September 2020 Astrology Summary Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter

Welcome to our Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for September 2020.

This Newsletter video/blog is a summary of the September 2020 planet’s positions, their energies and meanings, and is designed to be a helpful offering in a complex month of very fraught and ultra-strong energies.

Oh, and by the way, before you go into the September summary, do note that as a special resource, I do show the charts and ephemeris for each month in both Vedic and also western astrology on my Starwheel website. You can see the full Vedic and also Western Ephemeris of the planets’ positions, the charts of the September Full and New Moons, plus the 2020 eclipse dates and more, all on my September Astrology page in my Starwheel Astrology website:

See the Pt 1 video here:


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In very brief overall summary:
Mars and Uranus are transiting Vedic Aries, so the energy is at its worst: violence and revolution, and so to be handled carefully utilising these planets’ energies to our spiritual advantage.

The Nodes of the Moon change sign into Vedic Taurus and Scorpio, with the big risk of increase in paranoia. More detail below.

Jupiter and Saturn both turn Direct by the end of the month.

Two planets: Mars and Ketu are transiting the immaterial Gandanta Zones: Mars in the Pisces Aries Gandanta, Ketu in the Sagittarius-Scorpio Gandanta. This can bring huge insights and spiritual energies, but handled less well is ghastly violence, extreme events/weather/floods/fires.

By weird and unique exception (not happened for millennia), five planets are in their own sign in September, and so very strong: Mars is in Aries, Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Moon is in Cancer Sept. 13-15th.
Each of these five will be powerful in the area of life that is the House in your Vedic birth chart where these transits occur.

Please do hear this: We each are called to note for our own good, and for the good of our human society, how each of us is receiving/utilizing/handling this exceptional bunch of vast mega energies.

We must each ask ourself: What is the Divine Purpose of these exceptional times?

I feel that at the societal level, societal reset is called for and being offered: but what sort of societal reset will actually materialise and arrive???

And at the personal level, we are surely being offered most wonderful energies to raise our consciousness and the level of our behaviours, including going deeper into vision work and healing, and changing the way we earn our money in many cases.

So, do read on below for a careful detailed summary of the planet movements in September 2020,

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In fact, I really do also want to make one other very important comment, before I go more into the September planetary details, and this special point is as follows:

At this extremely difficult time, I feel it is super-important to visualise what is the energy of each planet in the sign it transits, and then consider carefully and ongoingly: how will you experience it?

Ask yourself too: How is it manifesting in your consciousness and in your physical body?

And then we do need to go on further to seek to bring in a more enlightened perception of that script within our self, so that we can maximise the potential benefits, and downplay the negative possibilities.

This is the value of good astrology, that it accurately defines the energies in our birth chart and the energies we will experience during any predictive period, but its value only becomes real if we use this to raise the level of our consciousness towards unity with the Divine, and bring a more Divine awareness to our egoic self and our scripts, and to what unfolds for us predictively.

September is a fraught month at the level of society, as well as the individual, and several planets are incredibly and exceptionally strong, so, hopefully, we can each manage our mind and manage our experiences and manage our behaviours, so that we reap healing and empowerment, and put ourself more on-course for our life purpose.

I do want to say that we can and must also connect into and create and magnify healing energies at this time. There is a wonderful Healer’s Community here in the West of Ireland, and I can see that all my friends are breaking into new areas and expanding their healing vision and actions. I want to pay special great Tribute to the work of Claire Louise Knifton who is offering Transcendance Dance Sessions amid Coronavirus social distancing regulations, setting up future renewal of the monthly Healers’ Fairs she organises (closed down by the coronavirus regulations), and she has set up a new group offering shamanic journeying, Sound Healing, Gong baths, Ancestral Healing, and more – and all this in the middle of flood and fire at her house!!! and the chaos of society dealing with pandemic.

