Saturn Pluto Ketu (South Node) Their Energies and Natures – and the Great Conjunction 2019

This video and Blog post look in detail at:

The energies of each of the planets Saturn Ketu (South Node) and Pluto,
Their divine natures,
And also the nature of the Saturn-Pluto-Ketu great conjunction.

This is the Great Conjunction that is transiting in Vedic Sagittarius in 2019. It last transited in Vedic Sagittarius in 1517, when Martin Luther brought in the Reformation – and the fall of the Catholic Church in Northern Europe.

The ‘featured image’ of this blog post shows an indigenous tribal shaman, who clearly embodies a high force of similar nature to Saturn, Ketu and Pluto.

What is the nature of Saturn, Pluto and Ketu?
What is the highest divine meaning of these three planets?

How do they combine?

I offer this as a resource for you now, and for all your life.

I include in it understanding the Divine Nature of the planets, and a mention of vision methods of Meeting the Divine planet, meeting deity, arising as deity.

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Let’s start by looking at the planetary energies of Saturn and Pluto, then we’ll look at their divine natures, then how they combine, then take  long look at Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, and how Ketu combines with Saturn and Pluto, in the heavens in 2019, and in our charts and in our lives. There’s a three-part video, and then a presentation of the detail:

Saturn demands we do the hard work, work on our karmas, and come become a prison we build as to our own personality/nature, basically because of childhood and cultural conditioning.
And obviously you need to understand the meaning in your destiny and life of the signs and houses in your Vedic birth chart that Saturn occupies and rules.
And realise also that every 28 years, Saturn transits across your natal Moon, bringing seven and a half years of separation, death and suffering: but for divine purpose and gift: making you face your self-imposed barriers and prisons, and opening them to the light. This is called the Sade Sate period, and its timing is roughly measured by Saturn’s passage through the sign before your natal Moon, the Vedic sign occupied by your natal Moon, and the Vedic sign after your natal Moon. But it’s dating calendar is actually more accurately measured by Saturn’s passage through the Nakshatras surrounding your natal Moon.

Pluto is atomic power. Pluto is death and rebirth. Pluto is descent into the underworld, and resurrection as in the story of Inanna or Ishtar or Venus for the ancient Mesopotamians. When Pluto activates our life, there’s so often a descent into the underworld, to face and even feel incapacitated by our pains, our guilts, our secrets, our devastating-feeling wounds, sense of guilt and sin, cultural taboos, suspicions, and negatively: the Satanic.
Conversely, there’s intrinsic power of good, God, God can manifest, including through Pluto – I cannot stress strongly enough that the Tibetan Buddhist sense of the nature of Demons is very important. The point is that the highest spirituality is Tantric: namely that it is through ALL phenomenon that we must when called, learn to connect to the divine. In my social anthropology field study, I also lived in Tibetan Buddhist Gompas.
But the divine purpose of this is so that you Arise. Arise freed of the weights. Arise freed and empowered, and ready to show and use your power.
Pluto shows us how to learn about our power, often in terrible ways.
How you handle the descent phase is crucial. Maybe secrets will have to be given to the Keeper of The Abyss from him to ethically guard – and he may asset a price! This is magic!
Pluto is our evolutionary thrust. We need to learn to understand him, and to hone our expression of his divine energy.
How Pluto will manifest, and needs to evolve our life is nothing to do with the opposite house and sign, as is said by some, it’s more a matter of experiencing our darkness, then coming into our own power in an ethical way. Death and rebirth.
And here are two more huge issues we need to take on board in understanding the manifestation of Pluto (or any planet) in a human life:
Nature v. Nurture: A big issue is one that is so well encompassed in psychodynamic western astrology that I teach and use in my Astrology Readings, namely the nature v nurture model: to what extent our nurture, our environment, especially our earliest environment can create a very different person from the inherited identity.
Zodiac: Another very Big issue is: Western Tropical Zodiac v Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. The Tropical Zodiac is the egoic psychological depiction. The Sidereal Zodiac is the Incarnational Life Purpose Depiction, and all that constellates around that on the material and consciousness planes.

Now let’s look at the meaning of Saturn and Pluto together:
Saturn and Pluto are apparent ancient foes. But in fact, our task as a Spiritual Warrior is to learn to see the true nature of the battlefield of our life, and to learn to get these two great planetary energy beings to work together, so that essentially, we can open to the light, and become one with the Divine Light. So that we can increase the dimension of our Free Will. That’s essentially why we incarnated this time:

Negatively, Saturn is false security.
Positively, Saturn exposes false security, with Saturn giving needed form, diligence, hard work and strategy, and learning through suffering or hopefully then golden reaping.

