Saturn transits your 12th House: Understand its special difficulty, its special gifts and its timing!

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Saturn Transits your 12th House in your birth chart:
What does this mean?
What’s the timing?



A student of mine from Sydney Australia writes:
‘I have a question please regarding Saturn in the 12th house, as was discussed in the webinar chart reading today ( see:, webinar No 8).

I also have Saturn transiting in my 12th house, however that must be in Western astrology as you mentioned that Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Scorpio which is my ascending sign and obviously my first house in Vedic astrology. So just a little confused as to which one is playing its energy out on me at the moment, or is it both?

I’m even more curious as today the decision was made to dissolve my business partnership of 9 years. So I’m wondering is this 12thhouse endings or 1st house beginnings? Can these energies be this exact, as life, I have learnt generally cannot be cut cleanly into neatly sized pieces.’

Here is my reply:

First of all to respond simply to Lisa’s question, this is indeed a case of ‘Saturn endings’ and ‘Saturn beginnings’ as Lisa is exactly at the point when Saturn crosses her ascendant.

AND also Lisa is benefiting because at this time Jupiter is currently transiting in Vedic Leo which is her 10th House of Career.

However, to turn to her details question of how do you time the transit of Saturn through your 12th House?

Well, the transit of Saturn through your 12th House in your birth chart is a difficult and sad period of things dying in your life, loss of confidence, retreat to an institution or foreign parts and inward looking introspection. Of course the things that die needed to die for you to progress! Of course the losses occurred in order for you to make needed shedding so you could go forward in your life to meet your Dharmic destiny. Once the Saturn transit through the 12th house is ended you begin to build confidence again as to how you project yourself into the world, but hopefully on a sounder basis, and more deeply attuned to your life purpose and to the spiritual realms.

And note that I want to mention two other difficult house-transits of Saturn, Sade Sate and Saturn transiting 8th house from natal Moon, and these can of course overlap and occur simultaneously depending on your individual chart, and these are defined below at the very end of this Blog post.

So, how do we calculate the timing of the difficult transit of Saturn through our 12th House?

Well, I firmly believe it runs from the moment when Saturn enters your Vedic 12th House in your Vedic birth chart and it lasts until Saturn actually crosses your Ascendant (or Lagna) which is in your Vedic 1st House and which is the cusp of your western 1st House. I firmly believe it does not end until Saturn has crossed the Ascendant.

So, to generalise, there is a difference in the way western and Vedic Astrology define the date of the end of a transit through the 12th House.

Your Vedic Astrology:

In your Vedic astrology, using the sidereal zodiac, you have Lagna/Ascendant at Vedic 10 Scorpio 59.

So, in Vedic astrology, using the Sidereal Zodiac, Scorpio is your 1st House and Libra is your 12th House.
Transiting Saturn today is at Vedic 9 Scorpio 57, so Saturn is just about to cross your Lagna.

So, Vedic Astrology would put the date that Saturn entered your 12th House Libra as the start of your Saturn through the 12th house transit, namely 11.10.2011.
And Vedic astrology would say that your Saturn through the 12th House transits ended when Saturn left your 12th House Libra on 3.11.2014, on which date they would say that Saturn entered your 1st House.

This is because Vedic Astrology puts the end of the transit as the date when the transiting planet reaches the end of the 12th House.

In other words, Vedic Astrology dates your Saturn through the 12th House transit to: 11th October 2011 to 3rd November 2014.

Your Western Astrology: 

However, Western Astrology, using the Tropical Zodiac, puts the start of the 12th House transit as the date Saturn enters your 12th house using one of the House systems of Western Astrology.

And Western Astrology puts end of the 12th House transit as the date when the transiting planet actually crosses the Ascendant (for the third time in the case of a multiple hit transit, or of course it can just be the once).

So, western astrology would say that your Saturn transit through your 12th House started when Saturn entered your 12th House, which, using the Koch House system was when Saturn crossed the tropical zodiac degree 9 Scorpio 22.9.2013

And western astrology would say that your Saturn transit through your 12th House ends when Saturn hits your Ascendant which is in a few days’ time around: 26.12.2013, 4th April 2013 and 9.11.15, your Ascendant degree in western astrology tropical zodiac being 4 Sagittarius.

In other words, western astrology puts your Saturn through the 12th House (using Koch Houses) as 26th December 2013 to 9th November 2015.

Here are the two other very difficult House-transits of Saturn (and of course these can overlap, depending on your individual Vedic birth chart)

saturn cronos 4Sade Sate:

The first of these is the powerful sure and accurate Vedic predictive phenomenon of Sade Sate, the difficult period of mental/emotional turbulence, death, loss, moves and death, seeing your self more in the light of limitations which need to be identified and shed and also rebirth as Saturn transits through the sign before that occupied by the Moon in your birth chart, through the sign occupied by the Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart and through the sign after the sign occupied by the Moon. In terms of the Nakshatras, the utterly wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology Sade Sate starts when Saturn enters your ‘Manasa nakshatra’, the 25th Nakshatra from the nakshatra occupied by your natal Moon, where Manasa Nakshatra depicts your ‘default state of consciousness.

Sani, Lord of Karm
Sani, Lord of Karm

Saturn Transits 8th House from natal Moon:
The second of these is the difficult transit of Saturn through the 8th House from your natal Moon in your Vedic birth chart when you get disturbances of mind, bad dreams and unknown fears, when you get caught unaware in some difficult situation from which it is hard to extricate himself, when your mind is opened to run on unusual channels, good or bad and when you get into difficulties with the people around you.

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