Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra 2017 – 2018

Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra Through 2017 – Early 2018

From October 2017 to March 2018 Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra (Mula Lunar Sign) at the start of Vedic Sagittarius. As you see in the Pt 1 video, this means we simultaneously have to honour the stern Lord Of Karma and duty as well as the Dark Goddess of Destruction and Inspiration: Niritti. And in the Pt. 2 video we also look at the huge and important effects for us as individuals that the change of sign of transiting Saturn means for people in creating Sade Sate, Ashtama Shani, Kal Sarpa Yoga and Gandanta: what do these terms mean? Their effects in our lives are huge and need to be clearly seen and understood. What Healing and Empowerment work may we need to do?

Saturn Meets the Dark Goddess (Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra) from 26th October 2017. Saturn and the Dark Goddess are such different gods, yet each of us has to work with, understand and benefit from this unlikely pairing until Mars 2018.

Saturn is the stern Lord of Karma. The Dark Goddess if the shape-shifter and weaver who brings us what we least expect, but for our own good, and she calls us to be strong and look her in the eye.

On 26th October 2017, Saturn leaves the Vedic sign of Scorpio, crosses the uncertain Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta Zone, and enters the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius – at the same time entering Mula Nakshatra, the 19th Vedic Lunar Sign, which is at the start of Vedic Scorpio, and which is ruled by Niritti, the Goddess of Death and Destruction.

The Nakshatras are the wonderful powerful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac. They declare our emotional reality and consciousness and our capacity for growth. And Nakshatra 19, Mula nakshatra, ruled by Niritti, is the abode of the dancing graveyard Goddess, whose gaze none of us can shirk from meeting with courage and truth.

So, this means that Until 2nd March 2018, while Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra, Saturn meets the Dark Goddess. And how opposite they are! They are Great Opposites:

Saturn is Lord of Karma, enforcer of discipline, hard work, patience and structure. He calls us to work on our Karmas and also to achieve the special spark and tasks we incarnated to achieve this time. Over time, he offers us the chance to purify!

Goddess Niritti is the dark apparently capricious apparently even destructive bringer of Chaos, bringer of Death: bringer of death of what must now die in our life. And sudden precipitous bringer of the new space we actually need now to allow in the needed totally new in our life.

Niritti dances all over our Saturn tram-lines. She shimmers shrieking into our consciousness showing us undreamt of whole new areas of rebirth and exploration, and she devastates now what must die in our life. In an instant, She offers us the chance to be strong! Her corybantic dance is the dance of death – and rebirth in our life. Are you strong enough to gain her respect? If not, can you benefit from this astrological perception now? Can you do needed healing or empowerment work now?

For more about how these two: Saturn and Niritti, can possibly get on in your life, see this two-part video and then read on below:

Here is Part 1:

Here is Part 2:

But be prepared to honour both. Be prepared to work hard and be diligent, yet ALSO absolutely be open to the whispers and chinks and tsunamis of new inspiration, death of some of the old in your life, and change!

I would say that the three Gandanta Zones of Vedic Astrology extend for at least two degrees either side of the transition from Water Signs to Fire Signs. As Saturn has been departing Vedic sign of Scorpio, which he finally leaves on 26th October, he has been extracting his ‘last drops’ of his divine message from each of us.

We have had to feel the final pain of his message that he was bringing us as he transited Vedic Scorpio since 3rd November 2017.

Now he will be transiting Vedic Sagittarius until 24th January 2020, and he will now be calling on us to work on a fresh facet of our Karmic Task: offering us Golden Reaping if we can succeed, but we do experience suffering if we are off-course in our life for Saturn’s demands.

Things that had been on hold, even from last year, will suddenly be brought to closure. Be prepared for change as Saturn transits through Mula Nakshatra

So, what are these three Gandanta Zones? Quite simply a Gandanta zone is where water sign dissolves away into a sort of void – the other side of which is the first flicker of a fire sign. And the Gandanta Zone itself realises that the World is not as supportive, real and substantial as most people think. They are born into the insubstantial. They lack confidence. They fear failure. This is a spiritual challenge to them: to heal and empower and strengthen any planet in a Gandanta Zone.

If Sun is there, father was not there for them – but you can do something about his and eventually succeed. If Moon is there, this means that Mother was not there for them, and probably this can’t be healed, so the supreme achievement is to learn to live with that. If you have planets in the Vedic Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta, Saturn is transiting conjunct them now, and work hard to heal and strengthen them now!

So, basically, in summary, note that in the months around either side of 26th October, Saturn is transiting through the Scorpio Gandanta Zone, and he is offering hard learning and strengthening to planets that some people will have there.

And note also that Rahu, the North Node of the Moon transited from Leo to Cancer at the time of the 21st August 2017 great eclipse: and so, Rahu is aspecting Saturn from one Gandanta to another and this has created Fear.

And also note that Uranus is transiting Retrograde through the Aries Gandanta, and Uranus nearly reaches Pisces in January 2018, when he turns Direct. So, planets in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta Zone are also being affected now. It’s a time for learning in what way this world is not real, and for possibility of great inspiration, and bringing in revolution. Jupiter is transiting opposition Uranus now: be open to great change.

A very difficult feature is that the Kal Sarpa Yoga has re-arisen. Kal Sarpa Yoga is when all the Vedic planets are to one side of the nodal axis and are hemmed in by it. This formation creates divisiveness and treachery. The Moon is within the Kal Sarpa for half of every month, and then the Moon is outside the planets grouping the other half of the month. This creates potential instability of mind, with the Moon unsupported half of every month. There’s big spiritual challenge in Kal Sarpa Yoga. It was in the heavens for a long time in 2016 at the time Donald Trump rose to power; by ‘coincidence’ it is in his birth chart. It ran into January 2017 before it ended. And from the eclipse of 21st August 2016 it has now re-asserted itself!

So who and what is the Dark Goddess?

She likes Chaos. Her allegiance is responsible to something beyond Saturn’s Order. Above all, She wants us strong. And she wants us open. She actually loves us. But she will not accept our weaknesses or our evasions. And she rips up comfort zones completely!

Please understand: She is not at all ‘adharmic’. She actually calls us to greater Dharma. And she does this by tearing up the formulaic and controlled spiritual definitions. She doesn’t care much for mantra which can turn people into robots thinking that they are spiritual. She doesn’t care for the formulaic graded spiritual paths. She laughs at the constructed hierarchies and sects and in-groups. She rips these apart to let in the Light!

SAMHAIN OR HALLOWEEN: And by weird and important coincidence, this time that Saturn transits to meet the Dark Goddess Niritti, it’s the time of Samhain or Halloween.

And I am writing this blog in the West of Ireland where lie Ireland’s most ancient sacred monuments, and by coincidence, it’s near here that the Irish War Goddess the Morrigan, mates every year at Samhain with The Dagda who is the Good God, and whose symbol is his cauldron of plenty. And, thus, She confers Sovereignty and Victory to that which is good and strong. And this is the same message as Saturn meets Niritti now!

We have to be open and strong, and hardworking and diligent, and be prepared to meet whatever comes and change direction, in which case, She will give us victory, and we will be strong.

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