On September 30th, 2018, Pluto turned Direct – Let your good power awaken!

On September 30th, 2018, Pluto turned Direct
Let your good power awaken!

This is big. Pluto has been Retrograde since 23rd April 2018. But on September 30th, 2018, Pluto has now turned Direct!

At its highest, this energy is REBIRTH.
Pluto governs hidden and buried riches.
Pluto took Persephone to the Underworld and she became Queen.

I have really felt an improvement in the power of my Pluto recently, as one of the Eclipses was conjunct it, and also the recent Full Moon. It’s about assertion of one’s being at its best. I feel I have benefited. But we do need to understand the Pluto energy to get it right.

When Pluto turns Direct, repressed emotions and dammed-up needs get unleashed. Unresolved traumas can surface and arise. But the true gift of this transit is for you to assert yourself properly and ethically, so as to become the person you incarnated to become in this lifetime.

Here is my video for our October 2018 Newsletter, which contains a section on Pluto turns direct, but do continue reading down this post as it has a lot of good info about Pluto turns Direct, and how to understand and work with it for the best in your life:

We are rather useless to ourselves or others, if we are not able to assert ourselves properly.

We must not hide away or be false. But equally, we must not flatten others with our self-assertion.

I am doing a very useful blog post later in this week about psychosynthesis astrology: how we have sub-personalities, how we can have a ‘cut-off subpersonality’. So, what does that mean?

To introduce a concept: Pluto is Unaspected in my birth chart, using the Radix birth chart construction method of psychodynamic astrology that I trained in for one of my many astrology courses.
It is really important to note that when a planet is Unaspected in our chart, because sometimes we may be unable to contact its principles and energy. But at other times it may take over and make us out of touch with the rest of us.
So, say a planet is activated once again by a transit, we may suddenly find ourselves doing things we have forgotten for some years, and wonder sadly why we let them slide from our life.

So be aware. Note what Pluto is doing in your life now. Is this present time a case of repressed emotions and dammed-up needs getting unleashed? Is this time a case of unresolved traumas surfacing and arising? Or can we make this time a time when we will make proper and ethical self-assertion, and so bring strength and beauty in our life and in the lives of those around us?.

By the way, note that Pluto is square the Sun in the heavens between October 9th and 15th, and this will create an atmosphere of peaking intensity which it’s good to be aware of, so as to be able to include calming beautiful leisure time as well, so as to cool down too driven or intense atmospheres or behaviours.
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