Saturn Transit: Saturn enters Vedic Scorpio : What will this mean for you?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Saturn enters the Vedic astrology sign of Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. The pressure he will put on us will be slow, steady and trenchant. If we are prepared, we will be able to see the lessons easier. If we are prepared, we will be the better able to work with them. If we are prepared, we will bring a more enlightened awareness to them, and indeed we will be more able to use them as a gateway to raise our level of enlightened awareness. With awareness, you can work with this. And vedic astrology does give you the benefit of very sure declaration. Note: The Vedic chart for the Saturn ingress into Vedic Scorpio is at the end of this post, and the western chart for this moment follows it.

Saturn’s rewards patience, perseverance, ethics and diligence with real ‘golden reaping’. He calls for us to knuckle down, focus, be ethical and bring spiritual focus. He calls us to be more mature, to manage time and we have to experience consequences. He separates us from false egoic sense of our self. At his highest he is the renunciate ascetic saint. He calls us to identify and see past both our anxieties and our depressions.

So, what will Saturn’s transit through Vedic Scorpio mean for you for the next two and a half, in fact nearly three years?

It is well worth considering and preparing for. You are in for big change over this period. Now, the focus changes. There’s new energy coming in; a new mind-set.

Saturn will actually be in Scorpio 2nd November 2014 to 26th January 2017 and then after a brief dip into the next sign of Vedic Sagittarius, he will be back in Vedic Scorpio from 21 June 2017 – 26 Oct. 2017

This is a big change from the last couple of years of Saturn in Libra, where Saturn was in its strength. Since 4.8.12 and especially since 16.11.11, Saturn has been transiting through Vedic Libra offering each one of us the opportunities to raise our consciousness and heal our karmas around relating – relationships was the focus of the energy for all while Saturn was in Libra. You might like to take stock about what happened to you? The Divine aim during that time has been to make our relationships more loving. But when Saturn moves into Vedic Scorpio, the focus will be very different.

I am using Vedic Astrology in this post, because the declaration of Vedic Astrology is more sure and accurate than western astrology (though western astrology has some strengths that Vedic Astrology lacks: Chiron and the outer planets for example). It takes Saturn around two and a half years, so there’s a 28yr interval since Saturn last transited Scorpio, or will do so again!

You do need to know at the outset that certain placements will have particular difficulties for you ahead, especially if you are ‘spiritually off course’:

  • If your natal Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius, the famous seven and a half year predictive period of ‘Sade Sate’ will now start! This is a period of descending into a pit until Saturn reaches your natal Moon in around three and a quarters years’ time on average, then slowly climbing out of it. This will strip you of so much that is now part of your life but should not be: including your whole illusions structure. If you are in a Jupiter type bubble now, watch out!
  • If your natal Moon in is Vedic Scorpio, you will of course experience the bottom of the pit of Sade Sate. You will be at the turning point. Take stock and think about the changes, separations and new gains over the last three and a quarter years.
  • If your natal Ascendant in in Vedic Sagittarius, you will now start the difficult period of letting go and things dying in your life, wanting seclusion and even spiritual retreat, that is ‘Saturn transiting through your 12th House’. These blessed losses and retreats will not actually end until Saturn has finally crossed you Ascendant.
  • If your natal Ascendant is in Vedic Scorpio, you will be coming to the end of this ‘Saturn through the 12th house’ period of things dying and letting go and wanting seclusion, but this will only fully happen and the tide turn once Saturn has crossed your Ascendant.
  • If your natal Sun is in Scorpio this will be tough for you, especially if you are not on course spiritually now, but there will be golden reaping for you if you are, becoming your essence. If you are not on course there could be things like illness, depression, separations and work difficulties.
  • If you have Saturn in Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart you will experience the once every 28/29-year Saturn Return’. If it is your first Saturn Return (age 29), you will be getting serious about jacking up your standing in the world and finding the career standing you need to achieve the karmic work you came her for. If it is your Second Saturn Return (age 59) and if you are off course for your Dharma in your life, you will feel suffering and your whole life will be tumbled and changed and transformed by the energy of Lord Saturn so as to put you on course to achieve your incarnational life purpose and get your spiritual act together. If you don’t you stop fully living, basically!

