Saturn turns Direct September 2018

Saturn turns Direct on September 6, 2018, but he still moves less than a degree all month.

Remember that Saturn is Lord of Karma. So, please look within and ask yourself what lesson is Saturn particularly compelling you to learn now?

Everything has been so held back due to Saturn having been retrograde since April 19, 2018, forcing us to observe and evaluate what we are really trying to do and also evaluate what is right for us in our life.

And another thing: with Saturn moving so slow in September, we may indeed feel his message of impermanence, of the issues of death in life, maybe sadness.

A twist the tale is that as Saturn now goes Direct. He transits nearer and nearer to Pluto, and so this brings nearer the Saturn Pluto conjunction which is finally exact 7.1.2020, at 28 Vedic Sagittarius.

This is a fated conjunction, where two great archetypal forces pit themselves against each other: the irresistible explosive power of Pluto and the rigid implacable force of Saturn.

On the political level, this might mean a re-shuffling of power and a searing test.

But it has high potential for each of us. We must be on the lookout for some project materialising at this time of runup to the great conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, where we could bring forward a project of great power (Pluto) and also provide for that power a container that is up to the job and durable (Saturn)

Here is the Video for my September 2018 Astrology:

It is invaluable to be able to visualise the planets as divine beings.  We need to understand that the planets are divine : we need to be able to be able to have knowledge of what the divine nature of each planet is.

AND we also need to be able to visualise the planet as he manifests in our chart and in our life, through the filters of Sign, House and Aspect, which filter his divine nature into the energy that we will experience in our life, into the destiny that we chose to work within our life. Please see my list of planet videos and blogs below. And in my astrology courses, I include guided journeys to meet each of the planets.

Lord ShaniSo you may find it useful now to visualise yourself standing before Lord Shani, Lord of Karma now, and see how you feel in his presence, and focus on issues that see held up. blocked or onerous or sad, now.

Dialogue with Lord Shani about what is the spiritual lesson that you are meant to learn from this experience, now.

Dialogue with Lord Shani about the implications on other areas of your life.

Dialogue with Lord Shani about what you are going to do about these situations.

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