beliefs and fears and how to connect with your inner guidance and purpose

*Take conscious control over your mind and learn to manifest your highest aspirations and realise your full potential

*You will be happier, more fulfilled and find enduring peace

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