The last Saturn Transit through Scorpio: By the way, it can be a useful thing to do to look at what was happening in your life when Saturn last transited through Scorpio. This was twenty-nine years ago from September 1985 to September 1987. What was happening to you then??
There could be important pointers as to what will happen now, but of course, you are probably a very different person now.
My partner Maggie learned shiatsu in September 1985 and studied a course in it for two years. Now, at this time, as Saturn enters Scorpio again, she is exploring Bowen technique.

The time before that when Saturn entered Scorpio was 12.11.1955 for two and a half years until 7.11.58. If you were alive then, can you draw any clues from that period? (I was recruited in my infants school as a future Catholic Priest).

What will happen this time? So how can we identify what the passage of Saturn through Vedic Scorpio for the next two and a half years will bring each of us?
It’s really worthwhile making the effort to identify this. If we do this preparation our perception of our future will be helped; our clarity will be helped. We will be better able to use what happens to raise our consciousness. We will be more able to bring enlightened consciousness to what will happen.

What Saturn transiting through Scorpio will mean for me this time:

I thought it might be helpful to you to get your head round what this transit means if I started by analysing what I think it will mean for me. I’ll then take you through some of the factors you need to work out what the transit of Saturn through Scorpio will mean for you.

Well, firstly, I expect Saturn to bring me a lot of hard work in my career. This is because of the intense nature of Vedic Scorpio and the seriousness of transiting Saturn. Vedic Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so we have the difficult combination of Saturn’s energy with Mars! So there is a danger of remorseless hard work and Mars periods can bring stomach trouble, so I will need to be careful: I am prone to this.

In my birth chart, Mars not only rules Vedic Scorpio but Mars actually occupies Vedic Scorpio in my chart, so the Martian drive and focus is intensified in my case!!!

So already we see a big need to also create pace and balance in my life, and allow time for love, recuperation, family and relaxation and healing.

But I do expect success! This is because Mars in my birth chart is in one of the special positions knows to Vedic astrology advanced Nakshatra analysis as ‘Pushkara’. Pushkara can take the planet’s manifestation from ordinary to extraordinary. And my Mars is there natally.

House: To work out what the Saturn through Scorpio transit will mean, you do need to look at the House that Scorpio is in your Vedic birth chart. In my birth chart, Scorpio is my 5th House. This is because I have a Cancer lagna (or Ascendant). The 5th House is a good House in Vedic Astrology, and also it’s 9th House from my Moon – and the 9th House is very good!

Most importantly, I intuit that this transit will be important and successful for me. Partly I say this because the fifth House is known in Vedic astrology as ‘Poorvanpunya’ or ‘past life credit’ as well as ‘kingship’, and my intuition is that I will reap from past life skills, gain authority and do well. I feel part of this will be success in astrology.

When Saturn Transits the 5th House, we can have the chance to learn a lot about the effect of our past life karma and also to know what now has to be worked on. This transit will provide deep insights about these areas.

And I do I feel another part of this success in my case will definitely be in my ‘dhyana mediation’ and ‘kundalini third eye meditation’, which basically is powerful for creating enlightened consciousness. It is opening to shaktipat or divine energy through guru. Connecting to your True Self that exists eternally and with the Divine. For details see Helen Hamilton’s This approach raises your enlightened consciousness, so that you are not mired into the scripts, the emotions, what is happening in the form realm and in your mind and emotions. You become the Observer to watch these play out from a standpoint of enlightened awareness. Yes, the perception of the declaration of vedic astrology will be a very useful pointer, but the clarity given will essentially serve the process of becoming more enlightened. My partner Maggie Pashley and I meditate an hour a day in this worldwide distance-contact meditation program and although there will be healing crises, it is so wonderful for raising the consciousness. However, note also that the 5th House is also about mind and stomach (again)!

