Saturn Pluto South Node Ketu The Great Conjunction forms 2019

A great conjunction is gathering.

It’s in the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius
this is Western Capricorn.

The gathering planets are:

South Node/Ketu

The last time there was this conjunction in Sagittarius was in 1517AD. What happened then was that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Cathedral door in Guttenberg. The Catholic Church was destroyed in Northern Europe. The Reformation was proclaimed.

So, what will this great conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius mean in your life?

N.B. You can see the western and Vedic Astrology charts for this conjunction at the end of this blog post.

Here’s what first came to my mind, personally, when I, myslef, first intuitively connected to this Conjunction:

Revealing dreams with profound unconscious contents, anxiety toward freedom, a sudden decision followed by action. Illumination.

It started with the January 2019 Solar Eclipse: This great conjunction (Saturn-Ketu/South Node- Pluto), forms out of the January Solar Eclipse in Vedic Sagittarius, in PurvAshadha Nakshatra (on 5th 6th January depending on where you are in the world (c/w video).
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And note that the force of this Great Conjunction continues to the end of 2019.

Let’s look at the natures of the transiting planets involved in this great conjunction:

Saturn separates and makes us face our karma. He demands hard work, patience

Ketu renounces, and sends us meltdowns and downfalls with Divine Purpose to offer us enlightenment and put us on-course. In our birth chart, Ketu is where we come in from past life; but Rahu North Node is the direction we are karmically thrown towards in this life incarnation. It is major wen the transiting Nodes conjucnt the natal Nodes.

Pluto is our Power or lack of it. He is Death and Rebirth. He is deep psychism; intensity and rebirth, or negatively. He is control and abuse. Plutonian force offers us compelling pressure to change from our former past life and our false security scripts. Resistance to Pluto has devastating implications. Karmic force.

Next, let’s look at how these planets combine:

Saturn – Ketu Usually seems to be characterised by melt-down, if our life is off course in terms of career or spiritual paradigm. It offers mystical breakthrough. On another level it can be skeletal surgery, or precision detailed work.

Saturn – Pluto
can be the grimly held imposer of formula OR the chalice bearer of the fires of Transformation.

Pluto – Ketu
Huge. Phoenix rising from the ashes. Deep Inspiration. Major closures. Pain. Liberation. Can be destruction (of the superfluous), investigation, compulsion. Matters of power issues and past life destiny, effort and great mystical accomplishment. What we need to overcome. Leaving toxicity. Reliving of Past Life. Regeneration and potential for rebirth. If in the 6th House can indicate weight loss. Death of old self; new life trajectory. Karmic force. Elimination of what no longer serves.

Next, A Second Conjunction forms in May 2019, opposite: 

So, not that the above is the nature of the Great Conjunction forming in your chart, in Vedic Sagittarius, but as if that was not enough, another malefic conjunction is forming exactly opposite in Vedic Gemini, coming to exactness in June/July 2019:

Mars conjuncts Rahu North Node in Gemini in May to July 2019, and as you can see from the charts at the end of this blog post, this Mars/North node Rahu conjunction opposes the Saturn/Pluto conjunct Ketu in Sagittarius.

So, what effect will the Great Conjunction and the Mars/Rahu conjunction opposite have on you and your life?

Do check out which Houses are involved in your birth chart for this martial and destructive energy in Vedic Gemini, situated oppostion the great conjunction of Saturn, Ketu, Pluto.

See the Chart for June 13th, Chart 5, below.

So, we see that in terms of chart analysis, the Great Conjunction affects a lot in anyone’s chart and their life; some more than others!

