Saturn square Neptune : You need to understand the energy you are placed in for a year

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Saturn square Neptune: this is big.

It is important to note that the first of the three Saturn-Neptune squares has just occurred and is still very much in orb: November 26th 2015.

This is a difficult energy for us to learn from.

Saturn is boundaries, limits, and karmic laws, lessons of sadness, patience and diligence, learning through blocks. Melancholy.

Neptune is the deepest  longings in the soul, vision, love, harmony, peace, beauty, unconditional love, forgiveness and a mystical sense of Oneness; or Negatively: denial, escapism, delusion, alcohol and drugs!

Sani, Saturn, Lord of Karma
Sani, Saturn, Lord of Karma

So when transiting Saturn squares Neptune, you will have to learn from disillusion. Rose-coloured spectacles will fall from your nose. Clarity can be devastating. We can feel sorrow. We can feel pain between the ideal and the actual! We need to create structures to bring our heaven to Earth. Here are the dates:

  1. Neptune is at 7 deg Pisces on 18th November 2015; Saturn is at 7 Sagittarius on 26th November 2015

2. Saturn Retrogrades at 16 Sagittarius on March 26th 2016 and Neptune retrogrades at 12 Pisces on 13th June 2016 so that Saturn is square Neptune for the second time on 18th June.

3. Saturn turns direct on 10th September 2016 at 10 deg Sagittarius, so Saturn squares Neptune for the third time exact 20th November 2016.

Neptune, Visionary Dreamer
Neptune, Visionary Dreamer

The energy of Saturn square Neptune is a constant sense of suffering, renunciation, asceticism. Psychologically there is readiness for sacrifice, taking care of others, self-restraint, caution, foresight, change of moods, distrust, insecurity dissatisfaction, a struggle between idealistic and materialistic tendencies.

There’s a feeling of being poor and or sick! It manifests as methodical execution of plans, slow attainment of success through excessive effort, painful or tormenting inhibitions, undermining circumstances leading to illness, diseases with causes difficult to ascertain.

Saturn seeks form and certainty. He demands necessary boundaries and structures, responsibility and restrictions for growth to occur. He demands patience, humility, commitment and a willingness to endure and persist. He insists we recognise the reality of TIME and the unavoidable fact of TIMING.

Neptune seeks merger with everything and separation from nothing. Neptune seeks unity and oneness. Neptune cannot be defined or restricted. He perceives no boundaries between self and other. He compels peace and dissolution.

Riding these two incompatibly temperamented horses is painful and needs to be understood, and the timing of the transits recognised.

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