When Saturn transits the 5th House, the person explores the uniqueness of his spirit (from the level of the consciousness he is at). His energy and intensity are now focussed on personal creativity and self-expression. This is what I expect and will work for and make my focus.

Of course the 5th House is also about romantic relationships. And I need to be aware that the fifth House is also about children and Saturn’s transit through the 5th House can bring seriousness there, even burden, and this is coupled in my case by the fact that my 5th House is Scorpio, ruled and occupied by Mars, which is not easily good for children issues.

ASPECTS: Note that when Saturn transits the fifth House he simultaneously forms as aspect under the Vedic astrology rules of aspectation to the 3rd, 7th and 10th Houses from the Scorpio House he occupies. in Vedic astrology, you always count inclusively from the house you are counting from, so in a count, the house you are counting from is No 1 in your count). This is because in Vedic Astrology, Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th Houses from the House he occupies.

So in my case, with Saturn transiting through my Scorpio 5th House, Saturn the 7th, 11th and 2nd Houses in my birth chart. Saturn will therefore bring such things as: seriousness/commitment/reaping/hard-won success in (7th House) marriage.

Saturn could temporarily limit (or bring consolidation) to my 11th House fulfilment of my ambitions and gains.

And there could be 2nd house delays and obstacles to income (or he could bring consolidation ideally) But this is his effect on income – not necessarily other sources of money. Note also that the 2nd House, which is a Maraka house, it is a death-dealing house. The 2nd house is about finances, yes – and also about transforming my value issues of course.

SATURN’S TRANSITS TO NATAL PLANETS: Because Saturn will actually transit across my natal Mars in December 2014 and again in June and September 2015, I will really need to focus and assert carefully in order to achieve the most productive use of my energy and there could be big frustration, but results will come from patient correction if I can achieve that. However, given the combination of Saturn and Mars, too much force is possible, and so there’s definitely the need to balance this chosen focus on work, with rest, relaxation and recuperation.
And note that my natal Mars is in Anuradha nakshatra, one of the Lunar Signs or Nakshatras of Vedic astrology that fall within Vedic Scorpio, whose body part is the stomach (again!!).

Note that Saturn transiting Mars has the reputation that it can tend to sudden rise or downfall. According to Reinhold Ebertin it can mean:  + perseverance, power and indefatigability in overcoming difficulties. Or  dissatisfaction or displeasure stemming from great difficulties or antagonisms, severity, harshness, insubmissiveness, weakness, inclination to illness, danger of injury or mishaps, mental and emotional pain or sorrow, harm from others.

The Saturn-Mars combination is definitely noted for accident,  explosions and crashes.

Saturn and Mars were actually conjunct each other in the heavens at the end of August. Does what happened then give you any clues about the learning you need to make? Note that Mars is in the sign of Scorpio a lot during the time that Saturn is also transiting through it.

YOUR CHART: Now, let’s look at the analysis factors you need to use to understand Saturn’s transit through Scorpio in your Vedic life:

#1. What is the Nature of the Planet Saturn? First of all, you need to know what Saturn does to the signs he transits. Saturn’s energy is slow and remorseless. It’s almost like he beats the signs he transits through. He attracts experiences into our consciousness, and attracts events and people into our lives, that will give us the chance to work out our personal karmas and scripts. He offers us the chance to become more responsible in our use of time, and to put time-wasters out of our life. He brings us the chance for dignity and ethics. Certainly his energy is separative. We can move house or job. Situations can end. People can die and situations can end wherever Saturn brings his focus. He brings protracted pressure.

If our consciousness is high and if we are diligent, Saturn brings hard-won golden reaping. He shatters any denial or illusion.

But if our consciousness is low, there can be painful death-like situations, depression – even grief. His energy can feel mean and spiteful.

