Shadow Talk with Love

Shadow Talk with Love

Pluto is Retrograde Now – He reveals our Shadows to be Healed

Here is a beautiful poem from Lia Cruse, teacher of the Runes and the Ogham with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and Norse at The Druid Forest School and Rune-Path, about what comes up when Pluto is Retrograde: Understanding of love in this case.

Pluto is Retrograde from 26th April to 4th October, 2020. Pluto is a very slow meaning planet, so this means we will all of us have to experience several retrograde Pluto transits with the huge impact that each of these has in our lives.
Pluto Retrograde periods can be like death and rebirth journeys, a period of exorcism, a time of truth where one must not be dishonest, passion, unmet desire, thwarted ambition. Essentially, they are all about you coming into your own power. If you want others to see you, you must see yourself, you must speak with your true voice.
You cannot defeat your demons if you are still enjoying their company

Come in Love
Take off that
Coat of arms
I see all of
your wanderings
brought you home
safe from harm

Spirituality of all cultures
You walk wherever
the wind blows
Carrying the Sword of Truth
no deity is higher than you
All paths are circles
leading back to you

Come with me Love
Take down your hair
Show me your scars
Tell me about how
you tore yourself apart

These constellations
they are all connected
Who were you before
the world interjected
With misguided opinions
of who you weren’t
meant to be
but you were born aware
that selfless love of others
is the Holiest dominion

Hush now cosmic copy
of all we never were
Let me heal
those battle scars
Can you see now
that we are love’s
gift from the stars?

Sit with me Love
Put your hand in mine
Rest your Uttara Ashadha mind
while Mars bites his tongue
as we wait for the world to unwind

It is darkest before dawn
In the House of Libra
stand Pluto and Mercury
We are the evolution of love
and we are kissed by Venus

Let me show you Love
If only you knew
the wonder in you
Is the knot that
the tail of the
Scorpion drew
For in our sting
we learn to let go
and remember the truth
that Maya stole

Listen with your soul love
Lord Vayu, he whispers
All these lines
divinely intersected
Meditation is the medicine you’re needing
Introspection is healing

Be still my Love
do you hear Pluto’s call?
What do you stand for?
Will you rise when you fall?
Are you ready now
to stop guessing?
Wear your crown
without constantly testing

Your purpose is
the Highest of Fire
love, courage and purity
This is a heart’s true beauty
Our greatest desire
as we plunge into the water
and in this karmic knot drown
So we may arise
the brilliant diamond
of Vishvakarma’s crown

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