Pluto givies death and rebirth descent into the underworld – and then needed power thrust!

Security is an issue with the operation of both Saturn and Pluto in our lives.

Saturn type security, when experienced negatively is the concrete prison we build around us which shuts out the Light;

Pluto type security, when experienced negatively, is putting a lid on our instinctual urges and talents, so that they fester quietly and go bad, instead of exploding into the light!!!

You see, each planet has a ‘soul’, a ‘divine nature’. That every ‘thing’ has a soul was expressed by Pluto, and actually his trend of Greek understanding stems from a shamanic bedrock, see: E R Dodd’s, The Greeks and The Irrational. This book had a huge effect on me when I was an undergraduate at Oxford and also in a spiritual community in Glastonbury at the time, and in contact with Geoffrey Ashe and Gareth Knight on the Arthurian current, for example.

And actually, Vedic Astrology was very well attuned to the divine nature of each planet, and people like David Frawley heroically brought this to the modern west. But the point is that I do feel that the divine nature of each planet has been obscured by the hyper-formulaic ranting that has overtaken Vedic Astrology quite a bit in India, and by the repetitive competitive formulaic blogging that has arisen in USA over the last decade.

Each Planet has a Divine Nature:

So, now, let’s focus on the Divine nature of each of the planets involved.

I do vision meetings to meet the Gods of each planet, and find it so healing at times when the Divine Nature of a planet is made hard for humans to connect to e.g. Retrogrades, debilitations, hostile aspects being cast from other transiting planets.

I learned about deity tantra and vision journeys to meet the Gods, indeed to rise as deity, during a five year university based social anthropology fiend study of spiritual forms new to the modern west, undertaken from 1998, and indeed encompassing the ethnographic method of living in the communities you study, and I the case of Hinduism, I therefore lived in Skanda Vale Sri Lankan refugee Ashram in South Wales.

Saturn’s Divine Nature:

Lord Shani, stern and exacting Lord of Karma, can bring you Golden Reaping.

He is actually originally an agricultural deity.

It is we who go in for suffering under his influence: that’s because of our blinkers imposed on us, held there determinedly by us. So, when we are in that state of consciousness, we experience Lord Shani’s influence as limitation and obstruction, decay and suffering, death and sorrow.

Of course, it depends on the signs and houses that Saturn occupies or rules in your chart, exactly how you will experience him.

Our experience of Saturn defines the boundaries of our subjective consciousness — that of which we are con­sciously aware.

But we do have to face our destiny and these issues, now in this life – or after it.
Positively the Divine Nature of Saturn is occult and intuitive. He’s meditation and transcendence. He’s ethical magic. Enduring. Needed work. Proper regimen.

Yes: Golden reaping, ethical, proper authority.

Pluto’s Divine Nature:

Pluto is part of the activations of the soul together with outers and nodes, and Jupiter and Saturn. Chiron?

It is not true to say that Pluto correlates to the deepest emotional security patterns in all of us.
Pluto is about more than that, it is about getting into contact with the energy gifts described by the Pluto myths.
I believe that the Mythic Keys to Pluto are the most valid guides to the nature of his energy.

Pluto’s energy is about overturning our false security. Pluto is about overturning security
Pluto’s Growth Pace (evolution) can be cataclysmic growth because of the problems experienced through resistance to the evolutionary intent, or it can be slow, yet progressive growth.
The abyss and Kether are the Pluto keys.
We first need to honour and do the work with Pluto in the Abyss

Only when that is done can we experience the divine light of Pluto as Kether: our Crown Chakra.

Now let’s seek to get some understanding on Ketu’s Divine Nature:

But how does Ketu fit into the mix in this Great Conjunction that’s only recently been in Vedic Sagittarius in 2019 and 1517?