The great conjucntion and the Mars/Rahu conjunction opposite affects at least the following:

1. The area of your life that is the House that is Sagittarius in your Vedic chart.
2. The planet Jupiter who rules Vedic Sagittarius. What role does Jupiter play in your chart and your current predictive astrology?
3. The other Houses that Jupiter rules or occupies in your Vedic birth Chart.
4. Saturn in your birth chart and the houses that Saturn rules or occupies and the role that Saturn plays in your current predictive astrology.
5. And looking now at what is happening opposite in Vedic Gemini: A conjunction of Rahu North Node and Mars forming in June / July, this affects the life area that is the House for Vedic Gemini in your birth chart, Mercury who is the ruler of Gemini and also Virgo, and the role that Mercury plays in your current predictive astrology.
6. Purva Shada, the 20th Nakshatra, is IMMENSELY affected. It’s ruled by Venus, in the sign of Vedic Sagittarius (also affecting Nx 21 UttarAshadha).
7. Punarvasu, the 7th Nakshatra, spanning Vedic Gemini and early Vedic Cancer, opposite the great conjunction. Punarvasu is heavily affected.

Which Nakshatra does this Eclipse form in? The January Solar Eclipse and all that happens from it in Vedic Sagittarius, is in PurvAshadha Nakshatra. See PurvAshadha meaning and charts, below.

Which House in your birth chart? Of course, absolutely crucially, you do have to look what House Sagittarius is in your Vedic birth chart. This makes such a key to perceiving how the energies of this transiting conjunction will manifest in your life: in what area of your life. For some basic key words describing each House in your Vedic birth chart, see below.

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The Gathering of the Conjunction: So, there’s more analysis of the great conjunction below, but here are the five steps of its gathering through 2019:

The gathering of this conjunction all starts with the Solar Eclipse, the New Moon of 6th January when the Sun/Moon of the Eclipse conjunct Saturn at 21 Vedic Sagittarius and Pluto at 26 Vedic Sagittarius.
(See chart 1 below).

The next step in the gathering is on 7th March when Ketu/South Node enters Vedic Sagittarius to Join Saturn and Pluto.
(See chart 2 below)

By 1st April, the conjunction is powerful and close, with Saturn at 24 deg Vedic Sagittarius, Ketu at 29 deg and Pluto at 38 deg.
(See charts 3a Vedic and 3b Western, below).

The Conjunction is at its very closest on 22nd May until 30th September, with Saturn and Ketu’s cutting energy retrograding side by side from 9th May from 26 to 19 deg Vedic Sagittarius.
(See Chart 4, below)

The Conjunction wanes by 24.1.20, when Saturn leaves Vedic Sagittarius and enters Vedic Capricorn. But that’s not actually the end, as Saturn and Pluto are both in UttarAshadha Nakshatra which spans the end of Vedic Sagittarius and the start of Vedic Capricorn. And look what’s happened to Jupiter. Jupiter is now in a powerful Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction – but more about that nearer the time! (See chart 6, below)

PurvAshadha Nakshatra:

Here are some very brief details on the twentieth Nakshatra: PurvAshadha Nakshatra, where the eclipse and the great conjunction falls:
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So, let’s look at this brief excerpt about Nx 20. PurvaAshadha, the Nakshatra that this Eclipse falls in, as due to the upcoming Saturn-Ketu-Pluto conjunction these people will be especially experiencing energies of awesome dimensions:
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Purva Ashadha spans: 13°20′ to 26°40′ Sagittarius / Dhanus
Padas are: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
Ruled by Venus (Venus Dasa: 20 years)
Translation: The Former Unsubdued. Purva Ashadha means “early victory”.
Power Animal/Yoni: Male Monkey
Motivation: Moksha
Guna Triplicity: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
Ayurvedic Dosha: Pitta
Body Part: Back
Gana: Human
Quality: Fierce

