Saturns Divine Nature and How to Connect With It

This blog and video describes a simple but powerful way of doing vision work so as to enhance your connection with the Divine Nature of Saturn. Saturn is super-strong in Capricorn, the sign he rules at resent. He’s receiving hostile aspects from both Uransu and Rahu North Node. So we will be feeling the tension, and the demands he lays from the place of his divine nature can be serious, heavy-weight and inexorable. So try doing vision work to connect to him.

Positively Saturn is our needed structure and strategy and our qualities of endurance and hard work and patience, and our commitment to burning our negative Saturn Karmas. If we follow Lord Shani’s nature and demands, he rewards us with Golden Reaping.

Negatively, however, Saturn is our blocks and fears and rigid behavioural scripts and ways of thinking.

None of us fully connects with the divine nature of a planet, because in this lifetime we are born to work with each planet’s energies filtered through sign, house and aspect, etc.

But I find it is so worthwhile making a simple and powerful and genuine vision connection to the Divine Nature of a planet to enhance my consciousness and those areas of my life in need of better blessings from that planet.

It can be very useful to develop clear appearance of the God. I love doing vision work to Deities. I do find this raises me above my otherwise lowered emotions and consciousness.

See the blogs and videos where I present the planets and heir divine natures. In my Foundation Vedic Astrology Course, students actually also get a vision journey to meet each planet as he appears through the filters of sign, house and aspect in our lives, and also as his Divine Nature, unsullied by the ‘filters’.

So, during this period when at the time of writing Saturn’s energy is super-strong, and can feel crushing and blocking, it can be so good to do a vision journey to meet Saturn and dialogue with him.

In this blog/video, I am sharing with you a vision method I find helpful for increasing Saturn’s positive presence, and my understanding of his energy, and my taking the right attitude and making the right decisions.

It is so worthwhile to make a special effort to see yourself standing before Lord Shani, Saturn, Lord of Karma, and talk through with him where you stand on his issues. Strengthen your connection with the positive benefits of Saturn. His reward is Golden Reaping. He was originally an agricultural deity.

This way we get a more divine connection with Saturn. This way we create a more divine presence of Saturn in our consciousness and in our decisions and in our life.

I do a lot of vision work of this type. It ties in with the shamanic healing I have been doing for over 25 years.

One option is to get an inspiring picture of Divine Saturn, Lord Shani off the internet, and put it on the wall and have before it a candle, and maybe a shelf for offerings.

At least once every day, stand before the picture. Light the candle. Touch the offering if you have put one there.

Make sure you are fully embodied when you dialogue with the Divine Saturn – this means run your focus over each part of your body, to make sure you are fully connected and that you have activated your chakras with that focus of your consciousness.

Next, focus on the image of Divine Saturn.

Review the Divine gifts of the energies of Saturn.

Then, speak from the heart to Divine Saturn about how you feel on your Saturn-related issues.

Make spaces between your utterances to ‘hear’ what comes to your mind as Saturn is dialoguing back to you.

Create quiet space to ‘hear’ what solutions or courses of action come back to you.

Then thank Lord Shani, and go about your day.

Notice the picture on the wall when you pass it. This will re-boost your connection.

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