Saturn Retrograde What we must Do?

Saturn is Lord of Karma, Lord of Reaping. This video and blog post tells you how to understand any Saturn Retrograde period:

It was actually produced as part of my September 2023 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter so you can also see the specific features of this particular Saturn retrograde period, as well as hear the important general principles.

In the particular period of the present time, Saturn starts September Retrograde at 9 deg Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra.

Saturn actually turned Retrograde at 13 Aquarius on 17th June.

Saturn now transits Retrograde from 9 to 7 deg Aquarius in September.

Note that Saturn will turn Direct at 6 Aquarius on 4th November.

When Saturn is Retrograde, we have to obey his imperatives to:

Complete business that is left unfinished in our life.

To tie up unfinished loose ends.

To de-clutter.

To get sound.

To honour Saturn’s demands!

Keep asking yourself the question: ‘What am I carrying now?’

Check out: what planets in your birth chart does Saturn cast an aspect to?

Check out: what planets in your birth chart does this Transiting Saturn cast an aspect to?

Check out what House (= life area) is Aquarius in your birth chart, the sign Saturn is transiting at this time: Saturn will especially be laying down his karmic imperative in that life area for you now.

If you have your natal Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, absolutely do get a Reading from me to include study of your Sade Sate experience.

Sade Sate if the seven-and-a-half-year period where Saturn transits through the sign before you Moon in your birth chart, the sign of your Moon and the sign after your Moon.

Sade Sate is like going down into a pit and rising up out of it again. You need awareness and insight.

It is like death and rebirth.

Get a Reading from me if this applies to you.

Remember, Saturn was originally an agricultural deity. If we obey his karmic imperative – then we will reap a Golden Harvest!

So it’s important to realize as we go through the experiences, that this Saturn Retrograde journey is a time to pay attention to where your abilities really lie – then take action and plan your path accordingly.

Sacrifice is involved!

Death and rebirth.

This way you find your personal power and how you envision yourself as you really are can be used so positively to plan your forward  life path now.

And note, of course, in this sound and thorough way, you’ll likely find that you’re actually much more than you envision!

And recognize that much of the unfoldment of Saturn in our life is to do with our Fate(s) we carry in this life, their unfoldment, their healing: our incarnational life purpose, our karmic life scritps.

Viewing this Saturn Retrograde situation from this higher perspective will allow you to find the positive side, the Keys to the New You.

It’s time to make a very important judgement!

To make very important promises to yourself.

And you will have the World!

Looking Ahead with Saturn:

Saturn first entered Vedic Aquarius from April to July 2022, reaching the first degree of Aquarius, only. But Saturn then retrograded back into Capricorn.

Then Saturn re-entered Vedic Aquarius from 17.1.23.

Saturn reached 13 deg Aquarius and then turned retrograde 17.6.23

During this retrograde, Saturn will actually retrograde back to 6 deg Aquarius, turning direct again on 4th November 2023.

Saturn then goes forward again. But Saturn will not reach his pre-retrogradation position of 13 deg Aquarius until 8th February 2024.

Saturn turns retrograde again at 25 Aquarius on 30.6.24.

This Retrograde ends 16.11.24 when Saturn turns direct again at 18 Aquarius.

Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on 13th March 2025.

Saturn turns retrograde again on 13th July 2025 at 7 deg Pisces and retrogrades back to 0 deg 56 Pisces on 28.11.25 (so Saturn almost returns to Aquarius again, but not quite).  

Saturn leaves Pisces and enters Aries on 3.6.27.

Saturn leaves Aries and enters Taurus on 18.4.30.

Saturn leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on 31.5.32.

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