Positively or negatively, his whole energy can be to create solitude. His aim is to bring wisdom and higher awareness and enlightenment.

#2. Secondly, What is the nature of the Vedic Sign of Scorpio? Secondly, we need to take into account the nature of the energy of the Vedic Sign of Scorpio. By the way, Scorpio runs from 24 western Scorpio to 24 western Sagittarius – there is a 24 degree difference between the western tropical zodiac and the Vedic Sidereal zodiac. So note that in fact this transit will affect people with planets at the end of western Scorpio and will quite soon more affect people whom western astrology actually calls ‘Sagittarians’.

OK, so what is the quality of Vedic Scorpio? Note that the quality of Vedic Scorpio is ‘Fixed Water’ and it is ruled by Mars. So, negatively, they get stuck in their emotions and they are punishing, remorseless control freaks, and do manipulate others. All this is due to pain they have suffered. They seek to avoid pain, but the means they use until they evolve makes pain and strife more likely. The highlighted life areas are sex and death and transformation, shared resources. Purifying our sexual and loving relationship. Hidden secrets are issues, scandal and underhand – and resistance to life – and to change!!!

Negatively, the more they fight the gift of life, the more ill they make themselves, the more pain they feel and the more pain they impose on others. They are over-intense worriers who make a hell out of relationship. Their thinking can be ridiculously all or nothing, black or white. But if they accept transformation, they become resilient and victorious for the good of all. Negatively they are vengeful and hypersensitive, seduced and seducing, controlling and punishing. They make terrible mistakes. They can be ruled by thinking up the worst possible.

But positively, if they exorcise the murky waters of their psyches and do the needed transformational spiritual work to manifest their positive potential, they are powerfully investigative, occult, intuitive and instinctive. They are committed, devoted, supportive, loyal and shrewd. They can become healers who offer deep transformational work.

So what do we make so far of the transit of Saturn through Scorpio from the combination of factors #1 and #2 above? Well, I get the picture of long-drawn pressure to release our control scripts born out of pain. I get the picture of turbulent emotions subjected to remorseless protracted pressure to achieve higher awareness. For the more enlightened, there should be rewards for patience and hard work, and skills in investigation and healing should duly flower.

#3. Let’s Look at the Nakshatras or Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology that Saturn will be transiting through:

The sign of Vedic Scorpio is occupied by three Nakshatras: Nos 16, 17 and 18: Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyestha, out of the wonderful and powerful 27-sign lunar Zodiac.

3a. Vishakha: The first three degrees and twenty minutes of Vedic Scorpio are the end of the Vedic Lunar Sign or Nakshatra called ‘Vishakha’. Saturn transits through this part of Scorpio from 2.11.14 to 1.12.14).
Vishakha is a vehement sign, mostly at the end of Vedic Libra, whose power animal is the male tiger and whose symbol is the Triumphal Arch, Ruler Jupiter. They can be ruthless, remorseless and abrasive and utterly crushing. But if they move to the highest consciousness, Vishakhas can hold situations together and do the right thing and live up to their responsibilities for the benefit of all concerned. Positively, Saturn transiting through Vishakha can bring great focus and success. There are four padas or divisions to every Nakshatra. In this 4th Pada of Vishakha, emotions can get more and more fixed and can toxify and putrefy – so will you fight it or do the spiritual practice need to heal?.

3b. Anuradha: The Nakshatra of Anuradha occupies 3.20′ – 16.40′ Scorpio. Ruler Saturn. Power animal the female deer. Saturn transits through Anuradha from 1.12.14 to 28.12.15.

This is about dealing with emotional upheavals and intensity, being paranoid and getting triggered. We need to develop awareness of our scripts and avoid creating a lot of emotional battles with others. Avoid dramas that polarizing situations and pushing people to the extremes. These will damage you greatly as well. At its higher manifestation, this is a devotional Nakshatra and is to do with practising dynamic medita­tions, but these need to move on to serene stages in the light of silen­ce. Don’t get stuck or even egoic about doing mantra and yoga and not moving to higher consciousness. In Anuradha, when the mud has been left behind and the emotions have calmed down, it is possible to reach the True Self.