My astrology readings have long extended into the area of defining the Love Profile for each individual, as well as Relationship Readings covering the two people in a relationship. And Maggie and I are now actually setting up an Astrology and Healing supported worldwide Dating site. I have expanded my Sacred West of Ireland Tours (though they have had to be closed so long as the Social Distancing regulations continue in force). My wife Maggie is busy at her Healing Centre in Sligo, in our home and on-line. Other friends are developing working with earth energies, and deity work. The list is long. And Wonderful. You can all do this!!! I’m hoping we’ll be able to add in Sweat Lodge Ceremony before too long – Maggie and I did offer these in England some years ago, before we moved here to Ireland.

You can get a Reading from me at //

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Now, let’s turn to the summary of the unique and strong energies of September 2020:

Sun starts the month powerful in the sign he rules at 15 deg Vedic Leo, leaving confident powerful Leo and entering analytical and healing Virgo on 16th September, and ending the month at 13 deg Virgo.

As ever since time immemorial, Sun’s transit through Virgo marks the ancient Harvest Festival of the Autumn Equinox, normally on September 21st.

Sun in Virgo is good for grounding and healing energies.
(In western tropical zodiac, Sun starts September at 9 deg Virgo, moving into Libra on 23rd September and ending September at 7 Libra).


There’s a Full Moon on 2nd September at 6.22 am.

N.B. Do see the charts for the September lunations on my September Starwheel Astrology web page.

Moon at 16 Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak Nakshatra, with Sun at 16 Leo). Sun is 16 Leo in PurvaPhalguni Pada 1.

Do note that with Moon in Aquarius, we can embody the forefront and the revolutionary into our inspirations and intentions for the lunar month ahead.

And do note that Shatabishak Nakshatra is a healing energy, and so do set healing intentions for yourself and others in the lunar month ahead.

But also, do note that Mercury of this Full Moon is opposition Neptune. So: watch out for illusion or drain. Rather, prefer to cultivate Mercury-Neptune’s potential for intuition and inspiration and sensitivity!!!

But above all be aware that Rahu is the co-ruler of Aquarius, so do watch out for complicated currents and shadows to arise now, plus anxiety, and driven impetus for change at any cost.

And also, do note that as a part of the energy web of this Full Moon, the might of Saturn (and the Jupiter Pluto Saturn conjunction) is opposition Venus. The Saturn opposition Venus aspect curtails the expression of Love and beauty. Monitor your relationship, make special effort to keep your relationship alive and close.

And Saturn opposition the sign of Cancer is depressing and blocking for Cancer Moons and Ascendants.

(This Full Moon is at 10 western Pisces).

And there’s a New Moon on 17th September at 11 am

The Moon and Sun are together at 0 deg Vedic Virgo in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra.

New Moon is a start time: a time for setting magical intentions for the coming lunation period.

But note that Mercury of this New Moon is square the full force of the Jupiter Pluto Saturn conjunction. So, although Mercury is transiting Virgo, the sign he rules, it will be good to monitor the issues in our our consciousness and communications.

UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra is ruled by the Sun, so Sun energy does well here. The ruler, but potentially benevolent. UttaraPhalguni caste is Kshatriya – the warrior class.
UttaraPhalguni ruling deity is Aryaman, so good energy for hospitality.
UttaraPhalguni power animal is the Bull.
Each star does emanate an energy which we receive. Some stars emit huge and decisive energies. This is the value of looking up star lore, especially when one of your natal planets or a transiting planet is close to a key star. The two main stars of UttaraPhalguni are the tail of Leo constellation.
I do teach a Nakshatras course, see this web page:

(This New Moon is 25 deg western Virgo.)

Mercury starts September at 29 Vedic Leo, but he enters his own sign, Virgo, next day.
While Mercury transits Virgo, this is good for Virgos and Geminis, and good for communication (except when the boosted Mercury energy is misused as ranting and hyper-chatting).
Virgo is also the sign of health, healing and right living, and this Mercury transit through Virgo will be good for boosting our thinking in the area of our healing!

Mercury enters Vedic Libra on 22nd September, ending the month at 9 deg Libra.
But do note what I said above about aspects that transiting Mercury receives: square from Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto.

And do note also that around the time of Mercury’s transit into Libra, he will be receiving an opposition energy from Mars in Aries! Arguments. Conflict. Dreadful communication issues!