Key Words:
Strength and Victory. Invincible: they smash through anything in their way.
Proud, independent. Obstinate and can’t be influenced by others.
Their symbol, the fan denotes superiority.
They have an intense conviction that they cannot lose, and they have the ability to come out on top – and at times this can be misplaced or positively malign for the effect they will have on others. it is not an impatient energy; but it is implacable – and can of course be unrealistic or inappropriate. Fearless and controlling. Social climbers. Oratorical, obstinate and aggressive.
Blind to their own flaws and in self-denial.
Often creative and talented.
Often supported through many friends.
Full of their own opinions and judgmental.
They are orientated towards Moksha, but in their search for Moksha, they are over-expansive, and their overexpansion and opinionated nature can crush or disregard others.
Their Pitta orientation makes them fiery and forceful, inspirational and charismatic.
Their rulership by Venus can so often tend them to pursue illusion and deception, and because this couples with their mental aggression, the resultant mix is unstoppable.
They tend to develop influence, ambitious and fearless, always improving, ambitious to improve their life situation.
They have deep emotions, philosophical.
They are confrontational, angry, harsh.
As regards spiritual path, this Nakshatra can be formulaic and implacable, devotional but dogmatic. They can have a deeply philosophical or religious nature, but they do need to strip away their ego otherwise their spiritual path can crush others.
They have an ability to influence the masses.
Purva Ashadha can bring fame, wealth, fertility and wisdom.
They can have flashes of inspiration and insight. There can be phases or purification and regeneration. The meaning of life can suddenly be revealed to them.
They need to maintain purity, but often their false purity becomes a supreme and destructive agenda.

Which House does the Conjunction fall in, in your Vedic Birth Chart?

So, let’s look first at the House that this Eclipse falls in in your Vedic birth Chart:
This Table also shows very brief key words for the area of your life which each House indicates.
So the area of your life indicated by the House which is Vedic Sagittarius, which is where the Solar Eclipse and the Great Conjunction fall in, must be taken into account.
And the effect is even stronger if the Eclipse falls on one of your planets, of course:

1st – (Sun)
 shows the head – ego – one’s self, body, general prosperity, health and wellbeing, basic self-expression, physical constitution, personality.

2nd(Jupiter, mercury) gathering / holding resources, livelihood, speech, youth, financial success (or not) through career / labour. Show our tastes, food, art / poetry / capacity to communicate, how we operate and express. Right eye. Eyesight generally.

3rd – (Mars, mercury) curiosity, power, brother, friends, motivation, interest basic life energy, impulses and intention that drives us. Will ambition, passion, zeal, rashness impulsiveness main interests, sport, hobbies

4th – (Moon) emotion, happiness, property, mind, upbringing, education, refinement, masses, popularity, land acquisition, vehicles, what is internal, capacity to Relax, it’s afflictions are hard to overcome, most sensitive

5th – (Jupiter) creative intelligence, education, speculation, romance, children, past life credit, games, spiritual practices. Creativity in general – giving birth to our ideas – children show our primal creative urge

6th – (Mars, Saturn) enemies, debts, health and disease, work and service, foreigners, pets, enemies, effort, resistance to illness, immune system. Our capacity to do hard labour – overcome physical obstacles / enemies.

7th – (Venus, Jupiter) Long term romantic relationships, general relations with others, business associates. Being opposite the ascendant, it shows that to which we are most drawn and most challenged to learn.

8th – (Saturn) sex, death, the occult, dark / hidden side of life, longevity, research, destruction / regeneration of any sort. Through the 8th house we confront our mortality. It can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives.

9th – (Jupiter) religious, philosophical or ethical principles, grace, dharma (life purpose). Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so. The luckiest house.

10th – (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) public status, material achievement, skill, success, career, our effect on the world. Politics. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance.

11th – (Jupiter) aspirations and goals, financial and material gains, friendship, impulse, abundance and excess. Ability to project our intelligence on the world. Where we expand. Planets here show their expansive nature.

 12th – (Saturn, Ketu) subconscious, hidden nature, loss, liberation, decrease, wastage of energy. Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment. Left eye.

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Chart 1a: Solar Eclipse 6.1.19: Vedic: 





Chart 1b. Solar Eclipse January 2019: Western:

Chart 2a: Ketu enters Sagittarius 7.3.2019: 03.00 am Vedic





Chart 2b: Ketu enters Sagittarius 7.3.2019: 03.00 am Western






Chart 3a: Now 1.4.2019: Vedic





Chart 3b: Now 1.4.2019: Western

 Chart 4: Now 23.4.19:





Chart 5: Now 13.6.19:






Chart 6: Now 24.1.2020:


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