Ketu is a shadow energy of great power. It is an eclipse point. It is malefic. It short circuits and blocks out the Sun or The Moon energy in our lives. It immaterialises any planet it touches. But for potential spiritual purpose and achievement. At the worldly level Ketu brings loss of power and standing, misfortune, a point of key karma from past life, with key psychic manifestation and an energy of catastrophe. Ketu creates doubt and disturbance, alienation and an over-critical nature, lack of self-confidence and self-worth (although an individual might massively overcompensate for such feelings in a false and dysfunctional way). Positively Ketu is spiritual potential. It’s a spiritual offering. Its magical and psychic potential, it’s great concentration and powers. Thus, Ketu is the Moksha Karaka = the Liberation Indicator, if only the individual can work to embracing that, and often the work will need to be done following downfall situations. There is need to ward off macabre or alcoholic imaginations, etc, in some cases of Ketu manifestations. When Ketu and Mercury are aligned, this is good for astrology and the occult, even if the person can’t remember codes and passwords and details! Ketu creates a psychic concentration and yoga, magic and vision, but Ketu does create a sensitive nervous system and nervous disorders, and can create mental unhappiness and malaise, conflict and argument. To have Ketu conjunct Sun or Moon is a major challenge that needs to be perceived, understood and healed.
Ketu is powerful and can bring military success or great wealth or talent, but probably everything will go wrong for such a person, unless they can embrace Ketu’s spiritual illumination and sharper than sharp energy.

Some people say that Ketu defines Pluto. This is Nonsense. Ketu and Pluto are separate.

Ketu does not define Pluto; Pluto defines Pluto.

Note also the Vedic meanings for Ketu: Past life scripts, immateriality, renunciation, destruction but for spiritual purpose.

It’s also so important to note the ruler of the Vedic sign that Ketu occupies in your Vedic birth chart in order to understand your destiny. This is called the karmic suction control planet or the karmic inlet control planet.

Your talent in the present incarnation can usually be deciphered through this planet and its placement. In most of the cases the talents are directly related with the significations of this planet.

It is so helpful to identify this, and what it means in your life.

It helps you get the needed focus and strategy in your life: your incarnational life purpose. For example is Venus is the ruler of the sign occupied by Ketu in your natal chart, then your life direction needs to have an emphasis is on the artistic side, and if this planet is Saturn, then focus on self-discipline, structure and becoming a responsible ethical beacon to help others.

Conversely, the planetary ruler of the sign in which Rahu the North Node falls is indicative of the traits, faculties, and talents in need of development, in this incarnation. Our incarnational life purpose can be understood as a journey from the Past Life issues and people of Ketu the South Node to our destiny in this life to encompass those qualities indicated by Rahu, the North Node.

Let’s now look at what it means when Ketu combines with Saturn and Ketu combines with Pluto, and please note that to make this more personally applicable I express what follows often in terms of how these energy combinations will express in a life, rather than globally:

How do Saturn and Ketu Combine?

Saturn is the structures, even prisons, that we create in our life. When Ketu comes along, he blows the false structures aside. The Saturn Ketu experience is often the marker of someone who moves from a 9 – 5 sort of life, to sudden spiritual / energetic awakening. specific past life issues crystallize now. The Saturn Ketu energy combination can manifest as the individual having to face an existential crisis. It can lead to suicide if the individual can’t rise to the challenge.

Saturn separates and Ketu renounces. Both of them have a searing spiritual nature. Both of them carry past karmas. Both of them separate us from false attachments and from conditioning that is wrong for us and our destiny. Saturn will want hard work, but Ketu will want lightning inspiration of the unworldly. This will change your life.

N.B. The last time Saturn and Ketu were conjucnt so long as this was in 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis.

How does Pluto and Ketu combine?

Pluto Conjunct Ketu, the South Node indicates that you will be re-experiencing past life failure to deal successfully. certain issues/relationship from the past must be re-lived. The whole energy is one of personal disempowerment/empowerment, and needed huge death and rebirth experiences, often having to encounter them in a state of conditioned unconscious imposed total blockage, which has to eventually be experienced and overcome. You must relive the karmic past, if you are to experience the offered fruition, rebirth, and connection to the Light. You must express your self and your destiny more powerfully and successfully this time. You will feel loads of
Insecurity. You will be the victim of ‘power over’. These feelings will inescapably create Ketu-created melt-downs and crises of sudden revelation and horrifically difficult opportunities for growth in spiritual perception and empowerment. Especially, take into account is there is a square to the Nodal axis in the birth chart indicating a ‘missed step’ in past life. This time, you will be reaping, or failing to reap, from what you put vast effort into, in your past life. You will be living out a heavy karmic and evolutionary situation or issue.

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