(Using the western Tropical zodiac, Mercury starts September at 22 Virgo, he enters Libra on 6th September, enters Scorpio on 28th September and ends September at 2 deg western Scorpio.)

Venus Transits Cancer August 31 – September 27th.

Venus starts September at 0 deg Vedic Cancer, and at the end of September, crossing the Gandanta zone and entering Leo on 28th September, thus ending the month at 3 Leo.
Venus receives an opposition aspect from the Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction in September. Restrictive depressive Saturn especially is certainly a palpable (opposition) impact on Venus until 10th September, and on Cancer Ascendants. Keep a careful watch on how well you are expressing Love.
Note that from September 16th to 28th, Venus is actually in Ashlesha Nakshatra which is the Nakshatra at the end of Cancer, and the end of Ashlesha is Gandanta.

Here, please do be aware that Venus could get embroiled in the hurt, retaliative scripts of Ashlesha.
(In western zodiac this is a Venus transit starting September at 24 deg Cancer, entering Leo on 7th September and ending September at 26 deg Leo).

Mars starts September at 3 deg Vedic Aries. Mars actually transits Aries August 16th to October 3rd .
Mars stations centering on 10th September, and note that any planet with slow or zero motion carves his effects very deeply.
There could be anger and hostility. There will be riots. But also, there is good strong energy that we can utilize to do our needed good work and progress our projects.

But note that Mars turns Retrograde at 3 deg Aries on 10th September, retrograding back through the Gandanta zone, back towards Vedic Pisces, but not quite getting into Pisces, ending September at 1 deg Vedic Aries.
So the sign and date summary of Mars’ Transit is:
Mars Retrograde in Aries: Sept 10 – Oct 4
Mars Retrograde in Pisces: Oct 4 – Nov 14
Mars Direct in Pisces: Nov 14 – Dec 23
Mars Direct in Aries: Dec 23, 2020 – Feb 21, 2021

So, all of this month: September 2020, Mars is in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Note that while Mars transits Aries, he is in his own sign, and very strong as a result.

And note that the nearer Mars transits to 1 deg Aries, he is in square aspect to Saturn transiting at 1 deg Capricorn. And Mars square Aries is anger and violence, and frustration!

September 2020 actually has a record number of five planets strong in their own sign: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon (when in Cancer). Powerful times! So, the actual dates of this remarkable phenomenon are:
Mars is in Aries all September.
Mercury transits Virgo from September 2nd to September 21st.
Jupiter transits the sign he rules, Sagittarius, all month.
Saturn transits the sign he rules, Capricorn, all month.
Moon is in Cancer Sept. 13-15th.

So, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will be very powerful in the area of life that is the House in your Vedic birth chart where these transits occur.

(In Western tropical zodiac, the September Mars transit is from 27 to 25 deg western Aries.)

Jupiter spends the whole of the month at 23 deg Vedic Sagittarius. He transits his own sign Sagittarius until November 11th.
Jupiter in his own sign optimally radiates blessing, purpose and guru energies. But when Jupiter is Retrograde, though, at this time, his blessing will be harder to manifest, and we will be needing to take stock of our Jupiter issues and do work on them.

So, Jupiter starts September Retrograde at 23 Sagittarius. He turns Direct, still at the same degree, on 13th September, and he ends the month, still at the same degree: 23 Sagittarius.

When a planet is stationary like this, he carves his effect deeply and strongly in our consciousness and in personal and world events.
And note that, at 23 deg Capricorn, Jupiter is actually is a conjunction with Pluto at 28 deg Sagittarius, and also in conjunction with Saturn at 1 deg Sagittarius.
This is vast.

The explosive expansionary might of Jupiter and Pluto are pitted against the structures, limitations and rigours of Saturn.
This will have vast effects for social structures.
It also offers vast power-breakthroughs and re-directions in our own lives.

Do see my Add-on Sections to the September Newsletter focussing on Jupiter and Pluto and Saturn!!!

(In the western tropical zodiac, this is Jupiter transiting at 17 deg western Capricorn.)