3c. Jyestha: Jyestha Nakshatra occupies 16.40′ – 30° Scorpio. Power animal the stag. Ruler Mercury. Saturn transits through Jyestha from 28.12.15 to 26.1.17, return there due to retrograde 21.1.17 to 21.6.17 and finally leaving 26.10.17.

The spiritual path of Jyestha is that of the warrior and the acceptance of authoritative positions. They can be the most successful of their family. They keep friends and build a good support network. They are generous, self-reliant, and eventually wealthy. But they can be intense and secretive; spiritual on the surface and not so moral underneath.

The last few degrees of Jyestha are Gandanta, in one of the three dangerous zones where water signs end and give way to Fire signs. This can indicate the person who cannot enjoy the blessings of their life due to karmic circumstances, difficult issues that the soul has to unravel, psychological or physical blocks and immense churning of emotions – all of which can bring forth, and certainly need, great maturity. Resistance to change is disastrous for these persons. There will be ties to past lives and lack of support. Planets placed there can be ruined. Saturn transits over this Gandanta point 26.1.2017, and returns there due to retrograding on 21.6.17.

#4. To understand the effects of Saturn transiting through Vedic Scorpio in your life, you also need ideally to check out also such things as:

  • The classification of the House that Saturn is transiting through in your birth chart, reading from the Ascendant (Lagna): (Cardinal Houses are: 1,4,7,10), Fixed Houses are (2,5,8,11) and Mutable Houses are (3,6,9,12).
  • You need to consider Scorpio’s sign ruler, Mars, and the relationship of that ruler to Saturn. Saturn and Mars are enemies. What is the status and condition on Mars in your Vedic birth chart?
  • Is the House occupied by Scorpio in your birth chart a maraka house, a death-dealing house (2nd, 7th)?
  • Which of the four purposes of life or Purusarthas applies to this house in your chart – Dharma Houses of right action (1,5,9); Artha Houses of resources (2,6,10); Kama Houses of desires (3,7,11); or Moksha Houses of salvation (4,8,12).
  • What is the House the Saturn transit through Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart an Indicator for? (indicator is called a Karaka in Vedic Astrology). House 1 karaka is: the Sun (the Self), House 2 karaka is: Jupiter (monetary gains, bank account), Mercury (communication, thinking); House 3 karaka is: Mars (younger siblings, energy, obstacles); House 4 Karaka is: The Moon (mother, feelings, emotions, and mind); House 5 karaka is: Jupiter (children, creativity); House 6 karaka is: Mars (accidents) and Saturn (illness); House 7 karaka: Venus (wife, love life) and Jupiter (husband); House 8 karaka: Saturn (length of life and death); House 9 karaka: Jupiter (the guru) and the Sun (father); House 10 karaka: Mercury, Jupiter (profession) and the Sun (honour); House 11 karaka: Jupiter (eldest sibling and gains); House 12 karaka: Saturn (loss, institutions, seclusion).
  • You do need to consider Planets occupying Scorpio in your birth chart and their nature and the Houses they rule, and also what they are indicators of.
  • You need to assess he Nakshatra Saturn is transiting through, its nature and ruler.
  • If your Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius, the famous, difficult, seven and a half year predictive period ‘Sade Sate’ will now start. This is a period of descending into a pit until Saturn reaches your natal Moon (in average three and a quarter years’ time), then slowly climbing out of it. However, if your Moon is in Vedic Scorpio, you will encounter the ‘bottom of the pit’ of this period in the next two and a half years. The divine purpose of Sade Sate is to see how and what we are where we have cut ourselves off from grace and connection to God. (see above)
  • If your Ascendant in in Vedic Sagittarius, you will now start the difficult period of letting go and things dying in your life that is Saturn transiting through your 12th And if your Ascendant is in Vedic Scorpio, you will be in the closing moths/years of completing that process. (See above)
  • If your Sun is in Vedic Scorpio, this will be tough indeed if you are not on course spiritually, but there will be golden reaping for you if you are. (see above)
  • If your Saturn is in Vedic Scorpio, you will be having a most important Saturn Return experience (see above)


Saturn’s transit through Scorpio can be seen as encouraging us to strengthen ourselves.

