Saturn turns Retrograde 6th April 2017 What affect will it have in your life?

Michael ConneelyOn 6th April 2017, Saturn turns Retrograde.

What affect will this have on you?

What does this mean?

Well, Saturn has been travelling slower and slower. He’s been in the same degree since 8th March.

What is the gift to your life of this very slow motion on the part of Saturn? What is the gift of his turning Retrograde?

It is very useful indeed to realise that the slower a planet’s apparent motion in the heavens, the deeper and more powerful his effect in your life.

And when a planet has retrograde motion, he causes you to be forced to examine his energies and the areas of life he relates to. Long term plans can get very held up. You wouldn’t want anyone accusing you of impatience, now would you?

In fact, this month we will all have to experience the energies and effects of five planets all retrograde: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. It will feel like a weirdly complicated month where it will be hard going to achieve and difficult to believe expansion can happen. The other planetary changes include the dangerous Uranus entry into the Vedic sign of Aries on 8th April, and an exceptional number of possible past life and inspirational influences this month because of an exceptional number of planets occupying Nakshatras or vedic Lunar signs ruled by Ketu the South Node of the Moon: Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Ashwini Nakshatra, Saturn is in Mula Nakshatra, and Rahu (north node of the Moon) is in Magha Nakshatra. For these reasons and others, I shall be putting out quite a number of blog posts and newsletters to offer you the information and the skilled perception.

So, what will today’s Saturn turning Retrograde mean in your life?

Well, it all depends on whether you have planets that Saturn is transiting over at this time, what Houses in your personal individual birth chart Saturn will be transiting through, and what other transits may be aspecting the planets in your birth chart.

And it also depends on where your consciousness is at and how you experience Saturn. I do know people who are having wonderful breakthrough as Saturn transits over their in some ways insubstantial sun in the Gandanta Zone. I do know people who are having tremendous breakthroughs in their depth of thought and understanding as Saturn stations on top of their natal Mercury in their birth chart. Are you open to Saturn’s gifts???

Saturn’s gifts can include Golden Reaping and deep inspirational spiritual knowing. If you are looking for an astrology reading please visit our starwheel astrology website.

Indeed, Saturn’s transits are judgement!
Because equally I do know some people who are experiencing a lot of pessimism or even ill health or even professional downfall at the very same time. I sincerely suggest you ask me for an astrology reading where I may examine what the transit means for you and offer insight, encouragement and guidance. All my astrology readings include tarot. You can opt for wonderful reports. The readings are recorded and you have every opportunity for emailed questions/discussion afterwards.

And there’s a weird twist to this Saturn turning Retrograde tale. It actually happens in alignment to Galactic Centre. The ancient Vedic sages saw great spiritual energy emanating from this degree. They saw it as death and rebirth potential. The ruling deity for Mula Nakshatra in which this degree falls is none other than Nritti, the Goddess of death and destruction. And I do know so many people whose lives are being re-born at this time. And the rebirth is coming through inspiration, which I am glad to assist. And the rebirth always involves, in this case, hard work, planning and attention to detail and managing the mind and developing priorities.

And there’s another twist to this Saturn retrograde tale. The 27 powerful and beautiful Lunar Signs or Nakshatras are arranged into three groups of nine each. The transition point from Vedic Scorpio to Vedic Sagittarius is one of the three sensitive and dangerous Gandanta Zones (see below). The nine Nakshatras ending with Nx. 18 Jyestha, at the end of Vedic Scorpio are all orientated to Tams or materiality. However, the nine Nakshatras starting with Nx. 19 Mula are all orientated to Moksha. This means that not only is Saturn undecided and iffing and butting about which sign he is in until he finally settles in Sagittarius and Mula on 27th October 2017, he is also undecided about whether to give priority to Tamas or Moksha (materiality or spiritual value) and this means that all of us will be affected by Saturn’s energy of indecision and lack of clarity.

In my own case, I have some utterly expansionary other transits also going on at the same time. I have Jupiter opposition Uranus transit occurring in the heavens on top of the Moon – Sun opposition in my birth chart (I am a Full Moon birth). The Jupiter-Uranus transiting opposition is vastly breakthrough and expansionary, and at the moment it is depth and explosively so, because Uranus and Jupiter are each square transiting Pluto in the heavens. This is real power! And also in terms of the wonderful Vedic astrology predictive periods, I am in Jupiter predictive period (Jupiter Dasa) and given the position of Jupiter in my individual birth chart this has meant for me sudden vast and rapid understanding and loads of expansion. BUT – and here’s the rub in my case, Saturn is transiting on top of my Jupiter. So, what does this mean that Saturn is doing? Well, he is forcing me to ground my expansion. He is forcing me to dot all the I s and cross all the t s. so life seems hard going and requiring lots of diligence to keep the expansion going.

When Saturn has slower motion or is turning retrograde, we can all feel more pessimistic and ‘screwed down’ but if we have the gift of the perception of knowledge of the movements of the planets, this can assist us in managing our minds and consciousness.

When Saturn is Retrograde, all our long terms plans will grind to a halt. Saturn will grind away at all our negative patterns and habits: the more we resit this, the more unreal and unhappy we will be, the more we will be prepared to pass on the grim unhappiness and suffering to others in our life. Our structures can seem to weaken or will actually weaken. We may need to re-adjust our priorities and direction.

So, from these examples, you can see why it would be of benefit for you to have an expert astrology reading to maximise your realistic best success and show where strategisation in different areas of your life is now needed at this time. My worldwide Astrology readings website is:

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Saturn’s movement up to now in 2017:
Saturn entered Vedic Scorpio on 3rd November 2014.
He crossed into Vedic Sagittarius on 26th January 2017.

This crossing point from Scorpio to Sagittarius is one of the three sensitive, weakening and dangerous Gandanta Zones, which stretches two degrees’ either side of the sign transition from a water sign to a fire sign. In western astrology, this crossing point is 24 degrees western Sagittarius.
And Saturn has recently been slower and even slower, recently, remaining in 3 degrees Sagittarius in the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology ever since 8th March.

Now, on 6th April 2017, Saturn at last reaches stationery and on this day, he turns retrograde.

Note that this Saturn station is in Mula Lunar Sign (Nakshatra) in Vedic Astrology, or 27 degrees Sagittarius in Western Astrology’s tropical Zodiac.

Saturn from now on moves retrograde. He enters 2 degrees Sagittarius on May 6th, then 1 degree Sagittarius on 24th May, then the first degree of Sagittarius on 7th June, and then he reaches 0 degrees Sagittarius on 20th June, crossing then back again for the final time into the end of Vedic Scorpio, into Jyestha Lunar Sign (Nakshatra).
Saturn does not turn direct again until 25th August 2017, by which time he has reached back just a further three degrees into Vedic Scorpio, to 27 degrees. That’s 21 degrees Western Sagittarius.

But on 26th October 2017, Saturn will again cross the Gandanta zone zero point and enter Vedic Sagittarius, to reach 7 degrees Vedic Sagittarius on 31st December 2017 and in fact he remains in Vedic Sagittarius until he crosses into vedic Capricorn on 24th January 2020.

The Western Astrology Chart for Saturn turns retrograde 6.4.17:
Noon, 6.4.17, Foxford, Ireland

The Vedic Astrology Chart for Saturn turns retrograde 6.4.17:
Noon, 6.4.17, Foxford, Ireland

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