Looking ahead, Jupiter will transit the remaining six degrees of Sagittarius between mid-September and mid-November. This is a repeat transit of course, following the present Jupiter Retrograde Period, and Jupiter was last transiting these degrees of Vedic Sagittarius from mid-February and late March 2020.


Saturn spends the whole of September at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn.

Saturn actually transits his own sign Capricorn until 29th April 2022.
So, Saturn is strong here. And I feel he is especially strong in his demands for hard work, duty, commitment, hard work, patience and diligence and paying off our karmic dues, dealing with sadness and frustration – all of which if we respond dutifully will lead to positive karmic reaping for us in our lives.
This transit of Saturn in Capricorn will be extra hard for Sagittarius, especially Capricorn, and also Aquarius Moon people, because of Sade Sate. Not so easy for Cancers as Saturn casts a 7th House aspect/opposition to Cancer.

Note which House in your Vedic birth chart Capricorn is: this is the area in your life where the Saturn hard-earned blessing must be sought for.

This Saturn transit is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra, pada 2. This is the 2nd pada of Uttara Ashadha and 1st navamsha of Capricorn and it is the Capricorn pada and it also the is the vargottama Capricorn pada.

The emphasis here is on concrete achievement. Nerves of steel. Overcome blocks, fight the slowness Saturn may impose on you during his retrograde. It is also an energy that highlights worldly power structures – but of course note that adjacent Jupiter-Pluto may smash against or seek to exploit these.

Note that Saturn is Retrograde from 1st September to 29th September, when he turns Direct.
And note that Saturn is in close conjunction with Pluto at 28 deg Vedic Capricorn.

And Saturn is conjunct Jupiter at 23 deg Sagittarius.

And note that this month of September also has another special feature, we actually have three planets who are moving so slowly they stay in the same degree for a long time at present. These are: Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. And when planets have very slow motion in the heavens, they carve their effect deeply!

(In western tropical Zodiac, this is Saturn at 25 deg Capricorn.)

Saturn turns Direct on September 29th, at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn, and from that date, we will feel Saturn’s energies and his demands and his teachings clear and strong. Hopefully, we will have completed all the unfinished business that Saturn called us to attend to during his Retrograde period. Now, Saturn is building for your future!


Uranus is retrograde all month, retrograding from 16 deg Vedic Aries to 15 deg Vedic Aries. He’s in Bharani Nakshatra, but he will re-enter Ashwini Nakshatra on 2nd December.

Uranus actually continues Retrograde until 14th January 2021, when he tuns Direct at 12 deg Vedic Aries.

Uranus carries the banner of Revolution aloft, especially for Vedic Aries and Libra emphasis people. If you have key planets in Aries or Libra, note which House is affected by this Uranus transit, and note the nature of the planet. This will be key information as to what area of your life MUST embrace Revolution.

Uranus is the flash of insight. surprise. the flash of lightning.
(In the western tropical zodiac, this is Uranus transiting from 10 to 9 degrees Taurus.)


Neptune, too, is retrograde all month, retrograding from 25 deg Vedic Aquarius to 24 deg Vedic Aquarius, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
This is pada 2 of Purvabhadra, the Taurus pada, which brings a more earthly expression of the inspirational, fierce and often paranoid energy of PurvaBhadra, which power animal is the male lion.
Neptune continues Retrograde until 29th November, when he turns Direct at 24 deg Aquarius.

So, Neptune is actually occupying the same degree: 24 deg Aquarius from 27th September to 28th January 2021.

Neptune is opposition Mercury on 1st September

Neptune is opposition Sun around 7th to 16th September.

(In western tropical zodiac, this is Neptune transiting at 19 deg Pisces.)


Pluto is Retrograde at 28 deg Vedic Sagittarius all month.

Pluto turns Direct on 5th October, not moving into the next degree, 29 Sagittarius, until 26th November.

Pluto is in very close conjunction with Saturn who is at 1 Capricorn

And Pluto is also conjunct Jupiter at 23 deg Sagittarius.

Pluto stationary like this will tend to prompt our contact with our buried power, and also our buried disempowerments, shames and guilts.