The divine aim of this is so that we can do needed emotional and healing work and raise our level of consciousness.

Of course many will turn to methods that are egoic, formulaic, superficial, illusory or even dark, but the great aim is to bring enlightenment.

Lord Sani’s aim in Mars-ruled Scorpio is to bring to you opportunities to learn about how your way of living may cause you stress, and your opportunity now therefore is to live within your body rhythms and in balance with the other goals of your life and your relationships.

Saturn will certainly call us to strip away our attempts to control, our fears and the role of our fears in our life, our illusion and denial.

We do need to be forewarned about the need for us to cope with Saturn’s slowing effect and creation of focus and depth on the one hand, and Mars’ impatience and potential destruction on the other hand, in our life.

Let’s close with just a few very very brief buzz-words for each Ascendant (Lagna) for you to consider these, so you can begin to build up your highest understanding of what Saturn transit through Scorpio means for you. You do this in terms of the House that Scorpio occupies in your Vedic birth chart (you do this reading from or counting from your Lagna /Ascendant):

Aries lagna,    Scorpio is your 8th House from Ascendant/Lagna: transforming the way you handle your fears, needed change and your insecurities.

Taurus lagna, Scorpio is your 7th House: difficult focus on marriage – it may be make or break. Avoid affairs.

Gemini lagna, Scorpio is your 6th House: focus on work, service, health, right living. Enemies may arise.

Cancer Lagna, Scorpio is in your 5th House: this is me – see the analysis above.

Leo Lagna,     Scorpio is your 4th House: the home, mother, deep feelings. The 4th house receives a 10th House aspect from transiting Saturn and this could be challenging. Especially Saturn and Leo’s ruler the Sun are enemies.

Virgo Lagna   Scorpio is your 3rd House: Obstacles, siblings.

Libra Lagna     Scorpio is your 2nd House: values, financial gain. Your level of confidence will be a lot better than the last few years. Libra has had a time of tough learning for the last two years with both Saturn and Rahu (North node) transiting through it, as well as some formidable eclipse. All good stuff if you are spiritually open!

Scorpio Lagna, Scorp is your 1st House:

Sagittarius Lagna, Scorpio is your 12th house: difficult period of letting go and things dying in your life.

Capricorn Lagna, Scorpio is your 11th House: structured gains and focus on long-term goals. Capricorn receives a 3rd House aspect form Saturn in Scorpio, so gains could be depressed over this period – or consolidated and structured.

Aquarius Lagna, Scorp is your 10th House: could be good for career and standing in the world. Responsibilities.

Pisces Lagna, Scorp is your 9th House: you could duly settle on the right spiritual path/practice, guru and spiritual teachings and principles. Note that the closing and dangerous though potentially positively revolutionary ‘Uranus – Ketu (South Node)’ conjunction which has made the recent full Moons and Eclipses so lurid for some, actually becomes conjunct in the heavens at 19 Vedic Pisces at the end of January and if your Sun or Moon are there this will have a trenchant reaping sudden explosive effect. This is 13 western Aries.

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Finally: Here’s the Vedic chart for Saturn entering Vedic Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. The Western astrology chart follows:

Saturn enters Vedic Scorpio, 2.11.14
Saturn enters Vedic Scorpio, 2.11.14










Chart: Saturn enters sidereal Scorpio in Western Astrology
Chart: Saturn enters sidereal Scorpio in Western Astrology