This can prompt a crucial series of Journeys to the Underworld type experience and our Shadow material. We must not bottle up either our power or our wounds and hurts, nor our Shadow. See my special add on video and Blog about pluto as our Power and Pluto as our Shadow.

Pluto material will need to surface eventually, either positively in our spiritual awareness and enlightenment process, or it will be disastrously bottled up. In fact, this Pluto material is the most intense uprooting energy of all.

Key theme: Don’t underestimate the restrictive and also explosive potential of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction

(In the western Tropical Zodiac, this is Pluto Retrograde at 22 Capricorn).


The Nodes of the Moon – Rahu and Ketu, the North and South Nodes: A really big event: The Nodes of the Moon change Vedic Sidereal sign on 23rd September.
(though Rahu is still within Mrigashira Nakshatra, ruled by Mars).

Rahu has transited Vedic Gemini and Ketu has transited Vedic Sagittarius since March 2019. The Nodes spend 18 months transiting each sign.

So, Rahu starts September at 1 deg Vedic Gemini, retrogrades into Vedic Taurus on 23rd September and ends September at 29 Vedic Taurus.
And for Ketu this is a transit from 1 Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra, to 29 Vedic Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra.
Note when the Nodes change sign, there can be more paranoia around!
And do note also that at this time that the Nodes change sign this time, there is also a difficult quincunx aspect to the Nodes from Saturn transiting at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn, strong in his own sign.

After the sign change date of 23rd September, Rahu continues in Vedic Taurus until 12th April 2022, and Ketu continues in Vedic Scorpio until the same date.

So, all the month of September 2020, Ketu transits the Gandanta zone, and when he moves into 29 Scorpio, this is the very difficult Abhukta Mula degree. Ketu is at 25 Scorpio by the date of the difficult New Moon eclipse of 14.12.2020.

Ketu in the Gandanta can be an energy of meltdown and big change in direction. Identity, emotional and Past life issues may especially arise. Ketu’s energy is sudden cutting – but for spiritual purpose, if we can discern it.

Note that the Nodes are actually in strong dignity/strength now:

Rahu is strong in Taurus; Ketu co-rules Scorpio.

And, of course, this is at the time when the great malefic, Saturn is so strong, too, in Capricorn, and malefic Mars is so strong in Aries.

(In western tropical zodiac, this is Rahu at 25 to 23 deg Gemini, and Ketu at 25 to 23 deg Sagittarius.)

Do note that Rahu transiting Taurus should in theory be a sound energy for the economy, but this couldn’t be expected to surface until after the start of 2021, and could well be drowned out, of course, due the social unrest of Mars in Aries, and the implications for US political stability of the Eclipse of 14th December 2020, with its effect on the stability of the mind of Donald Trump and the handling of Presidential Election farrago. This eclipse is the second eclipse of 2020 to be in the same position as the two eclipses of 2001 which energies caused the 9/11 twin Towers.

Ketu transiting Scorpio is powerful, as Ketu is co-ruler of Scorpio, but Scorpio’s energies are violent and hurt. Spiritual lightning flashes. Karmic experiences.

N.B. The 2020 eclipses with the Nodes in these new signs of Taurus and Scorpio are November-December 2020:
Note that there are more eclipses than usual: six in 2020:
January 10th Full Moon
June 5th Full Moon
June 21st New Moon
July 4th Full Moon
November 30th Full Moon
December 14th New Moon
(Full Moon Eclipses are Lunar Eclipses, New Moon Eclipses are Solar Eclipses)
it is the case that two eclipses of 2001, the year of the 9/11 twin towers, were on June 21st and December 14th, that year too.
So note that this will be a powerful 18 months ahead for materialistic Taurus, and a deep,
transformative, cutting rebirthing time for the sign of Scorpio.

Chiron is at 14 deg Vedic Pisces on 1st September.
Chiron is retrograde all month, retrograding into the degree before, ending September at 13 deg Vedic Pisces.
(In the western Tropical Zodiac, this is Chiron transiting 8 to 7 deg western Aries.)
Never underestimate the power of the Chiron transit.

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